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Toxic proteins accumulate in the brains of Alzheimer's patients. In the familial Alzheimer's patients, the accumulation mechanism is clear since there is a circumstantial relationship between the mutations and the identity of the defective proteins. In the random disease, on the other hand, the reason for the accumulation of the defective proteins was unknown
The primitive facial architecture of the gorilla as a key to understanding human facial expressions
Preeclampsia is a life-threatening multisystem disease and one of the main causes of maternal and fetal mortality. Its global prevalence is about 5% of pregnancies
In recent years, with the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and the proliferation of machine learning models, methods based on computational learning have been developed in suicide research. Because of this, it was decided in the Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences at the Technion to hold a datathon on the topic of developing tools for early monitoring of suicidal tendencies
The new technology - DBlink - is based on the SMLM method and an artificial intelligence algorithm (neural networks) and makes it possible to reproduce fast dynamics of biological objects in super-resolution in living cells
Researchers from the Technion have challenged the limits of what is possible in the field of spin-optics at the atomic level. They developed a spin laser from a single atomic layer - a device that does not require magnetic fields or low temperatures
The simplicity of the production of solar cells made of perovskites allows them to be integrated over silicon solar cells, thus achieving a significant improvement in the utilization of solar energy and speeding up their application in the production of green energy
Researchers at the Technion have engineered a material that may replace silicon in the world of electronics in the future; Through the stretching of the material at the atomic level, they gain control over the material's conduction and insulation properties, thus progressing towards turning it into a fast and efficient switch
The Board of Trustees of the Technion approved the extension of Prof. Sion's term for four more years
The achievement may accelerate research in new quantum technologies and developments in security, biological sensing, wireless communication and more
While still a doctoral student, Dr. Peretz, a graduate of the Faculty of Aeronautics and Space Engineering at Technion, began working at NASA after it and the US National Science Foundation (NSF) appointed him a research fellow and awarded him a grant of more than half a million dollars; he was included in the list of fifty promising young scientists In the US, a prediction that later proved itself
The Israeli delegation of high school students trained at the Technion, who returned with four medals from the Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad held in Astana, Kazakhstan
The brain's control of subtle movements is based on complex mechanisms that challenge many researchers from different fields. Research conducted at the Technion sheds light on this issue and may lead to the development of innovative, personalized rehabilitation strategies
Researchers at the Technion and the Yulich Institute in Germany developed a titanium-air battery and demonstrated its effectiveness experimentally
Prof. Lampel was a partner in the development of the Lampel-Ziv algorithm, an algorithm that changed the world of compression and is considered one of the most significant technological breakthroughs achieved in the State of Israel and in the history of the Technion by its researchers
These watches have unique features including small volume and weight and low energy consumption - essential features because they are mobile components powered by batteries. The tiny clock has uses similar to those of normal atomic clocks used for example in navigation systems (GPS), synchronization between communication systems and computer systems.
Today, there are already several effective technologies for amplifying and detecting weak microwave signals, and some of them make it possible to detect even a single microwave particle (photon), but they require the use of superconducting materials cooled almost to the temperature of absolute zero, the Technion researchers were able to increase the necessary cooling by more than 50 degrees
"As those who are entrusted with the research and education of the future generations of the State of Israel, we warn you that the proposed reform of the legal system could result in fatal damage to the Israeli academy," said a statement issued by the presidents of all universities in Israel
The Technion recently launched Tech.AI, a center that brings together the Technion's biomed activity in the field of AI and makes research and application at the forefront of AI accessible to researchers from all units at the Technion
Researchers at the Technion have developed a technology to produce energy from succulent plants
In a study now published in Nature Electronics, Prof. Kotinsky demonstrates the effectiveness of said technology in neural networks. Dr. Wei Wang and Dr. Louis Daniel, who were members of Prof. Kotinsky's research group, and researchers from Tower Semiconductor are partners in the development
Researchers at the Faculty of Physics at the Technion present surprising discoveries regarding the development of the rings around the "Southern Ring Nebula"
Researchers from the Technion in collaboration with the University of Tokyo reveal a new role for the IZUMO1 protein in the fusion process between sperm and egg
The development, based on artificial intelligence, will make it possible to improve breast cancer treatments and warn of wrong diagnoses
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