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McCain or Obama - who is good for science? Chapter 2: The teaching of evolution

John McCain's deputy, Sarah Palin states that "both sides of the evolution debate" should be taught in science classes. McCain himself prefers that creationism be taught, but not in science classes - in which classes? Each state in the US will determine for itself

Sarah Palin from Wikipedia. I believe that humans and dinosaurs walked together
Sarah Palin from Wikipedia. I believe that humans and dinosaurs walked together

Sarah Palin, John McCain's running mate, lacks basic knowledge of science. in an interview to the WIRED site Palin said that both sides of the debate on evolution should be taught. There will be those who will say that this is fair, but this is just nonsense. First, there is no dispute and there are no two sides. Unless you understand that one side is right - science - and another side is wrong - creationism.

Even though the nonsense of "the two sides" has been used for many years as a creationist code for teaching their Torah in schools. Studying religion in science classes is not only unconstitutional, it is also refutable. The question is which myth is healthy to teach, and where do the gods of Greece, Scandinavia or others stop?

There are thousands of creation myths, but when she says to teach both she means to teach evolution and also the fundamentalist Christian creation story. In other words, she wants to teach creationism in schools.

The dinosaurs walked together with the humans

In an article in the Los Angeles Times Philip Munger, a music teacher in Palin's home town of Wassila Balaska, asks her about her beliefs. Here is a quote from her answers:

"Dinosaurs and humans walked the earth together at the same time." When he asked her about the prehistoric fossil record and the footprints dating back millions of years, Fillin replied: "I saw pictures of human footprints in the footprints."

She surely means it For the fossil record in Texas, old false evidence that creationists still use from time to time, even though they are fundamentally wrong. Of course, if the creationists are stuck with the facts, they surely have nothing to talk about. This story confirms the fact that Palin is a creationist. This is a woman who, if elected, could be within a heartbeat of the Oval Office. Who knows, if she gets to the carrier throne, maybe Alan Grant (the hero scientist of the Jurassic Park movies and books) will be her scientific advisor.

Palin's boss, John McCain answered a journalist's question regarding the need to teach the theory of intelligent design in schools: "The idea that children's minds are so delicate and easily influenced that they need protection from the idea that God had a hand in creation and thus challenge Darwinism as unscientific.

"Shhh.. you mustn't tell them" he said, imitating the way children should avoid the fact that there are adults who believe in intelligent design. McCain, who was a prisoner of war in communist Vietnam, said that the Cold War era attempts to prevent the teaching of Marxism-Leninism in schools were misplaced, because it is better for Americans to understand the enemy. He commented that he did not say that the subject of intelligent design should be taught in science classes but did not specify in which classes it should be taught. He said local school boards, not the federal government, should set the curriculum.

"From the personal point of view, I believe in evolution," McCain said, but immediately added that: "When I stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon and see the sun go down, I believe that God's hands were in this thing."

in the Nature system They are especially afraid of Sarah Palin, who opposes all research in the field of embryonic stem cells, and is an avowed creationist. Until recently, she was also skeptical about human responsibility for climate change. They are particularly concerned about the fact that Palin has announced that the energy sector will be her baby in the White House, thanks to her service as head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Council, among other things.

Obama: Only science should be taught in school

Unlike the creationist Palin, Obama does not want to confuse students' minds with what is commonly called "teaching the controversy". "I do not believe that it helps our students to cloud the scientific discussions with non-scientific theories such as intelligent design, which are not subject to experimental examination." Wrote.

"I am a Christian, and I believe that it is necessary to give parents a way to provide their children with religious instructions without state intervention. But I also believe that our schools exist to teach physical knowledge and science. I believe in evolution and I believe there is a difference between science and faith. This does not make faith less important than science. It just means that these are different and separate things. And I believe that it would be a mistake to try to obscure the study of science because of the mixing of theories that, frankly, do not coincide with scientific inquiry."

For the first chapter: about planetariums and other nonsense

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  1. I don't think he quoted.
    It's just that all the puppets have the same operating system.

  2. deer:
    I really appreciate their efforts but still - there is something true in what I said.
    After all, I didn't hear the clam's words either 🙂
    The people who can actually speak things to me are usually smarter.

