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Is a comet going to hit us in December 2012? Is Google cooperating in a conspiracy to hide the threat?

Third article in the series, in which the Universe Today website tries to calm fears about something big that is about to hit the Earth

Will an asteroid hit Earth on December 21, 2008?
Will an asteroid hit Earth on December 21, 2008?

According to the prophets of the expected doomsday on December 21, 2012, something big is supposed to hit us. Where by "something big" is meant an uncontrollable cosmic entity (for example, Planet X, Nibiru, or deadly solar storms).

Doomsday predictions attributed to the date in four years when it ends The "Great Count" of the Maya Gaining momentum among writers, website owners, documentary filmmakers and even video creators who broadcast their films on YouTube. Perhaps the main difference between the 2012 doomsday prophecies and previous predictions was that they predict various scenarios that could result in the destruction of the entire planet.

If no planet (Planet X, Nibiru or maybe both are the same object) is not making its way to us, because that is what NASA claims, so maybe an as yet undiscovered comet is endangering us as it slowly makes its way to us in its parabolic orbit around the sun. But before we get suspicious, it turns out that the theory of the comet going crazy in 2012 is just as sealed as a tea bag. So far no such object has been observed and there is no evidence that a comet will hit us in 2012.

Doomsday marketing

In exactly 4 years, on December 21, 2012, the world will come to an end according to some misguided people. Doomsday advocates always begin their arguments by using an ancient tablet (plus a heaping helping of biblical codex, I-Ching and cuneiform scrolls left by the keepers) to support the argument about the new and creative way the world is supposed to end. But alas. Most doomsday theories are based on the existence of misconceptions of science and outright lies. There is usually a book to sell or a website to promote. After all, there is nothing more profitable than fear.

This series began (on the original site - Universe Today) a year ago, exactly five years before the end of the Great Count in the Mayan calendar. On English-language websites, ads of the prophets of the comet theory of 2012 are being distributed on a variety of websites, therefore I decided to investigate this theory to see if there is any truth behind the claims about the comet (or even a comet-planet), apparently moving towards Earth on a collision course. If we cut the story short, it can be said unequivocally that there is no fear of any collision on the way. All the arguments for government silence are only intended to hide the bad science cited by doomsday supporters (just as they tried to link, for example, between Planet X and Nibiru, even though these are theoretical bodies on a completely different scale).

What is the chance of the earth being hit by a comet? We know that the Earth has been hurt in the past, andWill surely absorb in the future, but the next time we are hit by a stray comet or asteroid will be many decades away. In fact, meteorites in the form of pieces of rock are more numerous than comets made of ice. Several such rocks land every year, and one, this year 2008 TC3 was the first meteorite whose impact on the Earth was predicted in advance.

Despite their rarity, comet impacts on planets occur. Everyone remembers the appearance of Comet Shoemaker Levi 9, fragments of which 2 kilometers in diameter bombarded the atmosphere of Chasdak, so we must not be complacent and underestimate the chance of a comet or asteroid impact. The Shoemaker-Levy 9 light show has spurred efforts to increase sky scanning for potential threats. Although a large number of Earth-related objects Identified, only a few of them are considered dangerous.

Asteroid Appois (99942) caused excitement in 2006 when it became the highest-ranking asteroid on the Torino Scale, which measures the threat of impact by objects from space. Today, it is predicted that Apophis will pass safely at a small distance from the Earth in 2029, but depending on the deviation that the Earth's pull will cause in its orbit in 2029, it may enter a gravitational "keyhole" and create a risk of collision on April 13, 2036. The odds are still not high. Would anyone put their money on a 1 in 45 chance of hitting Apophis in 2036?

There are many lumps out there but most of them are not dangerous and certainly not within four years. However, we must be aware that in the future other near-Earth objects may be discovered and tracked. Objects like 2007 VK184 asteroid with a diameter of 130 meters may cause problems in the distant future, but the chance of impact is still very low. Astronomers from the California Sky Survey predict several possible dates for this object to hit, but the odds have never exceeded 0.037% of hitting Earth in the next hundred years. Other asteroids are being monitored, and some of them may also cause damage in the 22nd century and beyond, although most of them do not pass level 1 on the Turin scale, and if they do, they quickly fall to the normal level - level 0.

In short, the skies are clear of any impending asteroid, certainly within the next four years. Comets do not represent a significant risk either. There is no astronomical evidence that claims otherwise today.

