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Tel Aviv University chose Oracle to establish a big data and analytics infrastructure at the Cyber ​​Center

The new platform, based on Oracle's experience in big data and analytics products, will be used for the needs of research, education and next generation learning to deal with the challenges of cyber, big data, IOT and more

Prof. Yitzhak Ben Israel, head of the Blavatnik Cyber ​​Center at Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University is currently establishing an infrastructure for large-scale analysis for the university's cyber center. The infrastructure will be used for the university's research needs and for knowledge sharing and inter-university cooperation in Israel and around the world. It will also help train the engineers of the future in dealing with new challenges and threats in the fields of cyber, big data, IOT and more.

The infrastructure, based on Oracle's big data platform, will enable the analysis of huge volumes of information and will enable researchers to use unique work environments, tools and technologies to develop significant assets in the cyber fields and in general.

The first phase will focus on setting aside a unified information pool to collect information from a large number of sources: unstructured, structured and semi-structured, and organize them in a way that university researchers from several disciplines can use for the benefit of study, research and information sharing. The unified, flexible and secure infrastructure combined with Oracle's analytics tools will provide a comprehensive answer to academic needs by making the information accessible and analyzed in a simple and fast way in a multi-application environment.

At a more advanced stage, the university intends to expand the infrastructure for the benefit of inter-university collaborations in Israel and abroad.

Technical teams of the university and Oracle will cooperate in the establishment of the center, the guidance and the imparting of the required knowledge, relying on Oracle's experience in implementing systems of this type for clients from various sectors.

Prof. Yitzhak Ben Israel, Head of the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber ​​Center at Tel Aviv University and Chairman of the National Council for Research and Development: "The big data infrastructure at Tel Aviv University will be a conceptual and technological breakthrough for the development of next generation solutions in these fields. To succeed in implementing an infrastructure of this magnitude, it is necessary to cooperate with a party that can provide a comprehensive envelope of technology, knowledge and resources. The new infrastructure, along with the research grants distributed by the center in the amount of about NIS 15 million, allow the cyber researchers at the university to become one of the leading cyber centers in the world."

According to Uzi Navon, CEO of Oracle: "Oracle's collaboration with academia in the worlds of cyber and big data is a natural continuation of the company's long-standing collaboration with research institutions and academia around the world, within the framework of Oracle Academic, OAI (Oracle Academic Initiative). We hope that this significant move by Tel Aviv University will lead to a wide-scale collaboration with academic institutions in Israel and around the world. In view of the dramatic changes that have recently taken place in the digital world, a paradigm shift is required in thinking, in the ways of implementation, and in the way of training the engineering students who should be ready for the challenges ahead."

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  1. George Orwell's 1984 comes true, just not in 1984, but in a continuous process that will reach a singular point where there will be a significant change from the sequence. You cannot be even a minute of your life outside of cyber monitoring. To all those who roam the Internet, the camera of the laptop is pointed at you. Put a sticker on it please.

  2. And who exactly will this cyber check. us or them
    The NSA, as shown by Snowden and Assange, is spying on Americans.
    How convenient to be in a constant state of war. A solid cliff, followed by a trickle of rockets and then a wave of terror.
    There is full justification for cyber and capital-control ties.
    Today it is easy to load a disguised smartphone application that records us, takes pictures of us and spies on us.

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