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One of the diseases resulting from such mutations in the PHOX2B gene is the disease CCHS. This is a rare and life-threatening syndrome in which babies, children and adults stop breathing as soon as they fall asleep. The patients must be connected to ventilators in order not to die in their sleep
An article published in Nature details Franklin's part in discovering the "backbone" of the DNA molecule. However due to the competition between the groups she avoided publishing a large part of them herself, also Watson and Crick had access to her experiments
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2022 was awarded to three scientists working in the field of synthetic chemistry: Caroline Bertuzzi (Carolyn R. Bertozzi), Morten P. Meldal (Morten P. Meldal) as well as Karl Barry Sharpless (KarlBarrySharpless), thanks to "the development of 'click' chemistry and bio-orthogonal chemistry". This is Sharples' second win in chemistry - the previous one was in 2001
This is what Prof. Harmona Sorek from the Institute of Life Sciences at the Hebrew University says in an interview with the Scientist website, who is happy about the decision to award Emmanuel Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna the Wolf Prize last year. Now Charpentier is establishing the Max Planck Institute for Infectious Diseases in Berlin with high budgets, and is also contributing to corona research
Prof. Schechtman, chairman of the Wolf Foundation, also tells about the ratio of one-third of the Wolf Prize winners in the respective fields who later win Nobel Prizes, and why there are such large differences in the gaps. Crisper, like nitroglycerin, can be used for good things, but can also cause damage in the wrong hands.
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