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The annual report of the Innovation Authority: the high-tech industry at a crossroads despite continued growth in 2023 The companies and investors express concerns about the future
"The truth is that my candidacy was not liked by the Honorable Minister and those close to the Prime Minister and perhaps even the Prime Minister himself because I am known to be an opponent of him and the political revolution he tried to bring about," said Waldman
The Authority will invest up to NIS 30 million in the establishment of the infrastructure so that it will serve all the companies and researchers in Israel and will be used for research and development of accelerators, hardware components, communication and infrastructure software. The new infrastructure should provide a response
How to expand the circles of technological innovation in Israel in the Corona era?
Innovation management and analytical diagnosis - a multidimensional model for creating organizational innovation in companies
Do you have an idea for a startup? How will you turn it into a successful business venture? The steps between the excellent idea and the long-awaited exit!
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