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This was announced this week, 31.1.24/XNUMX/XNUMX, at the Rona Ramon space education conference held as part of Israeli Space Week
As in the case of the Bereshit spaceship, the landing phase is critical * The person who was the chairman of the Israel Space Agency at the time of the Bereshit spaceship crash says in a conversation with the Hidaan site: "In the Bereshit the engine was turned off due to human error, we should wait and see what happened today"
The SpaceIL association and the German Air and Space Center - DLR, signed a cooperation agreement for the first time
As part of the joint statement of intent, NASA is expected to contribute a linear energy transfer spectrometer, communication network support and coordination with NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. In the future, NASA is expected to participate in the selection of landing sites and in the membership of the scientific team
The founders of Sim Dot Space Assaf Levin and Amir Nute were responsible for the development of the hybrid laboratory and the digital simulations of Genesis 1 as subcontractors, and were called to the flag to use for the benefit of the challenges of Genesis 2 with the help of the unpleasant experience of Genesis 1
Two of them will be integrated into the development of the Genesis 2 mission which is expected to be launched in 2025
This was announced by the SpaceIL association. ImageSat is an old Israeli company that provides high-resolution satellite photographs of sites on Earth, and now one of the devices on Lavinia will map the moon in collaboration with researchers at Ben Gurion University
The first selected experiment led by Professor Sarah Eyal from the Hebrew University and in collaboration with Space Pharma and is designed to test the stability of drugs in space over time, in orbit around the moon
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