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How did your trip help the environment you were in? Get to know restorative tourism, which is not only harmless - but also helps nature and local communities during the trip. Food for thought in honor of Hul Moed trips
The cooperative economy tries to provide an answer to the loss of food
The destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam came just as it seemed that Ukraine's counterattack was about to begin. It's probably not a coincidence. The operation was designed to engage the Ukrainian army in evacuating residents and block the possibility for Ukraine to liberate Crimea
The State Comptroller's report indicates: the scope of the use of pesticides, which are designed to overcome the problem of pests, is increasing significantly - and harming the health of Israeli consumers. So what do we do? Learn to spray differently
the grass is always greener on the other side? Only if we keep it this way: for many years rich countries have been "throwing" their garbage in the "yard" of other, poorer countries; But recently the European Union took an environmental-social turn and began to promote legislation that would limit the plastic export of the countries in its territory. Does Israel have anything to learn from Europe on this issue?
It turns out that the World Bank invests billions in fossil fuel projects, and many investments are made in a non-transparent manner. This situation must change
The cities are dense and have a fast pace of life, but still more and more people are moving to them, especially in the developing countries
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