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The fairies circles

 What are those mysterious circles that appear out of nowhere in fields and grazing areas in South Africa and Namibia?

The fairy circles in South Africa
The fairy circles in South Africa
Between the Orange River in the DRAP and a town called Rehovot in southern Namibia stretch grasslands that were used as replacement grazing areas for the dry winter seasons, today the areas are used for agricultural settlements and mainly as pastures for sheep, the area borders the Kalahari Desert to the east and the Namib Desert to the west and as such forms a buffer (semi-arid) inhabited between The two deserts.
One of the mysterious and unexplained phenomena in the grass prairie are the "fairy circles" symmetrical round that appear in a variety of sizes and concentrations, round in which no grass grows!

Since the thirties of the last century, biologists, botanists, chemists, geologists and others have been trying to explain the phenomenon, trying without success, the explanations (which are not scientifically based) are many: activity of termites or ants, chemicals in the soil, remains of poisonous plants, electromagnetic activity / radio- Activity and even outdoor activity.
Recently, the nature conservation authorities in Namibia invited experts from DRAP to investigate (again) the circles, this is not the first time that South African researchers have tried to solve the mystery, researchers have tried to grow plants in the circles. .. Without success. In excavations up to a depth of two meters and around the circles, no signs of termite/insect activity were found, no different chemicals were found in their composition from the soil around the circles, plants grew undisturbed in the soil taken from the circles, plants that were sown in the circles under the "containers" that separated them from the environment sprouted and grew, plants that were sown In circles with a "fence" around them they were not absorbed.

After ruling out all the possibilities mentioned, the researchers were left with only two suggestions: the one that is being tested now is the possibility of the presence of a gas that has not been detected so far, a poisonous gas that prevents growth in the circles. The other option is the traditional option. .. which gave the name to the circles: circles created by the activity of fairies. Until it is explained otherwise, the "fairy circles" are a source of attraction for "weird/supernatural explainers", amateur researchers, magicians, sorcerers and the main thing. .. for tourists!

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  1. The value is reasonable, but the pictures are horrible, there are pictures with spirals and geometry shapes so perfect it's amazing. What we have here is an area without vegetation.

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