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President Obama announced a $2 billion plan to wean America's cars off gas

As part of a program that the president hopes to promote a future in which clean energy will be used, a fund will be established to support research
US President Barack Obama, from his election website
President Obama asked Congress on Friday to promote the transition of cars, trucks and buses in the US to an era that will not include gas stations. During his visit to the Argonne National Laboratory, he called for the establishment of a program costing 2 billion dollars. As part of the program, a fund will be established that will be designated for research that will increase the efficiency of cars, improve battery technology and expand the use of biofuel, in an effort to reach the use of clean energy. The ultimate goal: to get the US out of dependence on oil.

Obama briefly mentioned the idea of ​​energy security in his State of the Nation address in January, as a means of providing a long-term funding stream for researchers. The White House emphasizes that innovation in the field of energy is not only good for reducing carbon emissions to deal with global warming, but also plays an important role in the growing economy.

The 2 billion dollars will be allocated over ten years, from the concession fees for offshore oil drilling, although the administration is still opposed to oil drilling in the Arctic nature reserve in Alaska. Congress will be required to approve the establishment of the fund and despite the budgetary struggles, White House officials are optimistic and believe that the plan will receive bipartisan support. The reason: Hudoh came from a group of industry leaders and military personnel and has the support of Lisa Murkowski, the top Republican on the Senate's Energy and Natural Resources Committee, but whether the bipartisanship will spill over to the House of Representatives is another matter.

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  1. Thank you, father - when we see such pictures, we are commanded to bless
    How many are your wonders, O God, a beautiful world you created for us and you set stars in their tracks to revolve around the earth and where it revolves around the earth creating wonders of the world and the armies of heaven.
    Amen and amen

  2. All Obama has to do is impose taxes on fuel like in Israel, this will cause a budget surplus and fuel savings, we'll see if he is able to do that.

  3. 2 billion dollars for 10 years - this is a drop in the ocean.
    It's nothing - even for research - you have to remember that government money is usually used less well than private money - so this is a big waste - if the United States wants to fight pollution - just increase the standard of the pollutant levels that every car can emit and simply tax especially polluting cars - The market will respond by itself and in a more efficient way.
    Two 200 million dollars a year which is less than a dollar a year for a citizen - it is not much more than paying lip service.

  4. Kudos to Obama. I read somewhere that the American car companies have already panicked and the average fuel consumption in American cars has dropped from 10 km per liter (a decade ago) to 15 km per liter (in the new models today).

    Whether they manage to find a replacement for oil or not, I hope they continue to make the engines more efficient. Ultimately, American dependence on oil will continue to decline, as will the rest of the world.

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