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The Holocaust and the Second Holocaust

Non-Jewish Ukrainian writers tried to raise awareness of large-scale Ukrainian collaboration with the Nazis, but the Ukrainian public still does not recognize this, mainly due to the neglect of the Soviet regime and many of the Ukrainian governments.
Every Holocaust survivor had countless moments in which the story could have ended. The mutual aid - starting with food smuggling, and even in successful local resistance events
This is what the Polish historian Jan Grabowski writes. The article was published on The Conversation Canada website on February 14, 2023
The annual report of Tel Aviv University in collaboration with the "Anti-Defamation League" in preparation for Holocaust Day, but according to Prof. Uriah Shavit, head of the Center for the Study of European Jewry at Tel Aviv University: "With all
This is a kind of "monopoly" game whose goal is to quickly collect six "Jewish hats" and bring them to collection points
The teaching of the Holocaust is also expanding to countries that previously did not teach about it - mainly Africa and Arab countries, according to a report by the Center for the Study of European Jewry in our time at Tel Aviv University
The annual report of the "Center for the Study of European Jewry Today" on the state of anti-Semitism in the world reveals: 2021 was a record year for anti-Semitism
To what extent did refugee Jewish scientists contribute to the creation of the atomic bomb? And how close did the Nazi scientists in Germany come to creating such a bomb? Professor Alex Gordon from the Department of Mathematical Sciences - Physics and Computer Sciences at Oranim College
A study carried out by a researcher from the Hebrew University reveals an alleged connection between the compensations for Holocaust survivors and the compensations given to Germans from ethnic minorities, who took over Jewish property in Eastern and Central European countries and were deported from there at the end of the war
Before Nazi Germany got hold of it, the Allies disrupted this plan and seized the uranium ingots that were at the heart of the plan. The fate of most of these ingots is unknown, but some of them ended up in the hands of the US
The synagogue was destroyed during the Nazi rule in the Holocaust, but the Soviets are the ones who completed the demolition * The independent Lithuanian government in cooperation with Israel is restoring the building. The exhibits will likely be displayed in a permanent exhibition
AA asks: Nazi scientists during the war were given access to conduct experiments on human beings freed from any ethical or moral restrictions. Did they succeed in achieving anything? Can we see any contribution
This is according to two separate studies by the Hebrew University and the University of Haifa. The study at the Hebrew University dealt with the mortality rates of Holocaust survivors, while that of Haifa University revealed that survivors who were alone during the Holocaust
Following the Holocaust, studies were conducted in social psychology that shed light on the human being and raise a well-founded fear that we have very destructive tendencies. But does this mean that man's creation is indeed bad? Is there
When politics reaches out to science, does science benefit? The answer is negative. Scientists, even Jews who served under the Nazi regime were unable to produce quality science because of the social pressure to conform to the
Experiments show that we are very submissive when there is a social consensus and we will change our decisions according to this agreement, even if we know that the majority is wrong, that these tendencies are deeply ingrained in man. So is it even possible?
The children of the tags: Leah Yehudit Delpaniya, Dedi Zak, Annie Caper, the child David Yehuda. Yoram Chaimi, archaeologist of the Antiquities Authority: "I have been digging at the site for ten years, and on this day I broke down."
Some of the creators of the "TikTok Shoah" videos painted bruises or burns on themselves using make-up. Others wore striped uniforms, imitating those worn by the prisoners in the concentration camps or wore a yellow star with a printed
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