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Classiq files a quantum research laboratory in the field of life sciences and health in collaboration with NVIDIA and Ichilov

At the same time, the Israeli company Quantum Machinery will use at the Israeli Quantum Computing Center a technology that combines NVIDIA Grace Hopper superchips with quantum processors (QPUs)

Quantum computing in the healthcare system. Illustration:
Quantum computing in the healthcare system.Illustration:

The Israeli start-up company in the field of quantum computing, Classiq, announced today (Monday, November 13.11) that it will establish a quantum computing laboratory in the field of life sciences and health in collaboration with NVIDIA and the Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital) in Tel Aviv. The initiative will lead the development and application of quantum algorithms and applications, focusing on their revolutionary potential in the fields of life sciences and health. 

Classiq, whose unique approach to writing software for quantum computing applications is already being used by more than 400 universities, has announced the establishment of a new research center at Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital) in Tel Aviv - the largest university hospital in Israel. The center, which will be established in collaboration with Nvidia, will support the training of experts and researchers in the fields of life and health sciences, write quantum applications that in the future can help doctors diagnose diseases, or accelerate the development and discovery processes of new drugs.

Using the capabilities of the NVIDIA H100 graphics processor with the tensor cores, and thanks to the integration capability between the NVIDIA CUDA Quantum quantum programming platform and the Classiq software infrastructures, the laboratory will offer a strong environment for innovation and training in the quantum field for professionals who are not experts in this field. 

"The opportunities for quantum computing and especially the software that drives it are growing rapidly", said CEO and founder classiq, Nir Minerbi. "The new laboratory for quantum computing in life and health sciences aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the quantum field, with clear advantages in life sciences, health and more." 

"Integrated quantum-classical computing has enormous potential to drive breakthrough moves in the life and health sciences, but many of the challenges to realizing this potential still remain unanswered", said Tim Costa, Director of Accelerated Computing and Quantum Computing at Nvidia. "Classiq's quantum computing lab for life sciences and health, based on NVIDIA's CUDA Quantum platform, aims to help researchers face these challenges and expand the boundaries of applying quantum computing to solving problems in this important field."

"Clinical and operational activity at the Ichilov Hospital is mostly managed through smart and data-based systems. We are proud of our achievements, but at the same time we are well aware that the tools available today are not effective enough to provide solutions for the growing complexity of our systems." said Prof. Roni Gamzo, director of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. "Exactly for this reason, we are happy to announce the opening of the first quantum laboratory here in Ichilov. Together with Classiq and NVIDIA, we will break the boundaries of data science for the benefit of medicine and patients."

In addition, the Israeli company Quantum Machines announced that the Israel National Quantum Center will be the first in the world to integrate NVIDIA DGX Quantum, the quantum computing system that combines NVIDIA Grace Hopper superchips with quantum processors (QPUs). The center, which will be located in Tel Aviv, will use DGX Quantum to drive quantum computers from Quantware, ORCA Computing and more.

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