This does not spare organizations such as the B612 Foundation led by former NASA astronaut Rusty Schweickart from preparing for the future possibility of an asteroid or comet threat. While Hollywood movies have led us to believe that blowing up a comet with a nuclear bomb is a good idea, the B612 Foundation disagrees. In fact this may be a bad idea. The most important thing to remember when reading about techniques to stop NEOs threatening Earth is that we need information long in advance to have any hope of preventing a potentially catastrophic event. This idea does not indicate concern for the near future, it is simply a precaution to save our planet from danger in the distant future.

Google Conspiracy

The hole in the google sky data in the Orion area. Only in the optical field
The hole in the google sky data in the Orion area. Only in the optical field

Some claim that Google hides in the SKY software or the possibility to view the sky in the frame Google Earth A comet making its way towards us. Set google earth to :5h 54m 00s, Dec: -6° 00' 00″. Then we see an ominous rectangular patch in the sky (see photo), right next to the Orion Nebula, south of Orion's Belt. It is important to remember that the Orion group, where the Google anomaly is located, is located in a central place in the night sky and can be viewed from both the northern and southern hemispheres.

The gap in Google appears only in the optical data. If we move to the microwave survey done by the WMAP satellite, this gap is filled in with data. The infrared data taken by the IRAS space telescope, which operated for 10 months in 1983, also cover the area quite well, and in them we find a photograph of a young and distant galaxy, which conspiracy theorists believe is actually a suspected threat.

The mysterious object photographed in 1983 by the IRAS spacecraft in infrared. A young galaxy
The mysterious object photographed in 1983 by the IRAS spacecraft in infrared. A young galaxy

According to conspiracy theories, Google is hiding an approaching comet, and there are others who claim that it is a candidate to be Planet X (unlike others think it is a brown dwarf), it turns out that Planet X is at the root of all doomsday scenarios. If NASA wanted to hide something they should have deleted the IRAS data as well. And why would they eliminate a large series of data and not simply erase with the paint brush of the graphics software the problematic bone from their data. And if you don't believe Google, look to the sky and see for yourself. Amateur astronomers today have access to advanced optics, and if there is a comet or even a planet in the area, which is well-known and full of beautiful objects such as the Horsehead Nebula and the Orion Nebula, it would have been discovered by now even without Google's help.

In conclusion, the planet X theory is wrong, but the comet theory is even worse. The chances of a large planet hitting the inner solar system in 2012 have the same chances as a comet hitting at the same time - zero.

It is impossible to predict the future and certainly ancient prophecies cannot prove the existence of the astronomical "end of the world" scenario. Summer contracts that use modern science to prove their false prophecies for personal gain are not only irresponsible but also causing harm.

The largest extinction in Earth's history, 250 million years ago, was also caused by an asteroid

Translation: Avi Blizovsky

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  1. Anyone who has abused you can create a chain reaction of nanotechnology that creates as many little people as possible stuck inside atoms with mini ovens for billions of years

  2. To do things that we have never done in our life so that we have enough to do when the meteor hits us

  3. Avi,

    There are those who claim that Alanine is already responsible for earthquakes that have happened and continues to happen with high frequency and this is because of its mass which they claim is greater than that of a comet. This is not information that can currently be backed up, so you can put it aside.

    I put a link to NASA's website, this object appears there and also appears in the database with estimates regarding its orbit in the simulator.

    More than that?

  4. The other self, a brown dwarf, is a star almost like the sun, only a little weaker, we would feel it if there was another sun in the system, and certainly if it were approaching the earth, even if it is invisible.
    And besides, science is not the private property of a state. If Rossi had discovered something, it would have entered the scientific data base and NASA would have considered it.

  5. And for Lior,

    NASA did not discover this object (Alnin) it is named after a Russian astronomy enthusiast who discovered it himself.
    Or maybe they knew about it and just didn't post it. There was a whole celebration about the comet Shumkar Levi which rightly collided with Jupiter and passed relatively much farther away from us, NASA doesn't talk too much about this object even though it should almost rub shoulders with us in astronomical terms.

    NASA is not even able (according to their announcement) to calculate its mass so they do not know for sure what its orbit is and how heavy it is (a brown dwarf for example).

