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2012: There Is No Planet X (Nibiru)

What is the probability that a planet of enormous size, whose existence is claimed in the writings of ancient Sumerian astronomers, is making its way towards the Earth, and will cause fatal disturbances in 2012. Does NASA know and hide?

A mysterious planet threatens Earth. Illustration: Universe Today website
A mysterious planet threatens Earth. Illustration: Universe Today website

One of the unresolved questions is whether we know everything about The planets in the solar system. One of the hallucinatory predictions circulating on the net, in connection with the prophecies of the end of the world expected to arrive on December 21, 2012, deals with the planet X (some identify it with Nibiru) which is going to hit us. According to the same claims, this planet was discovered in the early eighties of the 20th century in the outer regions of the solar system, through infrared observations. According to the same claims, it was lurking in the Kuiper belt and is now accelerating towards us, and will enter the inner solar system in 2012. The meaning, according to the distributors of these things, is fatal. Millions and perhaps billions of people will die, global warming will increase, earthquakes will occur, droughts, famines, wars, social breakdown and even massive solar storms will be caused by Nibiru's passage through the solar system. All these things will happen in 2012 and we must prepare for our death already now.

In a previous article under the title: "The end of the world will not come in 2012” We mainly dealt with the Mayan calendar, and its great counting. According to the calendar and mythology of the Mayans, something will happen on December 21, 2012. Now the supporters of these theories claim that a planet with an extremely elliptical orbit will affect through its gravity in its passage through the inner solar system and cause geological, social, economic and environmental damage, and will eliminate a considerable proportion of life on Earth in 2012.

However, every astronomer, and even the amateurs, know that there is no truth in knowledge. There is no planet, not even Nibiru, that makes its way to us.
The story begins in 1843, when John Couch Adams, a British mathematician and astronomer, studied the movements of Uranus in its orbit and came to the conclusion that the source of the disturbance to the orbit is the gravitational influence of another planet, which pulls the gas giant towards it. These findings led toThe discovery of Neptune which orbits the sun at a distance of 30 astronomical units. This method was used to discover many bodies in the solar system before they were directly observed.

Neptune also suffered from disturbances in his orbit and this led to the discovery of Pluto in 1930. Then the astronomers thought that Planet X had been discovered, but the mass of Pluto is so tiny and immediately after analyzing the orbit of its moon Charon, it was found that the total mass of the Pluto-Charon system is so small that there is no way that it is the one affecting Neptune; And the hunt for Planet X continues.

After years of speculation and historical research, some have argued that there is a large body that astronauts must discover—whether a fairly large planet or even a small star—that accompanies the Sun and makes the Solar System a binary system. The name Nibiru was coined by the writer Zachariah Sitchin, who argued for the intervention of aliens in the early history of the human race. Nibiru is a hypothetical planet as we claimed The ancient guardians (The Sumerian culture existed between 6,000 BCE and 3,000 BCE and was centered in Babylon, now in Iraq). There is archeological evidence to suggest that the mythical planet has some connection to Planet X, but since it was sunk by a count of the connection, Planet X and Nibiru are considered to be one destructive factor, an ancient astronomical body that returned after a long time in its orbit away from the Sun.

Is there any evidence of a modern-day Planet X?

The mysterious body photographed by the IRAS satellite and suspected by proponents of the Nibiru theory to be a large planet approaching the Earth
The mysterious body photographed by the IRAS satellite and suspected by proponents of the Nibiru theory to be a large planet approaching the Earth

The believers rely on a 1983 "discovery" of a mysterious celestial body by the IRAS satellite (NASA's Infrared Astronomical Satellite) at the edge of the solar system, approximately 540 astronomical units away. Naturally, the world media was supposed to be excited by the discovery and start making noise about the discovery of Planet X (and most of them cite a story from the Washington Post of December 31, 1983 under the title A mysterious celestial body has been discovered. In fact the astronomers were not sure what the object that was photographed in the infrared range was (the clue to this is in the word mysterious). Initial media reports suggested that it might be an extremely long-orbiting comet or a planet, or a distant young galaxy, or perhaps a brown dwarf. Immediately after the latter possibility was mentioned, it was suddenly revealed that Planet X is actually a brown dwarf orbiting the Sun in a distant orbit.

