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A new accelerator will qualify Israeli startups to integrate into NASA's Artemis moon return program

The Israeli company Creation-Space is launching the accelerator 'EXPAND' which will give start-ups an opportunity to develop groundbreaking technologies in the field of space exploration and settlement of the Moon and Mars • The winning start-up will receive a scientific-technological grant in the amount of 100 thousand NIS • Dr. Rui Naor, The founder of the company: "Israeli entrepreneurs can take a significant part in the next great step of humanity"

The Israeli company Creation-Space, which deals with supporting technological developments in the field of deep space, is launching for the first time in Israel a unique accelerator (accelerator) for start-ups, for their inclusion in the 'Artemis' program of the space agency NASA for the settlement of the moon in the coming years - and subsequently for the first step on Mars. The program will give startups a unique opportunity to take part in humanity's next big step and produce innovative solutions that will affect the future of all of us - both on Earth and in space.

The 'EXPAND' accelerator is intended for start-ups at the beginning of their journey in fields such as robotics, materials, construction, food and health technologies, who are interested in learning how their developments may respond to space missions, while creating a lever for development and prestige for the national market as well.

Registration for the program opened on April 15, when about a month and a half later the selected ventures will participate in the celebratory opening event at Mitzpe Ramon, Israel's city of space and stars.

The accelerator, launched in partnership with the TECH-7 innovation community and with the support of the Jewish National Fund USA and the American investment fund Creations VC, will provide startups with mentoring and close business support from renowned experts with a deep knowledge of the space industry, as well as professional workshops that will provide the tools necessary for success and presentation to investors potential. The winning start-up will receive a scientific-technological grant in the amount of 100 thousand NIS.

"In Israel, known as the Startup Nation, lies a tremendous and unrealized potential to make a significant contribution to the global campaign to break the boundaries of the human race beyond the borders of the earth," explains Dr. Rui Naor, founder of Creation-Space, who in the past studied at the Weizmann Institute and NASA the The Geology of Mars. "Among other things, this involves the development of technologies that will be used to build the infrastructure and systems for manned space missions, and in the future to develop solutions for the settlement of the moon and Mars for a significant and sustainable period of time."

Dr. Naor adds: "We see the EXPAND program as a mission, both for breaking the boundaries of the human race beyond the earth, and for a sustainable life for humanity here on earth. The accelerator may also produce optimal solutions to deal with problems related to the climate crisis, such as human health, smart construction and the utilization of depleting resources."

"At the end of the process, our goal is to lead start-ups that will take the solutions to the challenges in the space missions ten steps forward", concludes Dr. Naor. "With the right investment and professional guidance, we believe that Israeli entrepreneurs can take a significant part and I call on them to join us in this fascinating journey towards a new future."

Creation-Space, backed by the American investment fund CreationsVC, began to operate fully only six months ago and its activity has already yielded several investments in several Israeli start-up companies. Among them is the unique Alumentry company that develops innovative technology for the production of precise aluminum components on Earth and in space.

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