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The current limiter developed by Prof. Yosef Yeshuron and his research colleagues won another award, this time from the Science Business Innovation Board

The system that limits the current and thus protects the electricity network from sudden changes was developed at the National Laboratory for Magnetic Measurements in the Department of Physics in Bar-Ilan, in collaboration with the Ricor company, and its commercialization was entrusted to the Israeli Grid-On. About a week ago, this development won an award in the ACES (Science Business Innovation Board) competition.

From the right: Dr. Shuki Wolfus; PhD student Yasha Nikolshin; Prof. Yosef Yeshuron, Dr. Alex Friedman and engineer Vladimir Rosenstein
From the right: Dr. Shuki Wolfus; PhD student Yasha Nikolshin; Prof. Yosef Yeshuron, Dr. Alex Friedman and engineer Vladimir Rosenstein

This competition is pan-European and intended for academic entrepreneurship in all fields of technology. The competition is open to entrepreneurs from the countries of the European Union and countries such as Israel associated with the 7th framework program for research in the European Union. The jury included leading European academics and businessmen.
This development was already awarded about three months ago by the "General Electric" company as one of five developments that contributed the most to making the electricity grid greener and smarter and which the company sees as having the potential to change the face of the global electricity sector.

The system, which is mounted on the high voltage network and protects against sharp changes in the current and against a possible short circuit, is currently being implemented by the start-up company Grid-On in Givatayim after its license was sold by the Bar-Ilan research and development company. According to Gabi Keinan, CEO of Bar-Ilan Research and Development, if and when the system leaves the development stage, the cost of each facility will be at least $300, and each electricity company will be required to have tens to hundreds or even more such devices, because it will prevent malfunctions that today cause heavy damage to the power grids .

The invention was developed at the National Laboratory for Magnetic Measurements in the Department of Physics in Bar-Ilan in collaboration with the Ein Harod "Recor" company. The development was led by the head of the laboratory, Prof. Yosef Yeshuron, who explains: "The new device is based on a magnetic core that automatically, immediately and passively changes the magnetic resistance according to the current level in the network. During normal network operation, the inductance of the device is negligible and does not practically affect the network, but in a short time the magnetic resistance of the device increases immediately and limits the increase in current" explain Dr. Shuki Wolfus and Dr. Alex Friedman, who lead the research in the laboratory. The new current limiter is much smaller and more economical than all other competing developments in the world and surpasses them in its physical and electrical properties. The award for exceptional innovation in the field of electricity on behalf of "General Electric" was given for these special features.

The new ideas of the laboratory in Bar-Ilan aroused interest in the "Recor" company, which deals in vacuum and deep cooling systems, and together the company and the laboratory entered into a joint project partially financed by the Ministry of the Ministry of Science and Technology. At the end of the project, a prototype was built to prove feasibility, which was successfully tested in the laboratories of the Electric Company at the "Urim" site in Nesher. The Bar-Ilan Research and Development Company, headed by Gabi Keinan, undertook the continuation of the commercialization process and connected the technology with private entrepreneurs who established a start-up company called "GridON" which builds, develops and distributes the technology in the world while maintaining On continuing the R&D process and continuing the flow of new ideas in Bar-Ilan.

Prof. Yeshuron: "The constant increase in the consumption and production of energy in the world regularly causes a serious problem of increasing short currents in the electricity networks around the world. The development born in Bar-Ilan will make it possible to continue to increase the production capacity and transmission of electricity in the networks while maintaining the existing infrastructures and improving the stability and reliability of the networks. "The new current limiter is also considered a necessary device that will enable the connection of renewable energy production technologies (such as solar, water and wind energies) to the existing networks. The technology is currently gaining wide international recognition and increasing interest from electricity and energy companies around the world, however, the availability of their electricity generation depends on the factor they rely on (sun, water, wind) and therefore the connection must be regulated when generating electricity in these systems, in order to avoid malfunctions arising from from a sudden load".

You can expect In the video From the awards ceremony, in which Yoram Valent from Grid On Company presents the development and its uses and also attached Link For more information about the award.

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  1. What is a magnetic core?
    If you take an iron and wrap an insulated wire around it several times and connect it to an electric voltage, it will create a magnetic field that will turn the iron into a magnet
    The magnetic core is the inner part of the coil and you can search for material on the Internet
    In my opinion, the most important information is that diligent people worked hard and progressed and created an amazing tool for reducing damages with small losses.

  2. If there is already a nice idea and such a long article, why is there no simple explanation about the magnetic core? I am sure that everyone who reads the article will be disappointed, since the most important information is not present in it

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