The alleged findings were published in an article titled "Unidentified Point Source in IRAS Satellite Mini-Survey" in the Astrophysical Journal Letters in 1984, but one of the study's editors, Dr. Gary Neuberger, was interviewed by the Washington Post and quoted as saying that the object photographed by IRAS It is not the "arriving mail" (that is, it is not an object moving towards the earth). Here is the article's conclusion: "Several possible identifications are being considered including a nearby star system, a galaxy, and extragalactic objects. Additional observations in the infrared and other wavelengths need to be made to collect additional data to support one of these possibilities, or perhaps the object will require a completely different interpretation."

Although the IRAS observations show a mysterious object, at this stage, there is no evidence that this object, whatever its identity, is making its way to us. But the rumors started to flow. When follow-up articles were written in 1985 and 1987, they generated little if any media interest. The follow-up studies showed that the object considered mysterious in the 1984 article, came from a particularly young and luminous galaxy, but also distant, in (an) astronomical body at the edge of the solar system.

Disturbances in the orbit - are they caused by planet X?

In addition to the 1983 "discovery" of Planet X or the brown dwarf, a claim formulated in 1992 says that: unexplained disturbances in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune indicate the existence of a body with a mass of 4-8 Earth masses at the edge of the solar system, in a very bent orbit , beyond 11 million km from the sun, was claimed in a video segment under the title Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide” video.

No object at this distance has been found in the NASA archives. The closest thing that NASA discovered in 1992 was a trans-Neptunian object, called 1992 QB1, which is only 200 kilometers in diameter and which circles the Sun in the Kuiper belt - an area that includes many dwarf planets such as Pluto and Eris, at distances of 30-55 astronomical units. These objects pose no threat to Earth, as none of them will leave the Kuiper Belt and come hurtling towards us in 2012.

Since then, the disturbances in Neptune's orbit have been recalculated and it turned out that most of them were due to observational errors. Now it does not appear that there are any larger bodies than those already discovered in the Kiiper belt, but of course we cannot rule out that large bodies will also be discovered, which are apparently in their orbit on the other side of the Sun compared to Neptune. However, so far no evidence of the existence of a large body in the Kuiper Belt has been discovered, nor was the mysterious anomaly suffered by the Pioneer and Voyager spacecrafts caused not by the gravity of Planet X, but by the influence of the Sun. If there were large bodies there we should see a greater gravitational influence than expected by the one measured from the other known objects in the solar system.

Perhaps the biggest inconsistency in the hypotheses of the supporters of the Planet X argument is the assumption that the body photographed by IRAS and published in 1984 and the body discovered in 1992 are the same body. On one of their websites it was stated that the object from 1984 orbits the sun at a distance of 80 billion km from the earth (of course this is not the case, it is a distant galaxy). NASA's 1992 announcement places Planet X at a distance of 11 billion km from Earth. Therefore, the logic of those who claim this, is that the body absorbed a distance of 79 billion km during 8 years (from 1984 to 1992). After some quick calculations, they came to the conclusion that this planet should reach our area in 2012 (some of the calculations also talked about the year 2003, and obviously these calculations were wrong).

However, there is another hole in the argument - the masses of these two bodies are not the same, even if the body discovered in the early 4s was a red dwarf - which is the body with the smallest mass that was possible according to the observations before its identity was discovered, how did it shrink to a body with 8-15 Earth masses within Eight years? Brown dwarfs have masses of 80-318 Jupiter masses. The mass of Jupiter is equal to 4,770 Earth masses, and therefore it is a body with 25,440 to XNUMX Earth masses. Obviously, even if these objects did exist, it would not be a wild guess to determine that they are not the same object.

If there is no evidence for Planet X, surely this is a conspiracy or a conspiracy theory?

It is very easy to argue that if there is no "scientific" proof behind the theory of Planet X, one can claim that the historical evidence (mass extinctions, volcanic activity, earthquakes, etc.) is proof according to the supporters of doomsday theories, indicating that Planet X must exist. If there is no rogue planet of significant mass, how could Nibiru threaten us in 2012?