  3. Michael,

    Indeed the oyster emits pearls and yet, you haven't heard such nonsense for a long time?
    On behalf of my fellow commenters who have the knowledge to express indignation at your comment, some of the commenters here are making inhuman efforts to say nonsense, all nonsense and nothing but nonsense day and night on this site.
    It will be sad for them to see that you do not appreciate their tremendous efforts.

  4. Seashell:
    Thanks for the "pearl"
    I haven't heard such nonsense in a long time.

  5. Science is part of the Torah, as it was conveyed in the name of the Gra (the Genius from Vilna) that all wisdoms are concoctions and cooks for the wisdom of the Torah.
    What things are supposed to be, in science based on investigation, according to logical and well-defined rules in the philosophy of science.
    The moment science stops being empirical, and establishes for itself a priori assumptions, such as the impossibility of creationism as "proof" of evolution - it stops being science and becomes a religion.
    This religion has one name in Hebrew - idolatry - and in Polish "paganism"
    From here the road to Nazism is short (for those who are not disheartened)

  6. Thank you Yehudala, and for your kindness to my father.
    Continue with the good, with the refreshing optimism.. for the rest of the flight... the required one.
    Did I already say that I'm not insecure? So please./facts/facts/living and breathing/and everything in its time.
    And what did we forget??
    Let's drink to life today!!! You can also have coffee, and everything you want for this matter.
    Good night Judah/Good night Israel/And good night to the chosen ones of my heart, in America..thanks.

  7. Did you understand that Blizovsky??
    It's like you have a birthday today but given the moon (what about the sun?) it comes out on Sunday, then:-
    "On Sunday you will be able to express your true inner self in the clearest and strongest way"

    Therefore, please treat and decide about my article only on Sunday when you are with Paul Energy!
    Happy (birthday?) to my father!
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  8. Although the foreign date is the 4th to the 11th, but according to the year you were born, according to the natural rotation of the moon and the earth - only on Sunday does the day you were born actually fall.
    Why does it matter?
    The day you were born brings with it the same "energy" (for lack of a better word) that you represent.
    On Sunday you will be able to express your true inner self in the clearest and strongest way.
    It will also be a day when you feel comfortable, a good day as they say 🙂

    I don't want to complicate you with formulas and abstract sentences, but I will give you a point to think about:
    The calendar according to which you call this day "birthday" was created by the Catholic Church and distributed by the Roman Empire. During the time when they "spread" the time, until all people really knew what the year and the month were (remember the means of communication 2000 years ago), changes were made to the days and months.
    The Christian calendar is structured in an unnatural way because the months of the year are not equal and vary in the number of days in them. (30,31,28 days) instead of one month having 28 days, approximately, the number of days it takes for the moon to orbit the earth.
    Thus, it turns out that 13 months are enough in a year. 13X28=364. And one more day "out of time" due to the deviation of the earth.
    The Hebrew, Chinese and Mayan calendars are aware of this and take it into account.

  9. to hug
    Didn't you learn that today they don't ask personal questions about age and exercise?, that's what we have the internet for!
    So I did the work for you, entered Avi Blizovsky in Google and got:-
    Avi Blizovsky Born in Haifa 4.11.1961,

    Today is your birthday! Today is your birthday! Today is my father Belizoski's birthday!
    Merry Christmas with a blooming Hugin!
    Today is Abil's birthday!!!!
    Now we expect Hogin to hint to us what the stars think about our father!
    So good night and in addition
    Congratulations to the new president of the USA whatever color he may be
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  10. In any case, in 7 months from today. (Write in the diary) If you would like to write me a personal letter by email, or also here on your website. And you would like to share with me/us intelligent achievements, and whatever they may be. It is possible, if the name and the place will, that your words will not fall into an empty and sealed space.
    And time will tell.
    Consider this an interesting exercise/and if and when—I'll tell you why I'm female at this time in a quick pull.
    And as a code that you yourself guided me to retrieve it.

