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This is according to a comprehensive survey published by the PEW Research Institute. The worst situation is among the voters of the Republican Party, but also among the Democrats, the majority who still show confidence in science is shrinking
Agassi was born and grew up ultra-Orthodox and left the religion in adolescence. Considered the senior philosopher in Israel and was a student of Karl Popper. He asked to change the nationality on the identity card from Jewish to Israeli and was refused
In the 18th century, the process of turning monarchies into democracies began, but it still took many years for blacks and women to get basic rights
All over the world, including in Israel, there seems to be a wave of populist governments that oppose what are known as Western values ​​- freedom, equal opportunities and globalization (of which science is one of the successful examples). Nir Lahav reviews the development process of these values ​​and why they are threatened now
What is the connection between the conspiracy theory about COVID-XNUMX and vaccines, chemtrails and the conspiracy theory about evolution and science in general? What does this connection say about the generic, stereotypical and one-dimensional way of thinking of the conspirators?
Stupidify Stupidify according to the Oxford dictionary. There are too many people who want the citizens to be stupid. Democracy fell when ancient Rome became an empire, the end is known. Everything should be done to stop the process
Prof. Feldman will receive funding of 2.5 million euros over the next five years for his proposal "Understanding the Feasibility of Voluntary Compliance in Different Doctrines and Cultures: Examining Behavioral and Regulatory Aspects in the Ability of Democratic Governments to Trust the Cooperation, Compliance and Ethics of Their Citizens"
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