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University research vice presidents call for halting laws that would make animal testing impossible

The Inter-University Forum for the Advancement of Medicine operates on behalf of the universities' Vice Presidents for Research and helps prevent legislation that harms the possibility of conducting scientific research on animals.

Experiments on animals. Photo: shutterstock
Experiments on animals. Photo: shutterstock

The Inter-University Forum for the Advancement of Medicine operates on behalf of the universities' Vice Presidents for Research and helps prevent legislation that harms the possibility of conducting scientific research on animals.

We are currently in the midst of another murky wave against the freedom of biomedical research in the State of Israel and attempts to tighten the law regulating animal experiments and other laws that could severely harm them:

  • . An attempt to change the structure of the Council for Experiments: remove the representative of the National Academy of Sciences as the chairman of the council and appoint a (retired) judge as the chairman of the committee; to double the number of opponents of experiments in the Council from 3 to 6; Demand the addition of a veterinarian from outside the research institutions (who lacks knowledge and experience in experimental animal research) to the local committees (IACUC).
  • 2. An attempt to transfer the powers of the Animal Cruelty Law regarding animal breeding from the veterinary services of the Ministry of Agriculture to the Ministry of Environmental Protection - which lacks the knowledge and sensitivity necessary for the subject.
  • 3. Restrictions on the import/export of animals for research purposes - both with the help of regulations (such as the one that led to the closure of Mazor Farm) and following El Al's decision to prevent the flight of animals for research purposes.
  • As part of our efforts, we meet with members of the Knesset and with other parties that influence the legislation. We need your support and ask that you express your opinion by signing a petition - its purpose is to show that behind us are the best scientists and researchers in the State of Israel.

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  1. withering
    You are quoting from the book.
    Have you repented?
    After all, you said that your son only wrote nonsense...

  2. Mahberta

    Your conclusions are strange. As it seems now you are bored and looking for fights, I am not interested anymore.

  3. skeptic
    You may be righteous but what I meant doesn't need Google. A little imagination and a sense of humor and that's all. I told you my students understand it. You're probably as dry as a radish.

  4. skeptic
    To Tomi, I thought you were an intelligent person, apparently not. Hint- a haircut of dreadlocks and the poodle's whole body is full. in the hair If even now you don't understand. My students understand this and you don't. You have a big hole in your education.

  5. Container
    It's hard to say that your followers are scientists. This is a pack of tireless slobs who have nothing better to do. They are bored. The most useful thing they can do is dreadlocks for poodles.

  6. I am just correcting you (as scientists you are supposed to be as precise as possible...) that transferring the animal cruelty law from the Ministry of Agriculture to the Ministry of the Environment is the best step for the animals. Today the Ministry of Agriculture benefits directly from the non-enforcement of the Animal Cruelty Law. This is the first office in its insensitivity to the animals, because it benefits (not only the office, but also the officials and their allies) directly from their lack of rights. Why then, would a party that benefits from non-enforcement of a certain law enforce it at all? You know this is absurd, right?

  7. Sorry, I'm just writing the comment from my cell phone and the internet connects and disconnects here alternately and it makes it a little difficult...
    What I wrote is that to begin with, most research institutions in Israel do not perform experiments on monkeys.
    The few who do, do so sparingly and subject to supervision.
    You can ask to standardize a change in the conditions of keeping experimental monkeys in Israel, but the law in question comes to stop any experiment on animals of any kind...
    Monkeys are not kept in research institutions (or at least there shouldn't be) for a purpose that is not an experiment...and once an animal begins an experiment, it is subject to experimental conditions approved by a committee.
    In addition, the amount of monkeys that are experimented on in Israel is 40 times smaller than in most countries of the Western world... so our situation is incomparably better than most enlightened countries....
    There is always room for improvement and change, but this law does not come to improve but to stop the use of experimental animals

  8. You don't have breeding here, there are monkeys in captivity from the moment the monkey arrives and after an adaptation period it is in an experiment. In addition, most universities in Israel do not perform experiments on imported monkeys (both the bureaucratic procedure, the financial cost, and the fact that they are reluctant to approve an experiment on monkeys are responsible for this)

  9. There are no experiments on monkeys in Israel except for those imported from Israel today, so the question is not relevant...

  10. Moses
    Are you convinced that animals like monkeys are kept in conditions they do not suffer at all? I do not. I'm on your side, don't get me wrong, but I'm sure there are places in the country where animals are kept in unbearable conditions. This is true for growing food - we all know that...

  11. In addition, the living conditions of the animals are monitored both by the academic establishment and by a veterinarian appointed by the ministry... I don't know what kind of narrow cages you are talking about, it is likely that you have never been in an animal house. The cages are the same cages that are sold for the personal possession of rodents and the largest number I saw housed in a single cage was 5 puppies..
    Bethia, if you are so self-righteous, then throw your family members terrible drugs like digoxin, aspirin, antibiotics for their dosage, or any drug because they were all tested on animals... It's fun to use the fruit of scientific work, but to go against the people who made it, huh?... We'll see how effective and healthy the diet is Yours without synthetic additives such as iron, zinc pills, etc. (they were also tested on inflammation) we'll see how immune your immune system is without antibiotics... Hint until recently extreme age was 50 with success..

  12. A bunch of scumbags and self-righteous people in order to perform an experiment on an animal must prove that there is no other reasonable way to perform the experiment and prove that it is important enough otherwise it is not approved...scientists have no other alternative to test the effectiveness of drugs, mechanism of action and more before using them on humans. There is not a single medicine that stands on your shelf at home that has not been first tried on a sore to check that it is not toxic.... If you are such a beautiful soul, stop using western medicine and turn to the pagan medicine that is probably more suitable for you. ..

  13. Ori,
    On the same weight, only in a slightly more indirect way, it can be argued that we owe our lives to the Nazis, that if they had not been born, you and I would have been born.

  14. There are hypocrites here on both sides.
    -It is clear that experiments on animals are required.
    -Obviously, it is possible to perform fewer experiments and in humane conditions by an order of magnitude.

  15. Fly away from civilization a bunch of self-righteous, bird-brained hypocrites
    You owe your life to animal testing

  16. What exactly scares you? You can't abuse animals! Experiments can also be conducted under humane conditions. Only by sitting in narrow and small cages can you degenerate and die slowly. A little compassion never hurt anyone.

  17. to do experiments on their family members. insolent

    The picture in the article is reminiscent of the picture of a happy cow in a meadow.
    Put a real picture of the torture of animals in medical experiments

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