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The Technion was ranked in the top ten of the "Nobel Universities" in the sciences

Technion campus. Source: Technion / Israel Institute of Technology, Wikimedia.
Technion campus. source: Technion / Israel Institute of Technology, Wikimedia.

Three Nobel Prizes in Chemistry place the Technion in the top ten of "Nobel Universities". This is according to a publication of Times Higher Education - a magazine dealing with the world of higher education. Nine of these universities are American and only one is outside the USA - the Technion. In terms of the number of Nobel Prizes per country, Israel ranks fifth after the USA, Great Britain, Japan and Germany.

The ranking of the universities is based on the Nobel Prizes awarded in the years 2015-2000, and this is based on the institutional affiliation of each researcher at the time of winning the prize. In the case of the Technion, it is about three researchers who were at the Technion not only at the time of the award, but also "grew up" at the Technion as students and spent their entire academic career there: Research Prof. Avraham Hershko, Research Prof. Aharon Chachanover and Research Prof. Dan Shechtman. Technion graduate Prof. Aryeh Warshel was not included in this ranking because at the time of winning he was working at the University of Southern California.

Ranking editor Phil Batey said that the universities in the opening ten "succeeded in fostering excellence in research through a creative environment and a willingness to take risks, and thus had dramatic consequences in the world." However, Beatty warned against the tendency of governments to fund only short-term applied research and against the requirement to produce a stream of research publications. "In order to make breakthrough discoveries, scientists need the freedom to follow their gut feeling, to conduct research driven by curiosity, sometimes without knowing where the research will lead."

First on the list is Princeton. The list does not refer to the Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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  1. Tell me, what are you kidding? Like this stupid rating given to Tel Aviv University because its graduates are placed at the top and open start-up companies.
    The academic ranking of all the universities in Israel is in free fall, for years they are placed in each ranking at the bottom of the first century and below..
    The Technion is Weizmann, they are located in the top XNUMX, but ranking according to Nobel Prize winners is a cartoon. What is the next step according to eye color???

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