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Earth-related objects

Today there is only one system in the world focused on this activity - NASA's Goldstone Solar System Radar, part of the Deep Space Network (DSN). But an idea of ​​a new instrument from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory
During asteroid 2008 OS7's final approach to Earth on February 2, 2024, the agency's Deep Space Radar collected the first detailed images of the stadium-sized asteroid
In a scientific article published this week in the journal NATURE there is a detailed report on the successful demonstration of the kinetic impactor technology by DART: a reconstruction of the impact itself, a report on the timeline until the impact,
Israeli scientists participated in the DART asteroid interception project
"Don't Look Up", the new film by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, presents a satirical and poignant look at humanity and the role of the media in the fight against today's major environmental problem
The DART spacecraft that will try to change the orbit of a double asteroid will be launched on 24/11. The producers of the space disaster film "Don't Look Up" on Netflix, about the discovery of an asteroid that threatens the Earth, have timed its rise
One of the researchers responsible for the discovery tells how an asteroid similar to the one that caused the incident in Tungaska in Siberia in 1908, hit a city in Jordan northeast of the Dead Sea. The city was abandoned afterwards, and the echoes of the explosion hit the cities
Just seven days later, a planetary radar observed the 1,001st bone of its kind, which was much larger
The spacecraft will conduct its survey in infrared. Telescopes on Earth have found most of the nearby objects cataloged so far, but the remaining ones are very difficult to find in visible light
However, no danger is expected from this asteroid - on March 6, astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts watched the transit of the asteroid Apophis, which will return much closer to us in 2029
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