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Induction stoves do not heat up and yet heat the food. The secret lies in the magnetic field
Dr. Lonnie Johnson, an inventor who registered over 100 patents and developed a solid-state battery based on them, describes human evolution as an interactive process between biology and technology, in which each influences and is influenced by its own
In the new study, evidence for additional sources of chemical energy, much stronger and more diverse than methane production, was discovered: a group of organic compounds was found that were oxidized, and this indicates many chemical pathways for the existence of potential life in the ocean
The cosmic ray detector that includes 507 ground scintillator stations, covering an extensive detection area of ​​700 square kilometers in Utah, USA. On May 27, 2023, scientists discovered a particle with an enormous energy level of 244 EeV.
Google recently published its environmental report, which reveals significant energy savings in its operation, helping its users to act more environmentally and investments in sustainable ventures. Is the picture really so optimistic?
The need to hunt small animals caused prehistoric man to improve his mental abilities in order to perfect his hunting tools
The new system was discovered in bacteria - but is also used in corals, bees and others
All attempts to regulate the field of artificial intelligence were at best amateurish, states the Knesset's research division. New regulations must be built and an adequate budget allocated to them
In a document prepared for a discussion in the Science Committee, the subject of creative artificial intelligence is briefly presented, which is a catalyst for the recent public discourse; policy issues arising from its development; Information about government decisions, committees and a national plan
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