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Dassault Systèmes builds a "digital twin" of the human body

"The experience of the virtual twin of the human body will allow us to invent new ways of representing life, by understanding and representing the invisible and thus making a lasting contribution to humanity," said the company's CEO Bernard Charles

Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform will be used to create the first digital twin of the human body. In the announcement made by the company, it was stated that Dassault Systèmes has chosen to focus its strategy in the coming years on producing a virtual twin experience of the human body, in order to change and optimize the way people are healed and help them live a better life. The digital twin experience opens up new possibilities in the fields of life sciences and health by allowing people engaged in research, medicine, surgery and other health fields to test different models that allow more accurate, safe and effective treatment of the human body, as in other industrial disciplines a similar procedure can be performed in cars, buildings or planes.

"In 1989, we created the first virtual twin of the giant plane, the Boeing 777. In 2012, after the world moved to an experience economy that values ​​the way a product is used over the product itself, we dared to imagine a platform that would use comprehensive virtual twins in order to accompany products holistically and experientially from the concept stage and until they go to market. We called it the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The more customers adopt this platform, the more it enables and accelerates the development of the industrial renaissance", says Bernard Charles, CEO of Dassault Systèmes worldwide. "Our ambition to harmonize the nature and life product remains the same, but it seems that its scope is only expanding. This led us to develop a new understanding of life and nature. Today we are able to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge we have acquired, expand our fields of activity and move from dealing with products to focusing on the human body. The virtual twin experience of the human body will allow us to invent new ways of representing life, by understanding and representing the invisible and thus making a lasting contribution to humanity."

"The human body contains complex mysteries that have not yet been solved by science, whether it is the DNA component or the various body organs. The inefficiency in today's research world, along with the need for more accurate treatment and lower financial expenses, have led to the need for technological innovation that can change the way the various treatments are discovered and the development, commercialization, production and use of innovative treatment methods. "

"A digital twin experience of the human body using the DEXPERIENCE3 platform combines samples, simulations, information intelligence and collaboration between different parties. This development combines life sciences, material sciences and information sciences, in order to allow the stakeholders to apply data for any object within a live virtual model that can be fully defined and simulated. The industry, the researchers, the doctors and even the patients can imagine, test, understand and predict, even before the treatment of the patient begins, those elements that are revealed only at the end of the treatment - from the way in which the drugs affect the disease to the surgical results."

In order to implement this ambition, Dassault Systèmes will focus on developing its leadership in the field of life sciences and health, alongside two other strategic sectors in the economy: city infrastructure and industrial production. These sectors share similar development processes with the aim of improving the quality of life, whether through more convenient and accurate treatments, optimal infrastructures or more correct use of environmental conditions. Since the experience is a human element, there is a need for a fun and educational experience, in order to imagine and create a sustainable world that will benefit everyone.

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