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Sophie Germain - the mathematician who refused the prize - a gold statue weighing a kilogram

When she reached the age of 13, she first came across the famous story of the murder of the great Archimedes by a Roman warrior while he was trying to build engineering forms by drawing on the sand; This influenced her a lot until she decided in her heart to dedicate her life to mathematics

A sculpture by Sophie Germain
A sculpture by Sophie Germain

Several million years ago, a special creature began to walk bent over the earth, when at one point it stood completely upright, which brought it to dominate the world around it. This creature was divided into two individuals and apart from an incredibly low IQ which was the same - the main difference is evident in that one had greater physical strength and this fact brought him to complete control over the other individual. As is well known, when you start to descend from a steep hill, the speed increases with the progress, and thus the mentioned fact led to the perception that superior physical strength also indicates other superior abilities that the other individual could never achieve even if he wanted to. At some point, the other individual succeeded in surpassing the first individual in a field that was unique to him and since this completely undermines the theory on which he was based, he began to hide his own limited abilities with prohibitions that he imposed on the other individual thanks to his physical strength. The primitive abyss described here was opened to such an extent that it managed to contain all the descendants of these two individuals to this very day. The article now brings before you the first evidence of the depth of the failures of those individuals called by the collective name - people, and at the end of it the question is asked:

"Where would we be today if it weren't for this abyss? "

The life of Marie-Sophie Germain (Marie-Sophie Germain) begins in France in 1776 when her home often serves as a meeting place for philosophical discussions about the importance of liberal reforms. But the main thing is when she reached the age of 13 and first encountered the famous story about the murder of the great Archimedes by a Roman warrior while he was trying to build engineering forms by drawing on the sand; This influenced her a lot until she decided in her heart to dedicate her life to mathematics.

It is important to understand that at that time a black curtain was placed heavily on women in general and those who were interested in education in particular because they were considered inferior to the male sex in every area except the skill of raising children and preparing dinner. This mistaken and dark perception did not escape the members of Jermaine's family, especially her father who forbade her to engage in studies completely and from time to time did not spare her his arm and his harsh words, but her desire to prove that a woman can also climb high on the intellectual scale pushed her to do two actions which actually formed the basis of her enormous success in the years that followed - completely independently, little Sophie was studying Latin and Greek on Burin, which were at that time the official languages ​​in which the scientific articles were published, as well as studying the mathematical writings of Newton and Euler day and night. Her parents, who discovered that their disobedient daughter was trying to appropriate the act of "thinking" that was the property of men only, decided against it with great fury to appropriate from her private room the oil lamps that spread light, the wood used as fuel in the fireplace and even her clothes;

And so, while her parents slept, Sophie would wrestle with the dirt from the feet of the giants of humanity mentioned above while covering herself with a thick blanket and a small candle burning in her frozen room, changing and crushing and again changing and again crushing. At some point the fantastic abilities of this strange girl could not be ignored and her parents decided to relieve their stress; Jermaine, who never married or obtained an official degree, was granted protection over the years in the shadow of her father's livelihood while working hard on her studies and research. Germaine used to receive at a certain point detailed records of lectures from the most important institution for mathematics in France (and possibly also in the world at that time) - "Polytechnique". At the end of one of these lectures, she sent an article to the review of Lagrange, the giants of mathematics for generations and hela, after a comprehensive examination, was left speechless at the originality and genius that was reflected in the written things. Lagrange was another writer of the article but without success because the pen name she used was - Mr. M. to blank When he found out that it was actually a woman, his astonishment grew even more and he decided to take her under his financial and professional protection, but unfortunately the study process was not organized and therefore she never received an official degree. Later on, she began corresponding with another mathematical genius named Legendre while correcting and expanding on areas of his important book that dealt with number theory. This correspondence quickly turned into a fruitful collaboration and Xander included many of her words in a revised version of the book. The full letters were compiled into her main book - the philosophical studies of Sophie Jermyn.

But her most important connection with her research colleagues occurred when she was 28; At that time it was accepted that the most important figure in the world of science in general and mathematics in particular was the lifter Carl Friedrich Gauss (Carl Friedrich Gauss) and she began corresponding with him with her previous signature accompanying the end of each letter - M. Leblanc. After asserting the writer's genius in the field of number theory, Gauss began to tie crowns to his head and was praised by his colleagues through correspondence that he conducted frequently. The fact of the female identity of the writer whom Gauss adored became known to him only when his life was in danger as a result of the French occupation of the town of Braunschweig where he lived; Jermyn, who was afraid of a repetition of Archimedes' case, managed to contact the commander of the local occupation forces who was a close friend of her father and convinced him to spare his life. When Gauss realized that his life was saved thanks to a woman he had known as a man, he was grateful and his admiration for her grew immeasurably. During the work with Gauss, it is worth noting that the main findings that arose from her work are the development of a theory known today as the Jermyn theory, as well as the most significant leap on the way to the solution of Fermat's last theory (a famous and wonderful story in itself that I will expand on in another article).

Her concern for her colleagues did not end here and in a letter to her friend the mathematician Livery asked for his help in assistingEverest visible (Evariste Galois) who was at that time in severe depression, her words were: "Fourier's death was too much for this guy. This Galois is brash but you can clearly see that he is a smart man. All these problems and others caused him to be suspended from the "Normal" and everyone says he will go crazy at some point, I'm really afraid that's true."

The year 1808 marked an important path for Jermin - a famous German physicist visited Paris and presented one of the most difficult and important problems in a scientific field called elasticity, that is, the mathematical study of all kinds of "folded" surfaces, to the best minds as a competitive challenge bearing prizes. Most mathematicians did not attempt to approach the problem at all because Lagrange claimed that current mathematics could not describe and solve problems of this type but Jermyn fell into the web of the problem and devoted the following decade to researching the field of elasticity and solving the problem. It seems that this challenge discouraged the scientists so much that Jermaine was the only candidate who participated in the competition and yet her article did not win the competition, this is because according to the judges her solution was not based on physical theories and also factually she did not have sufficient mathematical tools at her disposal for this solution.

The competition was supposed to end at the end of two years from the moment of the starting point but was extended by another two years. Again, Jermaine was the only one to submit an article to the judges and even now she did not manage to win the prestigious award but since her invention and her contribution to this field were so significant she was awarded a commendation. Jermaine did not give up and tried to win for the third time and although there were a few small problems left in the mathematical calculations she won the prize which was made of a one kilogram gold statue. Although it was a meteoric advance in terms of Jermaine's career, she decided not to come to the award ceremony because, in her opinion, the remaining inaccuracies caused the judges to look down on her work (even though they announced her win) and because the world of science did not properly evaluate the research findings. The reason for her concerns was mainly rooted in the disdain of a very important mathematician at that time - Poisson, who ignored her and her words as if she were a negligible mathematician. Excellent research and findings that she came up with a few years later were sent by her to win the major mathematical prize in France and here too Poisson, who served as a judge and another famous mathematician named Laplace simply ignored her paper and she never won the prize.

In 1829, Jermaine fell ill with breast cancer, but this reason, as well as problems that arose following the difficult revolutionary battles around her in 1830, did not prevent her from continuing to write and disrupt the world of mathematics and physics, with a number of articles that were important turning points and milestones in these sciences.

Cancer succumbed to this wonderful woman in 1831. Although already at that time her name was famous throughout Europe as one of the most important figures in the world of science, not a single word describing her work and contribution to humanity was mentioned on her grave other than the laconic and disparaging title - "owner of property".

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