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Yoram Soreq

Shmuel is worried about our future, the men "I heard that the male Y chromosome is diminishing over time, is it possible that every generation male mammals are losing more and more of their characteristics? Is it possible that they will disappear?"
Perhaps he asks: Were we few against many in the War of Independence?
Doron asks "Why do you cook meat? Logically, it seems healthier to eat raw meat because nutritional values ​​are lost when cooked."
Shmulik wonders: How is it that humanity has existed for tens of thousands of years, but all science, medicine, and technology have only developed in the last two hundred years? Were people more stupid before?
PS asks "Do only humans have a sense of humor and why?"
Limor asks: Is the cat attached to its owner or to the place? And more: why cats run over more than dogs
It is no more right for a neutral body to investigate both sides, collect all the evidence, and in a trial, instead of lawyers speaking on behalf of the prosecution and the defense, give the right to speak to those ordinary people, and then judge
In honor of Prince Philip's funeral, the section will deal with the British Royal House and Regina's question: What is the point of the Queen's Guard? Where did it even start? And most importantly - what are these hats that slaughtered 10 Jamus
Elior asks: Is it possible to take a woman's egg and fertilize it with another animal's sperm? (For example, a monkey or a tiger..)
Salomon wonders about the elusive connection between language and intelligence: does having multiple languages ​​make us smarter?
Is it true, the reader wonders) Ze'ev, Mark Twain personally testifies that the earth was empty until we redeemed it? Why doesn't our advocacy use such convincing and reliable testimony?
The embarrassment column leads the "chronically shy" to ask: Why do you blush? And why inside? and how does it work?
Korbus volunteers questions about beggars: Is it legal to sit on the street and collect beggars in Israel? Or maybe there is a law that prevents doing it freely?
Gal sends a doubt, a question, a regret about the lack of our government's hand "Why do we have so few Olympic medals? Why don't we invest more in sports to give us national pride?"
The coming Tokyo Olympics arouses L's curiosity "Why are records constantly broken at every Olympics or World Championships?"
Religion is not just a system of supernatural beliefs. Faith is not a religion, in fact a religion can exist without an orderly theological meaning but will always include worship, rules of conduct and above all community. Religion is probably a product
Corbus wonders: "Is religion part of human nature? Why do people need religion? Do we have some quality that makes us believe? Is it a natural state for man to believe in the supernatural?"
Zeev says, "I have an innate ability to analyze a person's character based on the way they walk. From early childhood, I had the virtue of guessing the character of any person, even from a distance of hundreds of meters
Depends on how you define domestication
NM asks: Why do you never put alcoholic beverages in plastic bottles?
"Snail" asks: Why are there drinks that are drunk cold and those that are drunk hot? Why not hot beer and cold chicken soup?
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