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In order to honor the efforts of the local authorities, the "Equasion" association operates the "Blue Flag" program on some of Israel's declared bathing beaches - an international program for the environmental management of bathing beaches and marinas on behalf of the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) organization.
"Some of the more than 200 pits leading to the tunnels are apparently collapsed lava tubes," said the lead researcher. In a study in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. According to him, a stable temperature of about 17 degrees Celsius will allow protection against the extreme changes between day and night. The caves will also provide partial protection from radiation
Is the current generation of electronic encryption strong enough to protect your information online today? The American Standards Office thinks not
To what extent did refugee Jewish scientists contribute to the creation of the atomic bomb? And how close did the Nazi scientists in Germany come to creating such a bomb? Professor Alex Gordon from the Department of Mathematical Sciences - Physics and Computer Sciences at Oranim College Oranim College explains and discusses the various and inaccurate versions created around the affair, which was the biggest secret of World War II, after the war
The author is Professor Alex Gordon, Oranim College tells about the anti-Semitism that accompanied the famous Jewish researchers, about Einstein's recommendation for Rosen to work in Kiev, about Podolsky's double loyalty, about Prof. Lev Strom who was executed near Kiev Begin - "collaboration with the Gestapo" and more about The difficult history of the Jewish scientists in the USSR
Professor Asher Yaholom, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ariel University in Samaria * The article was published in Issue 7 of the Cultural Affairs Journal - correct
Surgeries to sever a lobe of the brain were the solution to epilepsy, but it turned out that we did more harm than good. Now researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science explain the mechanism that links the two parts of the brain, and why damage to it endangers the patient
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