  6. Believe me, it seems that Nasa is just indecisive about everyone, she must have made some kind of deal with
    Google will just cover some part of the sky to scare everyone
    "We tried to fly but they flew" hahahaha 

  7. If an asteroid was on a collision course with Earth, NASA would have already discovered it.
    And even if they found an asteroid to be on a collision course with Earth, they would investigate
    him in certain things, such as what will be the damage he will do, will he burn before he hits the ground,
    Or if it's too big. If the surface of the asteroid is stable, a bomb can be launched on it
    A nuke that will destroy him. But if the surface of the asteroid is not hard enough, a nuclear bomb will be launched
    It will make things much worse because it will break up into lots of pieces that will collide with the Earth in places
    In conclusion: the chances are slim that the end of the world will be in 2012

  8. I also think that the end of the world will not be 2012.
    You can see a lot of videos on YouTube showing videos that describe the end of the world.
    Say, a meteor collision. They presented a complete exaggeration there.
    They show there that a meteor collides with the earth and creates such a big hole. After Zaf strange fireballs hit the earth. After that the whole earth is covered with a crust of hard fire, which has dried up.
    And there are several other such strange videos that have suddenly and ridiculously gone online.
    The video I described earlier, I repeat, I say it is a complete exaggeration!
    The Mayans like to stress the world's population.
    And it's weird, just because the Mayan calendar is over, so they decide it's the end of the world? Why the end of the world? And not for example the explosion of the sun? eh? Rather the earth?
    See it as intimidation by the Mayans towards the world's population.

  9. For commenter number 46:
    4.5 billion years ago the Earth and a planet the size of Mars collided and this is how the moon was formed
    Because the Earth was 10 times larger it survived the impact and the second planet was obliterated
    And he won't come back for revenge

  10. It's too bad I don't want to die I wish I had a time machine and my family and I are travelers to the Iron Age!
    But what to do, you can't do such a thing 🙁

  11. I'm afraid of something .. I don't think it's true but .. Iran won't drop a bomb on us because we have a lot of supervisions that watch over everything .. and we also have an atomic bomb .. so I really hope that everything said here won't happen .. except what? Why invent so many things.. Enjoy life as it is now D:

  12. Maybe it should be explained better because that's what I see nobody knows what to believe our technology used to be garbage what did people even know about the end of humanity now you can calculate the order of the stars and with the help of space telescopes you can know what's coming and where we're going now I'm not a scientist in life will tell the truth he will always tell wrong information so that people will not be afraid to die by star order you can know everything. Now how do you pay attention to 2012, say? Because you see big and strange stars at night, you can see the star X and you can also see Jupiter, so don't get confused, the very fact that you see Jupiter so big already shows that it is approaching us according to the arrangement of the stars every 1000 years and the star X is only getting bigger in the sky in several places in the world you can already see it Same as moon number 2 but star X might save us because of its huge mass don't worry everything will be fine at most we'll die we'll come back again because it's also a fact that we only managed to get to the year 2000 which means that somehow everything happens the same all the time 26 thousand years the center of the galaxy again dddddd who are coming to the galaxy's black hole and then wait for the galaxy to explode again and everything will be new

  13. When I started reading all these articles I found with a simple google search ("nibiru") what I came across was this site and Wikipedia. Wikipedia made me not believe that the star exists, but I read the articles written here and according to what I saw, yes, there is a star that has disappeared from our solar system, and it is supposed to return, and it is not certain that it will be expected when, and that is what made me believe more in this theory than from the beginning only I was intrigued.
    It is impossible to contradict a forbidden that may come only from saying that it is unlikely and that despite the possibility we have no specific proof. Instead, one must check in depth and must not rule out any possibility unless there is proof to rule it out, and be prepared for anything. After all, this is a possibility of the end of the world, isn't it?
    And who are the only ones who can investigate the matter in depth? Exactly those who would not want to cause a catastrophe all over the world, and continue to live their lives as much as possible.
    think about it. There are good people in the world, yes, but if everyone is told that they are going to die in two years from now...
    Well, I'm probably right that cases of rape and murder will increase, people will be more greedy, will do everything to live their last two years in the best possible way - and why should they care about others? After all, everyone will die anyway.
    Well, isn't that a big enough reason to hide? If not, then what is?
    And if something like this happens, and the wars increase, and all kinds of bad things will happen... and in the end it will be prevented or something or it won't actually happen.
    Do you know what will happen?
    People will be too affected by what happened in these two years and the world will be much worse.
    There's no reason to tell people, so don't count on it - in fact, count XNUMX percent that if the governments knew about it they would never tell others.
    So how can you check if this is true? One hundred percent impossible. Not even close enough.
    so what are we doing? We don't rule out anything, any possibility, we continue to be good people and hope for the best... and if possible, we also try to make the world never get to the situation that happened in the movie 2012, the thing with "You don't have tickets? You won't go up" or that they almost didn't open the doors to those who did see. It's not that I'm affected by the movie, but who said we need a reason to care about each other?

