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"The Ministry of Science will budget for 'Genesis 2' at 20 million, double that of Genesis 1"

Science Minister Ofir Akunis announced this at a cabinet meeting

The spaceship in Genesis. Imaging: SpaceIL and the Aerospace Industry.
The spaceship in Genesis. Imaging: SpaceIL and the Aerospace Industry.

Minister of Science and Technology Ofir Akunis announced at the cabinet meeting that the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Science will raise the support for the Genesis project to approximately NIS 20 million. The words were said at the cabinet meeting by Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis. The Israeli Space Agency has turned to NASA to examine increasing its involvement in the agreement with the Space Agency for the Berashit program, the Minister of Science informed.

Minister of Science and Technology Ofir Akunis: "The Genesis project fascinated and united all Israeli citizens in anticipation of a successful landing on the moon. The enormous public interest, alongside the groundbreaking technological achievements, sharpened the need to increase the enormous mobilization for the success of the project. I have no doubt that the decision to double government support and to deepen cooperation with the American Space Agency will help the success of 'Beresheit 2' and its successful landing on the moon."

In the first 'Genesis' project, the Israel Space Agency provided the Ministry of Science with support in the amount of approximately NIS 10 million in a variety of projects that were invested, among other things, in technological developments alongside educational activities. In addition, in light of the good relationship between the Israeli Space Agency and NASA, the agency initiated and signed an agreement between NASA for the SpaceIL association. The agreement allowed assistance to the association in tracking the spacecraft, providing communication to deep space and various scientific purposes.

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  1. Irresponsible and wanton waste of public money. The exploration of the moon has been going on for decades and I doubt that the "start-up nation" will have even the smallest contribution on the subject.
    Instead of pouring public funds into the pockets of the employees of this private company and their megalomaniac "dream", budget for the real needy - the elderly, the populations with special needs, single-parent families and much more.
    gall! Just insolence!

  2. The whole beauty of the "Genesis" project is that it was a private initiative and financing.

    As for the country and these things, invest in security and effective law enforcement and judicial systems.

    Lower Rabak taxes, lower them!!

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