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Haim Mazar

The first seismological measurements of the Insight were made near the landing of the spacecraft in September 2021. Among the seismic records were also two tremors on the other side of Mars that originated from a meteorite hitting its ground
For the first time, the temperature of a rocky planet was measured, as well as a planet similar to Jupiter but containing large amounts of heavy elements
ISPACE was a competitor of SPACEIL in the Lunar X Prize competition and now they will try to do what Genesis 1 failed to do - to be the first private company to land on the moon
First summary of the findings of the MARS INSIGHT spacecraft on Mars
It turned out that the lid of the tank was stuck with a lump of soil and did not close. The decision made was to reduce as much as possible various operations and store the material as quickly as possible. In addition, two facilities that were essential for taking the soil samples and which were no longer essential were disconnected from the spacecraft. These actions made it possible to close the lid of the tank
For the past five years it has been circling Tzedek and transmitting to Israel a huge amount of photographs and information related to Tzedek. Since it has a large supply of fuel left, there are those who are thinking of extending its stay around Tedek. The intention is to study the large moons of the planet Io, Europa and Ganymede as well as the rings of Jupiter
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