  14. Hey!!

    I read the article and I'm shocked and it's true so I don't want to die!

    And I think it's also not true because when my mother was little there was an awareness and it was written there that the world would be destroyed and in the end it didn't happen so maybe it's just nonsense in tomato juice!!

  15. First the world will be destroyed and now a comet? All this will happen just like the chance of the earth colliding with the moon...

  16. Believe in the Father in heaven and you will understand that everything is regret, the creator of the world protects the Jewish people..

  17. The matter of the atomic war does not necessarily have to happen in a few more years - it could happen tomorrow or in another week. After we survive 2012 the regrets will continue….. then there will be an alien invasion in 2020 and a huge epidemic in 2025….. we survived the year of destruction and we survived the bug 2000 so why will 2012 suddenly be real?

  18. We will all die on December 21.12.12, XNUMX, but if it is due to aliens or magical powers, it could be that there will be a third world war between Russia and the USA and we will all die.
    But it could be that it's all one big conspiracy and we're just thinking what the governments want us to think and something much bigger is about to happen....

  19. I think,

    I would appreciate it if you would attach links to strengthen the statement "All their predictions (Maya) that according to the experts' opinion were correct"

  20. Excellent article, however, the writer refers to a heavenly factor that will harm the earth.
    It may or may not be, there is no debate. However, you are sinning to the Maya, whose entire prediction that the experts' opinions were correct. It does not speak at all about "something that will harm our beloved ball. These are the conditions of the stars that will create a very, very rare sequence that will be in one line when we are in the same line. I leave you to speculate what kind of gravitational force It will be applied to our beloved ball and what will be the results. If you reach far-reaching danger, please let me or all of us know (by the way, as of today with all the technology and computers, there is no body that claims that its prediction is better than the prediction of the Maya)

  21. LOL!!! I didn't know there was an asteroid too!
    It dropped to a new level!XD
    Let's see so far there are:
    Natural disasters, the melting of the poles, Nibiru (the brown dwarf), Planet X, World War 3 (at this rate because of the speculations there will be a war!), the sun will become a red giant (that's if it already happens in 70 billion years the sun is a dwarf star)
    Asteroid and comet... the government is retarded! And if there really is something approaching Po, we have nuclear bombs, no one thought of it!

  22. Mom, I'm really scared of that, I'm really scared that the asteroid will hit us...
    Does anyone know if it will really hurt?
    please answer me…

  23. Hello everyone, I've been reading the site for a long time but commenting for the first time.

    About a year ago, I saw a program on the History Channel that did not let me rest for a while -

    There was also talk about the Mayan calendar etc. but they added that with all the skepticism there is an astronomical phenomenon that will indeed occur on this date:

    It was said that on December 21.12.2012, XNUMX, a situation will arise in which the black hole in our galaxy will be exactly halfway between the Earth and the Sun, something that may, according to various experts and even astronomers who spoke there - to various phenomena - ranging from earthquakes to "polar reversals", And many other phenomena that could not be predicted in advance. It was called the "galactic alignment" if I remember correctly.

    Does anyone have any information on this subject?

    Attempt to illustrate:

    Like a sun black hole

    () **** (*****)

  24. NASA's website has questions and answers on the whole subject of 2012 and nibiru-planet X and that they were asked about the black rectangle near Orion's belt (a year and a half ago) he said it was a computer glitch and that it would be fixed very soon!

    A year and a half later, as mentioned, the black rectangle is still there, and you can clearly see that the image has been cropped.

    Also Google Harf, WikiSky and Microsoft's Telescope software, all hide the same point in different ways (!!)

    Now, I urge in writing to do more grounded research on this subject instead of spewing out answers that don't even match NASA.

    Something is hidden there. Anyone who has discovered this black box knows this.

