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Stress and anxiety can worsen health conditions, including diabetes. Awareness and preparation reduce risks
Dr. Tal Tobi from the Department of General History at Bar-Ilan University describes the capabilities of American aircraft carriers, and reviews the historical events in which the US deployed aircraft carriers in crisis areas
Meet Prof. Aner Govrin from the program for interpretation and culture, who is the head of the program for interpretation and psychoanalysis
Collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine, the Department of Psychology and the School of Social Work at Bar Ilan University resulted in the project - "Strength Center for Bears" - to reduce stress and anxiety and increase personal resilience among children
The surprise and speed with which things happened, and the ignorance regarding the fate of many people, arouses tension and distress in all of us. Bar-Ilan University's mental support team offers several ways to help us deal with the situation
The enemy uses 'fake news' spread on social networks to create deterrence and fear and dissolve our sense of resilience and security
The Israel National Academy of Sciences, the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education and the National Science Foundation in a joint appeal to the heads of the academic and scientific community around the world and requests that they call for the immediate release of the abductees, prevent incitement and preserve the safety of Israeli and Jewish students and faculty * At the same time, an appeal was also made to the United Nations by Hundreds of researchers from Israel and the world
Dr. Shahar Alon from the Faculty of Engineering won a grant in the amount of 2 million euros for his research in the field of the interaction between immune cells and cancer cells, and Dr. Assaf Ben Moshe from the Department of Chemistry won a grant in the amount of 1.5 million euros for his research on chirality
Dr. Ariel Friedman, develops solutions in the field of electrochemistry that will lead to green and cheap energy
Annette Landes Nagar is an archaeologist-digger and Bar Ilan President Fellow, whose research has yielded important discoveries in the Jerusalem area
In the archaeological excavation project that took place, for the second year in Tel Tabna, findings were discovered that indicate, among other things, the use of the area as an administrative regional center in the Roman period.  
Dr. Reot Tsbag, a graduate of the psychology department at Bar Ilan researches the relationship between social anxiety and depression as part of a post-doctorate at Yale University in the USA
Prof. Omri Koren from the Faculty of Medicine won an ERC grant for his research dealing with the development of a post-biotic supplement to protect mothers and newborns
The Senate also warned of a negative impact that could be caused by the legislation and the manner in which it was received on continued cooperation with researchers from abroad and on the winning of international research grants by Israeli researchers, and harm to the position of Israeli scientists in the international science community
One of the problems is that offsetting carbon to the Rav fails to offset emissions empirically, and its effectiveness is questionable. In addition, when calculating emissions, emissions caused by ancillary activities are sometimes ignored
Meet Dr. Ohad Klein, PhD graduate in the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Exact Sciences, postdoctoral student at the Hebrew University and working at a startup company as an algorithmist
Prof. Kraus won the award thanks to her research in the field of interactions between self-interested agents, creating a field of automatic negotiation, and developing methods for creating coalitions and work teams, both as formal models and as real-world applications
Doctoral student Benia Gros from the Department of Physics, the President's Scholar, has so far published 15 articles and one book, and presented his works dealing with dependent physical networks, at 9 conferences
The information that will be collected in the project will help in locating risk factors for diseases, which cannot be detected by other research methods
The system from the tenth century AD, in the Islamic period is the first significant development of agriculture in the sand in human history
The Alhambra Edict signed by Ferdinand of Aragon and his wife, Queen Isabella of Castile on March 31, 1492 and prohibiting by law the Jewish settlement in Castile and Aragon, changed the face of Jewish history beyond recognition
A new study by Prof. Omri Koren of Oni Bar-Ilan proved that intestinal bacteria can help diagnose gestational diabetes early in pregnancy. Early diagnosis can reduce unwanted side effects in mother and baby
In the clinical trial, T Cell-CAR genetic engineering technology was used to program the patient's white blood cells to attack the cancerous blood tumors
The institute will be established under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy, and will work to develop breakthrough technologies for the accumulation and conversion of energy using electrochemical methods, to establish personnel training systems and to promote start-up companies.
The conference held at Bar-Ilan University focused on four main topics: strategy and thinking directions for building the future land force; Future Power Building Based on Artificial Intelligence; the place of the unmanned in the future power building; and the industrial angle in the power building
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