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The space industry joins the Association of Manufacturers

The President of the Association of Industrialists Ron Tomer announced at the 18th Ilan Ramon Conference held in Tel Aviv the establishment of the Space 5.0 project that will unite the companies in the new space sector

From the right: Director of the Israel Space Agency, Uri Oron and President of the Association of Manufacturers, Dr. Ron Tomer. PR photo
From the right: Director of the Israel Space Agency, Uri Oron and President of the Association of Manufacturers, Dr. Ron Tomer. PR photo

The President of the Manufacturers' Association, Dr. Ron Tomer, announced today at noon (Tuesday) the establishment of the space branch in the association, which will be called Space 5.0. Dr. Tomer announced the establishment of the space branch at the Ilan Ramon International Space Conference, which takes place as part of the Israel Space Week 2023 events, which is led by the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology. The new branch will operate within the framework of the Israeli Hi-Tech Association of the Federation of Manufacturers led by the chairman of the association Marian Cohen and under the supervision of Hilik Shion, with its main goal being to lead the development of the space industry in Israel as a significant, distinct and growing branch of the industry - while cooperating with the Israeli companies in the field, alongside International space agencies.

Among other things, as part of the Space 5.0 activity, all the activities of the civil space industry in the State of Israel will be concentrated, including help and assistance with grants for research and development, assistance in promoting new technologies, the establishment of dedicated technology incubators for the space industry, assistance and handling of regulatory difficulties in front of government ministries and help in increasing exports of the space industry for existing and new markets. Also, Space 5.0 will be a center of knowledge and enrichment in the field of space and the main address for any investor who wants to develop and integrate into the industry.

These days, the Advisory Board for Space 5.0 is also being established, which will consist of senior figures in industry and academia, who will be able to contribute from their experience and abilities in order to meet the challenges and realize Israel's enormous potential in the new space field. Already today there are dozens of Israeli companies operating in the field of space, and the expectation is that this number will only grow.

The Association of Manufacturers and the Space Agency decided to establish Space 5.0 this year, also in recognition of the growing part that space occupies in the life of humanity in all its aspects - military, economic, civil, ecological and more. In the last decade, activity in space has surged forward and new countries are joining and even cooperating with each other. In the USA, space tourism has begun, spacecraft launchers are no longer expendable, NASA's "Artemis" program has been launched towards the construction of a permanent base on the moon and from there to Mars. Israel also made a mark with the "Bereshit" project and with the "Artemis" protective vest, alongside long-term satellite activity.

The President of the Association of Manufacturers, Dr. Ron Tomer: "The new and growing field of activity, New Space Industries, is today at a significant jumping-off point all over the world. In Israel there are already dozens of companies and ventures dealing with the growing space industry and it is expected that the circle will expand greatly in the coming years. That is why it is important that a strong umbrella organization such as the Federation of Manufacturers in cooperation with the Israel Space Agency be included and promote the industry's activities under Space 5.0 and thus lead to the qualitative development of the existing and new space companies and realize the export potential of the space industry, which is estimated in the hundreds and can even reach billions of dollars."

Director of the Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, Uri Oron: "The Israel Space Agency congratulates the Association of Manufacturers on establishing a space branch, which is another significant step in the establishment and development of the Israeli space ecosystem. The decision of the Association of Manufacturers and its leader expresses a deep understanding of the potential inherent in Israel and the Israeli hi-tech industry in the development of the space sector. The Israeli space industry is at the core of the national space strategy, and its growth will advance Israel's position as a significant player among the leading countries in the field."

The chairman of the high-tech union in the Federation of Manufacturers, Marian Cohen: "The companies and technological ventures currently operating in the field of the space industry in Israel, as well as the scope of their activities, are very low and the potential is enormous. At the same time, the connection of the space industry and the natural cooperation with the high-tech association will enable the strengthening of the connection between the companies and the industrial ecosystem, their growth and success. We are happy that the space forum has also found its home with us. The sky is no longer the limit.'

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