Therefore, the believers put forward a conspiracy theory according to which there is a conspiracy of governments all over the world to hide the facts from us. NASA is involved in a cover-up, which is the reason for the paucity of evidence. In my opinion, simply because there is no evidence, it does not mean that there is a conspiracy to hide the truth from the public, so why would governments want to hide from us the fact that the historical doomsday planet is racing toward the inner solar system? To prevent public panic, and continue their greedy agendas.

As it stands now, the conspiracy is the downfall of Planet X proponents. When confronted with the scientific facts, they respond that "governments are spreading disinformation and covering up the real sightings of Nibiru." If the scientific basis of Planet X is wrong, to claim that the government is covering it up is a particularly weak argument.

The stories of Nibiru will remain forever above the pages of Sumerian mythology.

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  1. Yaron is right. It is seen in many places in the world. There are places where it is seen with several moons. It is approaching. But since it is visible to the naked eye, it is a question of several months until it affects the earth - and it is a disaster on the scale of the flood. NASA lies and hides information and the US authorities "B They don't find out. For most of the world's population - it will be too late.

  2. nonsense. The planet in question is a normal planet orbiting the Sun, and not hurtling towards us as the 2012 conspiracy theorists claimed. The use of the name "Planet X" on YNET means nothing, except that they wanted a good title.

  3. Yaron
    Everyone will judge according to their own wisdom. I suggest you read Wikipedia, to see what collection of lies they show in these movies. Which astronomer exactly is in these movies?

  4. Dear Mr. Nissim, believe what you want, I have no argument with anyone. The sources were uploaded to YouTube by astronomers in the world and citizens who took pictures. Everyone will judge according to their own opinion.

  5. There is and there is Planet X in the language of science. NASA is making sure to silence the matter as well as to hide evidence of its existence. This star appears in the holy glow. There are records around the world from citizens who have already seen it with the naked eye.

  6. Apparently his name in the Book of Zohar is Gezron and will come in the XNUMXth day of the Elul of Yom Shabbat, and there is a description of the events in heaven and on earth,
    Very interesting and there are two dates that the 25th of Elul falls on a Sabbath: the first on August 30, 2013 and the second one a year later on September 19, 2014 and there is more information in the presentation on the website http://WWW.9AVEN.CON

  7. For someone who understands - Mako published an article according to which "you can relax - the end of the world will not come in 2012" (the name of the article), they published a study by a German researcher who gave another interpretation to the theory that the Maya predicted 2012. He explains that the Maya believe that the world will be newer , and no change will come in the form of the end of the world.

    welcome to read -

  8. Why are you convincing yourself...whatever will happen will happen so everyone be quiet...

  9. Nothing will happen in 2012. You have nothing to worry about. The only thing that will happen is that there will still be laggards like some of the commenters here.

    The Mayans did not expect a disaster, this was the end of a cycle, and even if they did expect some kind of disaster, it was probably meant for their people who were exterminated in a surprising and inexplicable way (although there are several theories as to how this happened, such as a war and an epidemic)
    And the planet Nibiru does not exist, although there is a pretty big chance that some friendly planet will hit us
    Like for example the one that hit us and created our moon
    But it won't happen in our generation anyway and to Dr. Shlomit Lishtitz
    There is no such thing as a black hole, you live in a low-budget sci-fi movie
    The ice age happened because of the way the earth revolved around the sun
    Once every few tens of thousands of years the orbit of the earth changes
    Rounding into an ellipse which causes the earth to move away from the sun a little too much
    Which causes most of the ball to freeze
    And besides, if there really was a black hole, there really was
    It swallows the sun's rays for us so chances are it was enough
    Close enough to swallow your grandfather's grandfather's grandfather, who at the time was hunting from a perch, on the way
    together with the whole world

    Finally, even if it's 2012, cheer up, there are worse ways to die 🙂 

  10. I have a few questions to ask you…
    1) Should I be afraid or should I be happy!?
    2) Will it happen at all? Does the dreaded star exist? And already in the direction of the earth???
    3) How did this prophecy even begin?? Who exactly predicted it??? And did they discover this prophecy from somewhere???
    Or did the humans discover it with a telescope???? (And yes, I know the Mayans and their story, but did anyone else predict this???????)
    4) What is so destructive about this planet? Is he materializing from a devastating point of view??? And can destroy everything in its path?? Is his radiation strong??? And can he even "move" a star from its orbit???
    And that is supposedly all my questions…..
    If someone can answer them for me I would be so happy!!!!!!\
    And don't think I'm that stupid……. I just love to explore!