  25. I'm already tired of it if an asteroid arrives they will bomb it I don't know what bomb or missile the main thing is that they will bomb us and besides we believe in God

  26. Hello, my name is Ronal and I would like to say a few words to you.
    When we came up from Russia we were told there would be a solar eclipse.
    We were told we would die from the power of the particle accelerator.
    Now the Mayans are giving us information that in 2012 the world will come to an end either with a comet or with star X (Nibiru).
    For thousands of years we have been told that tomorrow will be the end, the day after tomorrow the end of the world.
    There is a very slight chance that this will happen because the end of the world could be today, maybe tomorrow and maybe even in 2012.
    Think about it: if the Mayans could predict the end of the world, all humans could also predict it, or did they not?
    I was happy to respond and hope they can't lie to our faces.

  27. Not that I believe in the Google conspiracy, but the contradiction to the claim that the iras and WMAP layers cover the area is incorrect. In these layers you can see data in the area of ​​the spot, but they cannot teach anything about whether or not there is a comet in the area. In these two layers it is impossible to identify stars (except for those with very high brightness) and even less comets.

  28. Hi, I saw something unreal a few months ago... and 012 was something precious to me and was used a lot on the internet, is there something strangely related to it? 2012 _ the day I am released from the army. Life path day.

    Good Day.

  29. Enough trying to predict the future.. 21/12/2012
    Doesn't it look like a date that someone just threw away?

  30. All prophecies and calculations are wrong.
    The end of the world will be caused by Islam. It is a fanatical religion of lunatics, which nearly a third of the world's population believes in. That is why the earth must be protected from it, before anything else.
    Read the newspaper of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Watch TV, surf the Internet, consult the religious book called "Koran". Maybe the wise among you will understand that the danger will never come from space.
    There are no Muslims there.

  31. If Google cooperates? Maybe Universe Today are also part of the plot?
    How will we really know who is hiding from us and who is revealing to us kept secrets?
    There is no one to believe anymore...
    The old belief system is no longer enough...neither science nor religion will save us
    The war is about the human soul and its freedom

  32. In any case, in the end we will all die, so what does it matter if it is a little earlier in 2012?

  33. To Mr. Michael R. And to Mr. Avi Blizovsky - I am truly happy that we have a common denominator of thinking. For me it's a compliment (I'm not being cynical).
    I have already explained that I advocate rational, philosophical Judaism, a sort of modern school of the Rambam (who, as everyone knows, was not only a great Torah scholar but also an Aristotelian philosopher and a great physician) and not dawnless mysticism and superstitions.
    Thanks for the kind comments!
    If you ever need help from Talkbackist Six to clash with missionaries and idolaters - don't hesitate to call me. (:.

  34. The fear of planet X is real and real, and even Rabbi Ovadia Yosef of Israel, who will be blessed with perfect health, stated Zot in his book "Yivye Omer" and therefore one should be very, very afraid and repent immediately.

  35. This article belongs, in my humble opinion" to the "Haunted World" section.
    I think that the doomsday prophecies have a fairly simple psychological explanation - the human mind is full of anxiety about the unknown - the unknown and the idea that knowledge did exist in the possession of humanity once upon a time and can be rediscovered - is a fundamentally reassuring idea. We "just" need to find some sensational archeological find and we will have answers to all questions and a ball of fire will not fall on us from the sky. And to be more evil: we "just" need to find some delusional millionaire haunted by mysticism to finance our excavation expedition to South America next season, because otherwise we will be terribly bored among all the finds from last season.

  36. To the host of the universe, you are probably not among the thousands who read the first article in the series, which has a reference from the beginning of the current article under the link: "The Mayan Count"

  37. It is a shame that the article does not expand on the most basic source of this new superstition - the Mayan calendar and the mystery surrounding it. It was appropriate to bring a quality article on this topic.

  38. In a way he should not have foreseen any end because there are hundreds of thousands of Mayans today in and around Mexico. True, they are not in power, but they really did not disappear, and by the way, they lost power long before the Spanish arrived.
    But of course this does not change the fact that their knowledge was not greater than that of other wise people at that time and even today, no one is capable of predicting the future hundreds of years ahead and even pretending to do so with the accuracy of a day.

  39. It is interesting that a people who could supposedly predict things hundreds and thousands of years ahead did not foresee its own end and was not smart enough to prevent this end.
    Apparently they failed to see the Spaniards who came beyond the curvature of the earth.

  40. As written in the article itself: the fear (and the mystery) are familiar.
    So it was with the Da Vinci Code, so with the "conspiracy theory"
    of the murder of Y. Rabin that was documented in several ways, so with Bug 2000
    So with the end of the world in 1984...
    ...a very partial list...

