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The warming: the scientific aspect

In a new and particularly comprehensive British study, it was found that the spring blossoms in the country arrive a month earlier on average compared to the situation in the past
Much has been said and written about greenhouse gases that are emitted as a result of human activity and cause global warming and climate change, an important topic that deserves a detailed explanation
Using computer simulations of volcanic eruptions over the past thousand years and theories that analyze the global energy balance, a new study locates and analyzes the connection between volcanic eruptions and various climate changes 
On the mighty peaks of the world, in conditions of extreme cold and little oxygen, an Israeli scientist investigates the connection between the thawing of frozen soils in the high mountain areas due to the climate crisis and the occurrence of dangerous rock avalanches
As part of the global effort to moderate greenhouse gas emissions, attention should be paid to the "laughing gas" (N2O). It's not so funny because it's a basic component of the fertilizer industry. The solution - precise agriculture that will provide each plant with the food it needs and not the scattering of huge amounts indiscriminately
A new study based on an analysis of climatic data conducted by researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Columbia University in the USA: "Global warming is expected to cause even more widespread mega-droughts and fires across America, already in the near future"
The climate crisis is followed by the collapse of many living systems in large areas of the earth. It is fitting that humanity acknowledges the damage done to humanity and the vital need to remedy its consequences
Researchers who combined satellite data and digital models showed that the risk of floods as a result of coastal inundation may increase in an accelerated manner during the 21st century, up to 50 times under the scenario of global warming without stopping, especially in the tropics. This increase is mainly caused by a combination of sea level rise and ocean waves
A new Israeli study found that low density in forest plots helps trees fix more carbon dioxide and thus contribute to the fight against the climate crisis
Major advances in carbon capture technology could provide an efficient and inexpensive way for natural gas-fired power plants to keep carbon dioxide emissions out of their stacks, an essential step in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to slow global warming and adverse climate change.
The study, published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, shows that the drought of 2012-2016 nearly quadrupled the area severely burned, compared to the relatively cool drought of 1987-1992. This is certainly a result of the man-made climate crisis.
A new study has found that genetic improvement of cows can help significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the dairy industry
At the end of May, a red spill was reported in the banks of the Ambranaya River that spilled into Lake Pyasino, near the city of Norilsk in northern Siberia, Russia. About 20 thousand tons of oils (mainly diesel fuel) leaked from a fuel storage tank into the tributaries of the river. According to the reports, the leak occurred as a result of the thawing of "permafrost" - which caused the ground to sink and become unstable
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