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Society now faces an increasing number of decisions about our relationship with technology. For example, do we want our workforce needs to be met by automation, migrant workers or an increased birth rate?
AI-Descartes, a new AI scientist, successfully reproduced a Nobel Prize-winning work using logical reasoning and symbolic regression to find exact equations. The system is effective against real-world data and small data sets, with the future goal being the automation of building scientific theories
CorrActions' system uses motion sensors found in every digital device and allows car manufacturers to understand through AI symptoms of drivers and passengers such as fatigue, lack of attention, effects of alcohol and drugs and various diseases
Despite a slowdown in the global economy, the chip industry is expected to continue its growth path, driven by the growing demand for artificial intelligence, digital devices, and applications based on smart electronics
As part of the collaboration, IBM will provide modern scientists with access to quantum computing systems, and they will learn how quantum computing technologies can be applied to problems that were previously intractable for classical computers.
Researchers have created a computer model whose input is text about movement, and whose output is an animated character that performs what is written
New research reveals that a linguistic bias in the English language, which encourages us to "improve" things by adding to them instead of subtracting from them, is so common that it's even been incorporated into artificial intelligence chatbots
Even programmers are starting to fear that ChatGPT will replace them. How real is the threat?
The signatories of the letter call for a six-month pause in the development of systems more powerful than OpenAI's new GPT-4. "Strong AI systems should only be developed once we are confident that their effects will be positive and their risks will be manageable," the letter said.
Engineers from the University of Arizona have developed a system that allows autonomous vehicles to scan underground habitats for astronauts
Moore became especially famous thanks to the law he coined - Moore's law describing the rate of development of chip technology which today is everywhere
Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (and especially creative artificial intelligence such as Dali or CHATGPT, as well as older technologies such as virtual and augmented reality and blockchain) have the potential to significantly change the way we learn and teach
In the reasons for the award committee it was stated that Shashua is the ambassador of Israeli excellence, daring and creativity in the world
The IBM Quantum System One computer is part of a ten-year research collaboration between the companies. Among the first research projects - a study to find existing drugs for Alzheimer's patients and other diseases, led by Prof. Michal Rosen-Zvi from the IBM research laboratory in Israel
While emojis can be a helpful way to add "personality" or emotion to a message, they can also be vague, inappropriate, and create technical challenges. Chatbot designers should prioritize clear and concise language and use emojis wisely
With the help of the model, the process of diagnosing pain can be simplified by taking a look at the cats' faces without making any contact with them, said PhD student Marcelo Feigelstein from the Department of Information Systems at the University of Haifa, one of the authors of the study
This is according to the annual conference of Tech.AI, the center for artificial intelligence at the Technion
The training process is done using the parallel computing technique. This made it possible to complete the training process much faster than if it was done on a single GPU or processor. Before training the system, the data was processed in such a way that personal identifying data was removed from it
Researchers were able to minimize distortion created in geometric bodies due to their flattening or stretching
DenovAI will combine machine learning and computational biophysics to discover antibodies with a wider scope, faster and cheaper, and to improve the probability of success of drug candidates. This is the second company established by the innovation laboratory of Teva, Pfizer, Merck, AssertaZeneca, Amazon (AWS), BioMed X and the Israel Biotech Foundation
Weizmann Institute of Science scientists present the rotating quantum microscope
At the Biorobotics Laboratory of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev under the direction of Dr. David Zaruk, they presented the AmphiSAW robot, which draws inspiration from the worlds of biology and nature and is friendly to fish and the environment. It works both in water and on land, is used to feed fish and monitor their condition, and assists in rescues in disaster areas and more
Researchers have built an electrical circuit that can retain quantum information over time, which may improve the performance of future quantum computing
According to Prof. Zvi Ganel from Ben Gurion University, one of the researchers involved in the study The growing interest in age estimation using artificial intelligence (AI) technology raises the question of how AI compares to human performance and whether it suffers from the same biases
However, there are major differences between the two approaches in many aspects. Among other things, in the absence of mandatory prison sentences in the USA compared to the European Union, and in the large decentralization of powers in the USA compared to horizontal regulation in Europe
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