  11. eran tell me were you born an idiot or did it happen gradually from most of the movies you eat?

  12. Or maybe you're not smart enough to understand it, yes, a nice way of saying retarded 🙂

  13. I would call it an apocalypse and not the end of the world…. Maybe 99% of the people in the world will die but if we are lucky the sun will protect us and also Jupiter they are both big and fibrous they are technically supposed to repel most of the radiation and meteors but if we are unlucky and star X comes to disrupt the magnetism here then we will be in trouble Star X has a level Radiation and magnetism on a huge scale

  14. Well, I'll put it this way for this short man who got a trip to the United States. I see that you don't even know what 2012 is. First of all, no one said it would be the end because of Star X. That's the first thing. The main thing about 2012 is the arrangement of the stars and entering the center of the galaxy now so you understand, and no. Like an idiot, write 1000 words without thinking, do you think a scientist would really tell you the truth? First of all he is not allowed to tell you anything about it so don't come work on us now we will explain more about the center the center of the galaxy has the highest level of radiation and the earth's defenses were not built for that we can't even stop a super nova that hit too close to us and let's not forget magnetism The mighty is what causes the earth to move off its axis and that means the moon will also move without the moon's control over our globe.

  15. Oh yes, this moron who said that nothing will happen again in 2012 and maybe it's the sun itself (go do some homework and then come talk seriously) is saying things here that an 8 year old boy would say and speaking of the sun in 2012 the sun is unleashing a super storm the earth's defense is supposed to absorb the majority but because of the tremendous magnetism that will be in 2012 it is very likely that our defense will go down and then the sun will hit us with the force of several thousand atomic bombs

  16. Are you a jerk with me or are you playing her? How do you want to stop a planet that is 2-3 times who was right that it is something like a million 500 thousand kilometers star and also has a tremendous magnetic field the star X can be seen at 5 in the morning and there is another star that can be seen at night which is already 9 at night like that according to the size in the sky and the time seen Seeing it's size in the sky already shows that something is approaching us and something else big. What I'm saying is that Nibiru Star X is not this small thing like a moon that people think. You can say that it is the size of our sun. If you count its size in terms of mass, you can push 3000 Earths there, even more, but According to its orbit, you don't have to worry because it is not in a vulnerable orbit on any planet in the solar system, it passes between Mercury and Mars, but we have to say thank you that it is coming because its massive mass + our sun and planet Jupiter will absorb most of the radiation and meteors, but the fear is that a ball The earth can move off its axis or simply move a little to a different side, which can cause tsunami waves of 900 meters and even more. Let's hope it doesn't happen because we don't even need 2012, we can disappear just because Nibiru, an X-star, will arrive.

  17. I say that…. I hope it won't be because I'm very afraid of it, scientists, the government of the United States, do something, please, heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh

  18. Don't burn, don't be afraid, it's the end of the world, so don't cry, so go back to the movie 2012, because you'll know what's dear to us, and we'll die on the 12th, 21st of 2012.

  19. Elad - you are talking nonsense. The planet Nibiru does not exist, and the mysterious person who told you about it (it is doubtful that it exists) is probably not a scientist. It is impossible to hide such a large star with such supposedly destructive effects. The theories of xenorespiration are debunked. The governments cannot discuss simple issues without getting into conflicts, so magically they united for a noble purpose - to deceive the public?

    Regarding Maya - bring facts.
    The facts are that the Mayans didn't predict anything apocalyptic for 2012, it's science fiction that started around the 70's. The calendar does not end, it begins a new cycle. Know that the ruins of the Maya managed to decipher dates up to beyond 4000 years.

  20. What does "I'm not who I really am" mean???
    What are you some shaman from the Mayan tribes??? Hahaha…

  21. The Mayans were Indian groups who lived for over 3,000 years in large areas of Central America. They excelled in science and astronomy and developed a method of calculation that predicts the movements of the sun and moon. Their calendar consisted of 19 months, of which 18 were 20 days long and one was XNUMX days long.

