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The astronauts on the space station filmed the storm Ike threatening their control center in Houston

Images taken from observation satellites and the International Space Station illustrate the nature of the enormous hurricane making its way tonight towards Houston and the "oil coast" of the USA. The winds and rains will spread over a huge area - which will also include New Orleans

Hurricane Ike is on its way to Texas
Hurricane Ike is on its way to Texas

Hurricane Ike is racing toward the US coast in the Gulf of Mexico and already before landfall, scheduled for noon Israel time (early morning local time), it is causing problems.

Close to a million people along the Texas coast were ordered to evacuate. The rest of the three million residents in the greater Houston area were not asked to leave in the hope of avoiding the incident of three years ago, so all the residents of the area were asked to evacuate, and they took to the freeways and were killed in accidents, and in the end the storm's effect was not that severe, of course you have to remember that it was a scratch A few days after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and no one wanted to take responsibility.

It is estimated that due to the size of the hurricane, even remote areas including New Orleans will be affected by the rain and winds that will precede the storm's landfall on the coast. The airports in Houston were closed starting Friday, as was the Johnson Space Center. As usual in such cases, command of the International Space Station is fully transferred to the control center in Moscow.

Hurricane Ike, as photographed from the space station
Hurricane Ike, as photographed from the space station

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station saw Ike from their orbit at an altitude of about 350 km above the Earth. The managers of the space station project, who are based in Houston, traveled to a remote hotel inland equipped with laptops and a secure Internet connection with which they also maintain contact with the station.

The storm weakened after passing over Cuba along the entire length of the island and during Friday it was at intensity 2, however it is expected to strengthen to intensity 3 when it passes over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico before coming ashore in the center of the Texas coastline.

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  1. It is interesting to know what will be the effect of the number of these storms on the health of these areas.
    In my opinion, this area is expected to suffer from negative migration over time
    Who would want to move to the golf area? It will create demographic interest there.

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