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A large group of donors is withdrawing from the Genesis mission

The donor group that invested 45 million dollars in the Genesis 2 mission, announced that it would stop further funding; Kahn Foundation: The group will continue to support the educational activities of the Spice IL association; CEO of Space IL, Shimon Sharid: We will continue to make every effort to realize the vision of Genesis 2, and we will work as soon as possible to find new paths to carry out the mission

Engineering model of the Genesis 2 lander. Courtesy of SPACEIL
Engineering model of the Genesis 2 lander. Courtesy of SPACEIL

The Spice Eye Association is updating today that some of the main donors to the Genesis 2 mission have decided not to continue their investment in the project, due to circumstances that are not related to the association or any of its project partners. The association thanks the donors for their generous support so far.

In the past three years, dozens of employees and partners in Israel and around the world have worked to fulfill the vision of Genesis 2, and all alike yearn to complete the joint journey to the moon and continue to provide inspiration and tools to future generations of scientists in Israel.

The association will continue to make every effort to continue the realization of the Genesis vision, and will act as soon as possible to find new paths to the realization of the mission.

Morris Kahn, said today on behalf of the group of main donors: "After we as a group invested 45 million dollars, about half of the cost of the Genesis 2 mission, the decision to stop the funding was made with a heavy heart. These times oblige us to re-examine our philanthropic activity.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to the dedicated, professional and mission-minded management and employees of the association. Kahn emphasized, we hope that under the professional and dedicated leadership of CEO Shimon Sharid, the blessed activity of the association will continue. We will continue to see himself as part of the project.'

Kahn added, we intend to continue supporting the financing of the important educational activity of the association.'

Kafir Demari, founder and Deputy CEO of Space IL said: "The Genesis project is a symbol of innovation, courage, unity and hope in Israel. We will do as much as we can to continue the vision of Genesis 2 and continue to inspire future generations."

The cost of the Genesis 2 mission is estimated at about 100 million dollars and includes a double landing on both sides of the moon and a long-term scientific-educational mission around the moon. Each of the 3 spacecraft (two landers and a mother spacecraft) is planned to carry with it groundbreaking scientific experiments and the mother spacecraft is planned to continue orbiting the moon for about 5 years and be a platform for scientific and educational activities in Israel and around the world, through a remote connection, millions of students from different countries will be able to participate in scientific research in deep space.

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  1. I'm short of telling people what to invest their money in, but the idea of ​​investing huge sums for some dubious national pride with marginal scientific benefit seems like a bad idea to me in the first place.

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