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Special for the holiday: these are the stories of some of the most polluted places on our planet, which would not be harmed by a "Pesach cleaning". A dirty trip around the world
The traditional Haggadah is also an opportunity to incorporate an environmental thought into the Seder night. We have compiled a number of points and ideas regarding the connection between Passover customs and the contents of the Haggadah to the climate crisis
Recently, you can find more and more network influencers in Israel and abroad who publish videos with tips for cleaning the house using materials that will not harm health and the environment. So what can we learn from them for the holiday?
Ancient papyri found on the XNUMXth island in Egypt, tell about the life of the Jewish community that existed there, about their customs and character
During the time of the last Jewish kings, the Roman government rarely interfered with the internal affairs, therefore an orderly continuation was possible with regard to the Temple and within it - the musical management
Perhaps he asks: Were we few against many in the War of Independence?
The exodus from Egypt is the story around which Passover is celebrated, and it also symbolizes for us an exit from slavery to freedom, but is there any historical truth in the story?
From the rebellion of Ben Kusva onward, many factors worked to cultivate the whole issue of the rough animal and its use for the production of meat and dairy products and leather.
What came before what - the "Hagg" in the opening score, or the "Hagg" in the Kametz score? The first - discusses a celebration, a time of joy on the occasion of a certain event and the second a somewhat geometric action, that is - drawing a circle, circle, circle
Today's Hebrew calendar is actually the Babylonian calendar. In the days of the First Temple, the months were called by names such as Eitanim and Bol
Chaim wonders: How did they decide that the world was created exactly 5781 years ago?
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