  22. Hello to the editor of the article and the authors:
    "Nibiro", star "X" exists, its real name is a completely different name, I will tell you exactly what is happening here first hand.
    For several years I have been following the same star and I have told the world about its existence and its devastating future consequences.
    Well, from a first-hand account that I was lucky enough to travel to the US to the space center on behalf of the Weizmann Institute a year ago, I asked one of the professors there the question about "Nibiro" are they real or fake...?
    His answer was "I believe it is true and only at the beginning of 2012 we will witness this due to gas particles that circulate around "Nibiro", which according to him is a large ball covered in different chemical components mainly from the gas world, in which there is a large amount of energy and gravity.
    The ball was discovered by scientists in the 70s as described in the article, but after they learned of its orbit, the US government changed the name of the star to another star that already exists and they have the data on it, what actually happened is that there are two different stars with the exact same name, And the same normal and not dangerous route.
    A folder of the star that is supposed to threaten entered a publication ban from the space center, sent to the other countries that are engaged in space exploration all over the world in the early 80s.
    I believe and believe in the star that it exists and is there, we cannot see it because our atmosphere is made up of such gas particles that in simple words it "filters" the gases around the globe.
    As a pen, the star can only be seen in December and in the north of the Earth, and this also requires very special equipment.
    I will reassure you and tell you that all the bullet will do is a little "noise and tremor" there will be no casualties and the real information about the Maya tribe is that it can even be good! and fix the earth so to speak..
    My words are factual, I have been researching this topic as a hobby for several years.
    You have nothing to fear, yes there will be a star, and there will be a lot of communication around the fact that we will start 2012.
    Will we see each other in 2013 or 2014 and beyond?
    I believe so.
    A scary fact about the Mayan tribe and this date - the Mayan tribe was not wrong even once in its dates.
    And the book of the Mayan tribe's Tayirachem ends on this date...
    In total, they ran out of pages at the same time. 🙂 Let's be optimistic and it will be fine. Don't worry, I'm watching over you.
    I'm not who I really am.

  23. A friend, this is just nonsense, people are trying to attract other people to the article and it's not to scare, it's to attract and I saw that it is written in another section that there are many prophecies of the Maya tribe, but it's amazing that you believe in it

  24. The truth is that I was a little disappointed with this letter.
    It will be exciting to watch the end of the world, a great honor for the generation living on this planet now to be present at this event.
    The truth is that I have some expectations and mixed feelings and part of me is looking forward to it.


  25. I personally don't believe in all these things.. I think that they are trying to scare people here.. If it really happened then they would be aware of it.. and the world wouldn't be silent like that.. So if you can put information about the ozone or the whole situation Ours in Israel.. It will be very helpful for my personal knowledge about something.. So thank you very much and good luck :)

  26. In July 2003, Science News published about another planet that had been discovered.
    On April 11, 2006, it was published on the Internet -
    About the Hubble telescope that first clearly saw the "tenth planet" - (Nibiru).

    Today - claiming that there is no other planet and no life outside the earth is exactly the same claim that the earth is flat and that the sun revolves around us.

    In any case, there is no connection at all to Nibiru and the year 2012, it is about knowledge handed down to us from the Nephilim who left the earth around 200 BC.

  27. Zachariah Sitchin based his research on the finding of a clay engraving from 3000 years ago in which the solar system is seen with great precision. The ratio between the sizes of the planets and the distances between them.
    The puzzle in this find is another star that appeared in the engraving.
    Personally, I have only seen a picture of this and it would be interesting to see if this find is presented somewhere to verify the words of Zechariah.

    It seems that the network is flooded with content on the subject and it is interesting to see how this story will develop

  28. Nibiru is a legend encouraged on the Internet by the Scientologists who are supposed to be a cult that gathers people who have woken up to how the world works and disrupts their knowledge with the help of brainwashing on murky Reptilian channels

  29. Talking about stars and no one checked an astrological map?
    That you predict how we will feel, how much money we will lose and if there is a romantic option
    And of course everything is on this date, so what is the fate of the earth?

