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Yehoshua ben Nun - Was he or wasn't he?

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The book of Yehoshua describes Yehoshua ben Nun's campaign of conquest throughout the country, in order to inherit it and settle it. Joshua received this appointment from Moses during the wanderings in the desert. According to the narrator, Joshua led a very aggressive campaign of conquests. Comparing the entire length of the book with Flavius's book "The Antiquities of the Jews" a picture is drawn of a decisive man, who conducted the battles with great judgment and wisdom and his wisdom was used the people even after he retired from his activities until his death at the age of 110 (Flavius ​​156:1967).

Actually know nothing about the man. Unlike other founding figures in the Bible, the scripture does not say anything about the circles close to him or family members as these are mentioned in other founding figures, whether it is the fathers of the nation or the first kings Saul, David and Solomon, many parts of the Bible are dedicated to them. The scripture reports on their sons, on the women And their other personalities have to do with the decision-making processes such as military ministers and prophets. Even in Flavius ​​there is no mention of this complex of personalities even in a hint, which raises many questions. It is therefore not possible to learn about his other personality characteristics regarding his relationship with those close to him. A somewhat sterile character. Who was the woman he lived with? Did he have multiple wives? did he have children Because of the centrality of Joshua as a founding figure in the biblical narrative, the scriptures were supposed to give various, if minimal, references to it. What sharpens this question is the behavior of the people after his death: "And Israel served Jehovah all the days of Joshua and all the days of the elders who lived long after Joshua and who knew all the deeds of Jehovah that he had done for Israel" (Joshua 31:XNUMX). The clear meaning is that for a certain period the elders are who led the people. Yehoshua would not continue. Why? As if some kind of leadership void had been created

The only chronological indication regarding Joshua that he was 110 years old at his death. How old was he when he was appointed by Moses as his successor? Evidence of this can be found in the dialogue that took place between him and Caleb son of Yipuna, when the latter asked for an estate in the land as it is written: "And the sons of Judah approached Joshua in Gilgal, and Caleb son of Yipona the Kenizite said to him, 'You knew what Yahweh spoke to Moses the man of God about me and about you in the Kadesh. Barnea, forty years old, I myself sent Moses a servant to lead me from the temple of Barnea to explore the land" (Joshua 7:8-10). At the end of the presentation of his words, Moses answered: "And now here is the beast that will lead me when he spoke forty-five years since he spoke this thing to Moses As Israel walked in the desert, and now I am eighty-five years old today" (ibid. verse 45). From these words it can be said that Joshua was sent on the mission of spying when he was 120 years old. It began when Moshe was 40 years old. This thing in itself seems absolutely impossible. Even if we accept this data as correct, then Caleb ben Yafuna addressed his request to Moses at the beginning of the exodus from Egypt. What is the point of making such a request when the people are far from the promised land? It is more likely that a dog who was evacuated would have made this request close to entering the country or from the time they entered the country and began the occupation. It is difficult to know how old Joshua was when he started the conquest campaign. However, if you take into account the references to Caleb ben Yefuna and the age that Joshua mentions, it seems that he was 80 years old or more. A relatively old age to start a campaign of conquests.

According to Flavius, "the years of his life were one hundred and ten, of which he was with Moses for forty years for the purpose of learning the useful teachings, and after his death he served as an army minister for twenty-five years" (Flavius ​​156:1967). This implies that the period of Joshua's training began with the beginning of the exodus from Egypt, and continued throughout The length of his nomadic journeys and ended when he entered Israel when he was 80 years old and then he began the conquest campaign, which seems obviously completely impossible and he concluded that he was 105 years old. The incoherence in comparing the two sources and the fact that according to both he started the conquest campaign at an old age raises doubts about the chronological reliability which are presented both in the book of Joshua and in Flavius.

The lack of information regarding Joshua's family, the personal characteristics and the chronological ambiguity can raise a fundamental question as to whether Joshua ben Nun did not exist and was not created or did he only live during the people's journey in the desert. The conquest of the land was done by a person or a group of other people and Joshua's name was overshadowed by them with the aim of enhancing his personality. It is likely that the person who wrote this book or compiled various sources relating to the conquest campaign was missing this information.


Josephus ben Mattathias (Flavius ​​Josephus) - The Antiquities of the Jews Volume 1967, Mossad Bialik, XNUMX

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  1. Beautiful. It wasn't in my mind to respond, but when I watched all the ignoramuses who filled their brains with content here, I decided to strike a balance. A reasonable post, except that the calculation shows - based on 2 explanations that have been put forward - that the famous Joshua the Commander (who most likely did not even have a horse) was an old man of 85 (or 80 plus) when he entered the conquest of the land. To the author of the article - if he was 45 years old at the time of the spies, just add another 40 years to it.

  2. Nonsense.
    Because of his extreme age it is not possible that he conquered the country?
    Scientific research is intentionally biased.

  3. What are these inflammatory words against Joshua? And I quote: "Yoheshua led a very aggressive campaign of conquest." Do you even know who Joshua is anyway?? There is a great ignorance here (and maybe even worse than that..) Do you know why the book of Joshua was included in the Bible? What is its purpose? Why did the Holy One, blessed be He, command the election of Joshua as the leader of the people of Israel after the death of Moses? It is a shame that the words were written in this style Such. It would have been better not to publish them…

  4. Throughout the Torah there are a mountain of miracles.. but what doesn't make sense is the extreme age (before Abraham they lived longer) of Moses and Joshua??

    Because there isn't enough evidence then he probably was never created?
    Is this scientific research??

    After all, according to quantum theory - the author of this article does not exist at all until I see him with my own eyes - and even then, it's only in my eyes

    And on purpose I went to extremes

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