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Ben-Gurion University in the Negev answered the question with two studies that suggest using machine learning for common laboratory tests. These studies were recently presented at the Medical Informatics Europe​ (MIE) conference in Nice, France.
Researchers at the Technion have developed algorithms that detect errors in databases
Prof. Yair Neuman from Ben Gurion University accepted DARPA's challenge and succeeded in developing an artificial intelligence that would recognize social norms and the Parthen. The research findings were published in the prestigious journal Scientific Reports
IBM's artificial intelligence model was able to find compounds that bind to different sites on target proteins against the corona disease caused by the covid virus and this without knowing the mechanism of the attachment of the virus to the cell
All attempts to regulate the field of artificial intelligence were at best amateurish, states the Knesset's research division. New regulations must be built and an adequate budget allocated to them
In a document prepared for a discussion in the Science Committee, the subject of creative artificial intelligence is briefly presented, which is a catalyst for the recent public discourse; policy issues arising from its development; Information regarding government decisions, committees and a national program on artificial intelligence in Israel, and a concise reference to trends in regulation in Europe and the United States
Any public service of human help, such as mental health care or care for the elderly collapses. The artificial intelligence that will take over many jobs will leave us with the thing that is perhaps most important to us, the value we find in human effort for the sake of others.
A wearable system allows a robotic arm to recognize the user's intent, mainly based on his hand movements, and assist him according to his needs
On Wednesday, June 14, the European Parliament voted to approve its own draft proposal for the Artificial Intelligence Law, legislation that has been two years in the making, aiming to shape global standards in the regulation of artificial intelligence
The achievement may accelerate research in new quantum technologies and developments in security, biological sensing, wireless communication and more
The Japanese start-up GITAI develops space robots for a variety of tasks in space stations and on the moon and Mars
Perhaps the success of ChatGPT requires us to update our concepts of what is "thought", what is "creativity" and what is "speech". Does ChatGPT think and talk like us, or is it an imitation of the real thing? What does it say about thought if an AI model can think, and what does it say about us if it is possible to imitate so close to reality?
Says Uri Goshen, joint CEO of AI21 Labs. At the Silicon Club meeting entitled "Smart people, smart machines - have we reached the stage where chatbots replace human thinking?"
At a meeting held this week at Tel Aviv University with the participation of OPEN AI CEO Sam Altman, Sutzkober said that the academy cannot compete with the industry in computing power or engineering ability but instead investigate how to better measure the performance of artificial intelligence, and ethical questions
OPEN AI CEO Sam Altman and Chief Scientist Ilya Sutzkover participated in the event moderated by Dr. Nadav Cohen from Tel Aviv University. They addressed the issue of using AI as a weapon, the impact on the job market and the fear of artificial intelligence getting out of control or being used to develop weapons
As part of her work, Dr. Tali Dekel from the Weizmann Institute examines how visual information from videos can be represented and analyzed. In her recent research, which won a grant from the National Science Foundation, she and her team developed learning-based algorithms that represent the information present in a given video by a small collection of XNUMXD images
The point about artificial intelligence raises several questions about its impact on the broader economy: which jobs will be most affected by the technology, how will these changes occur, and how will these changes be felt?
Along with many benefits, this technology comes with risks that we need to take seriously. But none of the above scenarios seem to provide a specific roadmap for extinction, claims an artificial intelligence researcher from the UK
Altman joins a number of prominent figures, including Elon Musk and Stuart Russell, in emphasizing the need for careful research and caution in the development of artificial intelligence. The letter highlights the importance of ensuring AI systems are designed with safety and security in mind, as well as the need for international cooperation to address the global challenges posed by AI
The Israel-1 supercomputer is based on the new NVIDIA Spectrum-X platform developed in Israel, and will be used for internal research and development and with the company's partners. Later, it will be launched in Israel as part of the supercomputer service for AI in the cloud, NVIDIA DGX Cloud * At the same event, it also announced a dedicated supercomputer for artificial intelligence applications
The companies presented at the ISC 2023 conference the world's largest quantum circuit for industrial simulation, in order to promote the development of quantum computing in the field of aviation and space. It was also revealed at the conference: the Jülich Supercomputing Center, one of the largest quantum computing centers in Europe, will establish a quantum computing laboratory in collaboration with NVIDIA
According to the head of the program, Prof. Meir Feder, artificial intelligence can help in dealing with some of the biggest challenges in the field of sustainability and education
The answer to the threats of artificial intelligence on the labor market: lateral roots
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