  30. There is an error in this article. No one ever said that Nibiru should collide with the Earth because it is known that such a thing is not possible at all - for one planet to collide with another. And even if the situation were possible, what are the chances that exactly on December 21, 2012 the earth will be in the exact place Nibiru is supposed to be?
    And even if this chance is big enough to happen, it won't happen.
    Planet X and Nibiru are probably not the same stars, and if so, then there is an error in the physicists' calculations. In any case, we will be 8 times closer to Earth and the whole problem is that it will get too close to Earth. "It will come closer" we will be able to see it in the sky the size of the moon...
    It will arrive in a certain direction which will cause the Earth to stop rotating for 3 days and this will cause all the serious problems, terrible heat in one half and cold in the other half, storms, tsunamis, etc.
    For more details, there are huge and full forums and websites on the Internet, it's not hard to find, tip, look for websites in English, not Hebrew, as we saw here, they are quite unreliable

  31. Kobe:
    I understand that you would be happier if they reinvented the same thing every day 🙂

  32. It seems that Kobe is "right" and the simple truth is that it doesn't matter if it's X or another "Ashmadai". All the trash cans are found every day in the most destructive way on this site as well.

  33. It's not possible everyone invents something new now it's a planet called X X that will approach the earth in 2012, tomorrow they will write that planet Y will approach in 2021

  34. The explanation for the multitude of doomsday theories (and the conspiracies seem to hide
    something from the public) and their rooting is in the human soul that seeks thrills
    - and the ability to sell books to satisfy this search urge.

  35. The science equation:
    Dr. Shulamit Lifshitz = Dr. Roy Lerner = Rabbi Nachman Parkash = troll

  36. The star X is actually a black hole or a black dwarf that is about half a light year away from us and is the present double system with the dwarf.
    The Little Ice Age was a result of its approach to the sun which caused the solar radiation to be diverted from us and this event will repeat itself in 2012.

  37. My dear father - there is a huge difference between "for now" and "forever" - I'm sure you'll agree with me, and I'm sure you also understand why this is not an "assumption" but a proper precision befitting serious science.

  38. What a beauty Yehuda, I didn't even know you had a website! Following Uri's response, I clicked on your name and discovered your website 🙂 I saved it in my favorites and will read it a bit in the next few days, thanks Uri!

  39. Laurie about the end of the world and Judah
    You really don't have to read my comments and only those who want to will read them.
    And as for my site, it only fulfills the function of a warehouse for my articles. And when someone is interested in the article, there is nothing easier than sending it to my blog.
    Good night
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  40. I am wondering about another matter:

    Nowhere in his writings did Zechariah Sitchin claim that the same planet (which he does call "Nibiru") was due to approach our solar system in 2012. He claims it is a planet whose orbit crosses our solar system approximately every 3600 years, but he never mentioned (as far as I know) the 2012 issue.

    Zachariah Sitchin presents many arguments about extraterrestrial intervention, etc., but did not make a connection between the Mayans and their calendar, and Nibiru (if there is such a planet).

    Therefore, I am interested in who was the first to invent the link between two topics that have nothing to do with each other and who in the same newspaper that published the article, was based on a simplistic argument invented, apparently, by some "end of the world" followers.

    Hanan Sabat

  41. This is a nice article that deals with the root of people's fear of being lied to and the truth hidden from them, and of death....

    Beyond that, Yehuda Sabdarmish - everywhere I see that you correspond about your theories about the galaxies, etc. - if they decide not to give you a platform, then you will conduct your discussions and requests with the website editors. Why do we have to suffer from your publicity and teasing towards editors and surfers who don't want to hear you. It doesn't interest us and it's not the stage, certainly in various articles that are not related to the topic and your website that you try to publicize in all kinds of places. Send a personal e-mail to the editor or the writers of the sites and ask for what and that's it. Stop shoving your stuff everywhere irrelevant. It's really PR for a website that is not relevant to the discussion here. Enough! A little respect for people and content!

