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Aliens and aliens

NASA will appoint a dedicated research director for the UAP field, which indicates the seriousness of the intention. Head of NASA: No alien remains were found, and the committee will not examine this issue but the aerial phenomena
What can be learned from the NASA panel that investigates observations that until now were not clear what was seen in them
A new project called Signal in Space simulates how Earth will respond to a signal from aliens and invites the public to help decode an extraterrestrial message (roughly)
To filter out unwanted noise and identify interesting signals, the researchers used a machine learning algorithm called a convolutional neural network (CNN). CNNs are a type of artificial neural network that can identify patterns in data,
The Drake equation is not a law of nature, but an educated estimate of the number of intelligent civilizations we can discover, but it is enough to stimulate the imagination.
The Drake formula was an attempt to calculate the probability of intelligent life on other planets. But human history shows that the formula was probably too optimistic, and that there is something missing in the calculation. This missing parameter can
Astronomer Avi Leib announces the Galileo project for a systematic scientific search for evidence of technological objects from outer space and not to dismiss out of hand an explanation for undeciphered phenomena whether these are alleged UFOs that he uncovered
The assessment is that most of them are misinterpretations of conventional events, for example flocks of birds or drones, military systems in a secret American experiment and the greatest fear is of superior technology developed by a foreign power
Ahead of the event, a documentary filmmaker released a video of a 'swarm of UFOs' over a US Navy ship in 2019. Former President Obama also stated in a television interview that evidence of the existence of mysterious objects
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