  41. 2012 is mentioned in many places and in different ways

    The Mayan calendar counted until 2012 and ended there, why?
    There are many calendars, people needed to count the different cycles of the planet. Some of the boards [maybe all] have a starting point, from that point they count forward..>
    The Jewish Calendar - Creation of the World, [Moon and Sun]
    The Gregorian Calendar - Birth of Jesus [Sun]
    Muslim – ….
    The Mayan board.. The Mayan board(s) are energy boards that combine the physical reality with other realities. The Mayan people and their predecessors knew how to turn and see the universe in a different way than we do. Some of their behaviors are not understandable to us, leaving their cities.. and different rituals.

    The end of their calendar in 2012 is that the energy variable in our universe, "and the set of rules" in the new energy, is completely different. Do not mix meat and milk, oil and water..

    Now we are in these transition times, and therefore all the mess and changes we are experiencing the last few years. Other cultures also knew about these times, so there is a lot of mess and different prophecies, but we don't know what will happen.., will be different.. much better, peace on earth, and the connection of our consciousness to every universe. And in scientific terms, our ability to connect mentally and physically with additional dimensions..> means to connect to every universe, to the universe "thrilling with life" that we are so searching for. But in fact we are "disconnected from it" [working only in 3.5 dimensions]

    Mayan calendar
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Mayan calendar - the 19-month cycle of the Father. To detail the symbols and their names one of the greatest non-materialistic achievements of the Mayan culture is their calendar. This calendar was made up of several tables and cycles, and is more accurate than any other existing calendar, including the Gregorian calendar. One of the tablets that make up the Mayan calendar is the Tzolk'in. This calendar has a cycle of 260 days. Each day in this cycle has a name from 20 names and a number from 13 numbers. By doing this, each day is unique and has its own title. This calendar was important for determining religious holidays and dates related to religion.

    This cycle is combined with another cycle called the father (Haab'). Hahab is a cycle that is 365 days long. It consists of 18 months of 20 days plus 5 separate days that were considered to bring bad luck.

    These two cycles together created a larger cycle of 52 years. Each such cycle is called a calendar cycle. Smaller cycles of 13 and 20 days were also important in the Mayan culture.

    According to the Maya, the end of the thirteenth B'ak'tun, which is dated December 21, 2012, will be the date of "rebirth". We do not know exactly what the Mayans intended, but they probably did not mean the "end of the world". Their intention was probably for an event that would be unique to their culture

    There's a bit more about the Mayan tablet on Wikipedia, and there's a lot more on Google

    Shabbat Shalom,
    And compassion for the Gaza area on both sides of the border
    And in general, be careful of the mess here in Israel, everything is connected, south and north, etc.


  42. Not that I believe this nonsense, but to the best of my knowledge, comets - unlike asteroids - are very difficult to detect and can only be detected a few weeks or months before they hit or approach Earth. So to say today that there is no comet that threatens us within four years is more statistics than science.

    And besides, the time has come for one of these prophecies to come true (-:

  43. And it is possible that the problem is right here nearby. It seems that the more likely possibility for the end of human civilization lies precisely in man himself. Iran is making great strides towards a nuclear bomb. It is not impossible that when she has enough of them, she will initiate an attack, by herself or with the help of terrorist organizations, and this is the factor that will bring about the great destruction. Of course, according to this, the prediction of the date is much less accurate, but we have already seen that people get hung up on all kinds of apocalyptic dates to determine the day on which they will act.

  44. Of course, I do not believe in the ability of the Mayans to predict the future so far (from their time) and certainly not exactly one day....
    It is true that if the trajectory of a large asteroid will lead it to meet the Earth only after several revolutions and decades - it will be possible to discover it in time and try to divert it from its path and as we know there are many suggestions on how this can be done.
    However, dark asteroids with a diameter of a few kilometers, which are not so rare, will not be detected until they are already close to Earth. If the collision course happens already in its first entry into our environment - we will not be able to discover it in time and the disaster will occur.
    I agree that the chance of this is very low and I would not bet on it, but it certainly exists and may happen.

  45. Threats of the end of the world always capture attention and evoke primal fears

  46. So we all need to take stock and start getting closer to... science...
    (so that we can protect ourselves more effectively against any meteors and such destructive phenomena...)

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