  42. It's not like we have anything to do with the theories being true (except escaping in spaceships)

  43. In the past, it was not customary to tell the patient that the end was near. Today, it is customary to update in order to find ways to correctly find the rest of life until the moment of the "end". It is known that the very update caused people who were on the "threshold" of death, stimulating hidden potentials that they were previously unaware of. And/or they didn't dare and/or didn't give their heart to their importance in the initial priorities. And it often turns out that it was precisely the exposure of the "black forecast" that caused the discovery of increased powers and their prolongation, contrary to the doctors' predictions.
    If it is about revelations or exposures of a collective magnitude (as mentioned in various directions regarding 2012) this information allows for checking general directions, organization and external/internal thought for good or bad and maybe also "a lot of commotion about something", but completely lighthearted about everything?? If indeed This is a mechanism in order not to get into a pointless panic, it is true, but it turns out that most people make switches in life as the levels of warning/anxiety and/or taking responsibility in these and other degrees provoke them to review "inventory checking" and planning according to the time clock as well It is known in the "hysterical" history of mankind about many warnings and alerts that were in the past and probably the collective/personal memory is a little short because people did prepare before and near all the hints and scenarios that happened before disasters of various kinds and it is possible that more difficult things were avoided as a result.
    And there are things, of course, that are part of something bigger than humanity as a whole. As much as it is unpleasant to hear.. the person is only a partial component in the whole fabric. (even if it seems to him that he is the supreme ruler).
    By the way, before the disasters of battles, the heavens also pay attention to the behavior of the animals in nature. Their very sharp senses compared to the degenerate senses of the modern man, allow a sort of "early reading" and warning... for those who know how to observe (those protectors).

  44. My dear father
    So why, for example, did you not agree to publish my articles "Stressing the Galaxies"?, it would be possible to learn from it at least that particles moving in space create gas. What's wrong with that?
    Just food for thought

    Good Day
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  45. for my age We'll make you a discount, if instead of forever we write for now, will it satisfy you?

    And by the way, don't be surprised, one of the content partners of Universe Today is the website BAD ASTRONOMY, which tries to explain what the truth is, if there is any kernel at all, in all the conspiracy theories or explain why they are nonsense. (Sometimes there is something real but insignificant in terms of damage).

    And besides, we also learn something from such articles, from the first article in the series we learned about the Mayan calendar, and from this one - about the history of the discovery of the planets, and a little about the way NASA works.

  46. I wonder why a magazine like Universe today even bothers to refer to delusional conspiracy theories like the end of the world in 2012. To be honest - I will also wonder about the "scientist" who chose to publish these things.

    At the same time - I was very, very, very careful not to state with such resoluteness that the Nibiru plots will remain forever in the Sumerian writings. Since none of us has yet been granted eternal life, let alone miraculous prophetic abilities or knowledge of all the secrets of the universe - ridiculous statements (which only make huka and not the one who declares them) should be avoided.

  47. to my little brother
    Regarding income tax, you are right, I don't like paying.
    As for the rest, "enlightened culture"?, I don't see it, isn't everything here as it were
    Come on, let's go to lunch.

    Good Day
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  48. Heaven forbid Yehuda, suffer in peace!

    I'm sure you don't like paying income tax either, but you pay because you're a citizen of the country.
    Hugin is your tax if you want to be a citizen of enlightened culture.

    (Hugin as a paraphrase, not personally.)

  49. for everyone

    whose disgusting reactions 1,2,3,
    Hugin and Higgs, I really hope you didn't write one of the comments,
    Father, turn on the misfires.
    Company, stop if the slanders are lousy.
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  50. The movie Armageddon was of course science fiction, but it was said that it also got some things of the main ones is that with all of NASA's budget, it only knows how to scan 5 percent of our sky...
    That's what some people with all due respect...even if something big comes our way...when we pay attention to it it may be too's really wise to take the guards as an example..
    The Mayans are the example that was taken more seriously since their science was very developed and also their measurements are amazing in portrait to this day.
    So I have no idea what will really happen in 2012... maybe it is not meant to be another body but our sun itself.

    But the point is that in this field...our knowledge is still like little children groping in the it's a bit too early to state for sure that there is absolutely nothing that can threaten us in 2012

  51. !.. Mention of Zechariah Sitchin the researcher/writer from 4/12 - moved to free comments.

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