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SAP announced the Medical Insights project to accelerate personalized treatment for cancer and HIV patients

In the project in which SAP is a partner, the information analysis capabilities of SAP HANA will be contributed in order to speed up the efficiency of treatments

Schematic diagram of HIV. From Wikipedia
Schematic diagram of HIV. From Wikipedia

As part of its activity to promote knowledge in the medical field, improve medical treatments and reduce the costs of medical treatments, the company SAP announced the "Medical Insights" project - which aims to create an integration of clinical information on cancer research and treatments against cancer.

Through the "Medical Insights" project, SAP aims to improve the accuracy of cancer diagnoses and the effectiveness of treatments, by providing access to clinical information coming from different, diverse sources and analytical analysis of information in real time. The project, which relies on the powerful processing capabilities of SAP HANA, was developed in collaboration with the German National Center for Tumor Diseases, and is currently in the testing stages at the center's facilities in Heidelberg.

The project introduces a new approach to analyzing existing data to improve the diagnosis and treatment of each patient. Since almost every instance of cancer is unique and different, a huge amount of information and a wide variety of data is generated, which is processed during the treatment of patients who have not responded to standard medical procedures. For example, analysis of pooled studies, or long-term studies that follow people who have or do not have certain characteristics. Today, these tasks require manual review and compilation of relevant information, usually using data sheets. These manual processes cause significant delays and suboptimal care for patients awaiting targeted therapy for their unique cancer.

Through the "Medical Insights" project, SAP plans to use a model of generic medical data and semantic capabilities, based on information about patients that comes from a variety of sources, such as clinical information systems, tumor surveillance data, biobank systems and even from text documents such as the therapist's notes. After that, the system will perform advanced analytical analysis on the SAP HANA platform and provide the results in real time, with the goal of increasing efficiency between different medical teams and improving the accuracy and speed of patient diagnosis. At the same time, "Medical Insights" will also offer a comprehensive review of each patient's medical history in a graphic timeline, thereby allowing easy access to every level of detail.

"Analytical management of information in the field of medicine, which originates from medical research and the results of patient treatments, may shed more light on research being done around the world and speed up research in the field of cancer and the provision of optimal drugs for various types of cancer," says Shmulik Seton, director of technologies at SAP Israel. "In the past it was almost impossible to analyze such huge amounts of information, but today with advanced analytics tools and the SAP HANA platform, there is the appropriate computing power to perform these processings."
How SAP HANA helps in the treatment of cancer patients

The capabilities of SAP HANA will contribute to the advancement of HIV/AIDS treatment
At the same time, SAP partnered with PHEMI and the British Columbia HIV Center of Excellence to accelerate treatment and medical outcomes for patients diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. As part of an experimental project, the information analysis capabilities of SAP HANA will be harnessed to provide personalized treatment based on the genetic signature of the virus that affected each patient. The analysis of large amounts of information, made possible thanks to the latest technology, will allow researchers to treat patients very quickly, with the help of personalized medicine based on the exact strain of the virus. The result is saving time and money, while significantly reducing the number of HIV and AIDS cases.

"The entire medical community recognizes the need for data mining for the individual patient," said Bill McDermott, co-CEO of SAP. "In the Medical Insights project, we use the power of SAP HANA to improve patient care. There is no question that real-time information and analytics will promote more personalized care, and provide improved outcomes across the healthcare system. With SAP HANA, we can today bring the analytical analysis to the hands of medical practitioners, researchers and managers, at the point where they need it. This way we will help ensure that accurate information, in real time, can be leveraged to shape therapeutic decisions."

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