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The "Monkey Trial" began in 2005 - in Dover County in Pennsylvania

11 parents sued the Dover County School Board for its decision to teach XNUMXth graders about intelligent design before studying evolution

The monkey trial.
The monkey trial.
What are the opinions of McCain and Obama on the issues of evolution (30/10/08)

The theory of intelligent design is a religious theory that was introduced into the schools in the district's curriculum without checking at all whether it has any scientific basis at all." This is what the representative of the plaintiffs told a federal judge on Monday in a trial that is an important milestone in the US."
A group of 11 parents in the small town of Dover, Pennsylvania, with the support of a civil rights organization, petitioned the court demanding to change a decision of the local school board, which ruled that the theory of intelligent design would be taught in school. At the base of this theory, which is supported by religious Christian institutions, is the assumption that complex organisms had to be designed, this is in contrast to Darwin's secular theory of evolution, which believes that it is a process of natural selection without a guiding hand.
"They did everything they could to inject religious views into science classes and didn't care at all about the validity of the science," said Eric Rothschild, who represents eight of the 11 families seeking to overturn the Dover County School Board's decision.
However, in his opening remarks, the school's attorney in the district defended the policy requiring XNUMXth grade students to hear a short message about the theory of intelligent design before the biology lessons dealing with evolution.
"This is a free inquiry into education, not a religious agenda," said Patrick Gillen of the Thomas Moore Justice Center in Ann Harbor, Michigan. "Dover County's moderate curriculum saps the essence of liberal education," he added. The center serves as a lobby for Christian religious freedom, defending the county's school board in court.
Eighty years after the monkey trial, the opening of the trial in federal court marks the latest legal chapter in the debate over the teaching of the theory of evolution in public schools.
The eight families claim that the district's policy violates the constitutional separation of church and state.
District Judge John A. Jones began the hearing, in a trial that will not be decided by a jury.
Rothschild, who claims that the theory of intelligent design is a religious and not a scientific theory, says that he will prove that the language used by the school board indicates religious intentions.
The Dover Hira education system is the first in the country to require students to be exposed to the concept of intelligent planning, as part of the policy adopted by a majority of 6 to 3 members in October 2004.

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  1. From the list, only two biologists oppose evolution. Both are listed as researchers at the place where they studied for a bachelor's degree while in reality they are researchers at the religious university of the preacher Jerry Forwell.

  2. Answer to shade The list has been checked and here are the results:
    This is a video that explains the truth behind the Discovery Institute list.
    In addition, there is the Steve project:
    A list of biologists and experts in other professions that have a connection to evolution (geologists, planetologists, doctors) and support the theory, in order to challenge the creation of the list (it's just too easy that way) The first name of all the signatories must be Steve... As of today there are 983 Steves on the list, what percentage From which scientists do you think you get the theory of evolution?
    By the way, the "intelligent design" was a scientific hypothesis, but it was disproved...:

  3. The Discovery Institute that signed this document can be trusted about as much as Amnon Yitzhak. Who are the scientists, from which universities (there are Protestant universities whose academic quality is low but their professors think of themselves as professors for everything), in which fields do they work?
    I will also try to analyze their argument for the contradiction, but on another occasion. In the meantime, listen to my interview today on Network B between 19:00 and 21:00

  4. Are there evolution deniers with an academic background in the field of exact sciences? I think the answer will be negative.

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