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For the first time in Israel: implementation of artificial intelligence in government offices

Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Ofir Akunis: "The government will promote artificial intelligence projects that will enable a significant leap forward in public service"

Artificial intelligence in government offices in Israel. Illustration by Avi Blizovsky with the help of Dali 2.
Artificial intelligence in government offices in Israel. Illustration by Avi Blizovsky with the help of Dali 2


The Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology in collaboration with the National Digital System are jointly launching a new program designed to support and promote government projects based on artificial intelligence.

The call addresses managers in the public sector and invites them to submit proposals for solutions to major challenges faced by government ministries, through the use of artificial intelligence tools. Based on these proposals, the government ministries will be able to promote moves to improve service to the citizen and optimize the work processes in the public sector.
A call for the promotion of artificial intelligence-based projects in the government Published as part of the national program for artificial intelligence managed by the Telam Forum in cooperation with a large number of government ministries. In light of the strategic importance of promoting the fields of artificial intelligence and data science for the continued growth of the economy, for increasing productivity and streamlining the public system in particular, and further to Government Resolution 212 which stated that the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology must operate a competitive mechanism for the selection and implementation of national projects for the implementation of artificial intelligence in the public sector, and this in cooperation The National Digital Array, the Innovation Authority and the Budget Division at the Ministry of Finance, and accompanied by the Deputy Legal Advisor to the Government (Economic Law) at the Ministry of Justice regarding legal aspects.
The program is divided into three tracks:

  • Small projects - as part of this route, rapid development projects will be selected which will receive a budget not exceeding NIS 3 million, and their development duration will not exceed a year.
  • Medium-sized projects - as part of this track, projects will be selected that will receive a budget that will not exceed NIS 9 million, and the duration of their development/implementation will not exceed three years.
  • Projects for planning - proposals with high potential, but which are not sufficiently ripe for implementation, will be selected as part of the track. The proposed projects will benefit from assistance in an in-depth planning process, a process that will mature potential for national projects in preparation for going into development. As part of this track, proposals will be selected which will go into a planning process of up to six months, when the planning budget will not exceed NIS 0.5 million.

  • As part of the program, the ministries will receive financial assistance and professional guidance from a variety of AI experts in Israel. In addition, they will receive access to research and researchers from Israel and the world, tutorials and training for the various levels, ethical and regulatory support for the responsible implementation of the solution and assistance in cracking the right answer from a technological, business, and professional point of view.
    The Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Ofir Akunis: "The field of artificial intelligence has been growing in recent years in an unprecedented manner. The potential impact of artificial intelligence on the economy and society is enormous. Artificial intelligence is changing the patterns of operation in many areas: the world of employment, personalized education, autonomous transportation, advanced agriculture, sophisticated financial systems, and more."

The national program for artificial intelligence, which was approved by us in government decision 173 regarding Israel's technological leadership, includes, among other things, an action component for the assimilation of artificial intelligence in the activities of government ministries.
Now, we are putting the decision into action.

Together we will promote projects of assimilating artificial intelligence, which will enable a leap forward in the activity of the ministries and the government as a whole.'

After the proposal review process, the selected projects will be flagship projects in the field of artificial intelligence ("national projects") - projects whose success will lead to a substantial and rapid change in the service to the citizen, the efficiency of the public sector, and the quality of government work.

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  1. A significant and welcome initiative!
    Recruiting outstanding graduates in mathematics and computer science.

  2. Because these days intelligence of any kind is a scarce commodity
    In our environment in general and in the government offices among our "chosen" in particular
    It is to be hoped that "artificial intelligence" will support it
    In moves to improve the service to the citizen....

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