  11. my father
    Nevertheless, a practical and matter-of-fact person refers first to a certain data that is in his hand, and that is recorded in his birth certificate
    and his identity card. As documentation for a proven and verified fact!! 13.7 billion.. anything can be. but why
    To go so far??? When a simple fact is in your hand? But, as I said in my 31st response, as you wish. If you don't care about the matter. Your wish is your honor. This will not detract from me as it is. I have limits.
    By all means, and from the bottom of my heart, congratulations - whatever you wish.


  12. To Hugin, what is so important about when I was born? After all, everyone was born sometime. The universe was also born about 13.7 billion years ago. Beyond that there is no importance.

  13. my father
    I join in the confusing heartfelt wishes.
    But old??4/11/??.
    Last night, believe it or not.. I wanted to ask you.. discreetly.. and here.. I received a partial.. interesting answer.
    So, Father Mazal Tov!! And fill in the gap.. which tickles my inexhaustible research curiosity..

    And greetings to our Judah.. may he rise and succeed and respond and be exalted... good luck.

  14. Effie Bartaday Tu U
    Effie Bartaday Tu U
    Efi Bartaday Deir Abi
    Effie Brett Day Two Yeeeeeeeee!!

    Happy birthday my father!

    In the name of the contributors of knowledge to their generations and their thoughts
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

    And besides, what about the upgraded articles, does it have a life with you?

  15. Your birthday isn't until next Sunday, my father.
    Until then... congratulations and happy birthday!

  16. You got confused, today is not Roy's birthday, but mine.
    Unfortunately due to the circumstances for the last 13 years I am postponing or bringing forward the celebrations to the following Friday evening.

  17. Roy, do you know that today is your birthday?
    According to the Mayan calendar today is the day you were born.
    You can see this with a calculator between the Gregorian and Mayan calendars.
    Write it down, and this is true both for you personally and for the whole world today:
    I endure in order to enlighten
    I suffer (or are patient) with the aim of enlightening and increasing awareness

    Also listed:
    I am a galactic activation portal... enter me.

    This means that today especially it is possible to open up to a new awareness that stimulates growth.
    For you, this means that you are personally motivated by "spreading awareness", to open people to new ideas and you also have the ability to move people through the gate to a new reality through a new perception of reality.

    happy Birthday!

  18. Roy:
    I don't understand why you are trying to convince a person who started his words with lies and continues to claim that the truth is a matter of confession (and expects us to accept his claim - wonder of wonders - as the truth).
    This is a person without honesty and without logic and any investment of effort in his opinion is unnecessary because the things fall on deaf ears.

  19. It is worth noting that the theory of gravity and Newton's laws are only hypotheses - and we still managed to build skyscrapers based on them, describe the movement of the stars and send space vehicles to the moon and Mars.

  20. Dawn,

    When you say that the hypothesis that fossils are our ancestors is 'baseless', what does it resemble?

    I will tell you a parable:

    An abandoned baby is discovered in the street, and there is a suspicion that a certain woman is his mother. The child and the woman undergo a parentage test according to DNA. and discover that the child does indeed carry half of the woman's DNA.

    There are two possible conclusions:

    1. The child is the woman's son, or at least closely related to her genetically.
    2. The child is not her son, but was created by himself on the sidewalk, carrying her DNA. After all, no one saw him born and the woman denies that he is hers.

    What of the years would you believe?

    When you call evolution a 'hypothesis', it's like calling conclusion number 1 a 'hypothesis'. And it is indeed a hypothesis, but it is the most likely hypothesis.

    Science is always about conjecture, Shahar. We leave the certainty and fixation of the dogmas to religion. Scientific hypotheses can be invalidated or substantiated, and currently the hypotheses about evolution are supported by a very wide range of evidence from all types of science.

    Anyone who wants to challenge evolution will have to provide a good enough alternative theory, and as of today, no one has yet done so.

  21. The "truth" is constantly changing according to its popularity and public opinion.
    I'm trying to get you who absolutely support the idea of ​​evolution to question it a second time, and bring stronger evidence than you've relied on so far.

    Arguing that random changes in chromosomes will lead to development can be true if you are talking about the development of Down syndrome.

    What is really proven is that all living things are written in the same language.
    We all have the same building blocks, chromosomes, DNA, RNA, cells, proteins, etc..
    This does not mean that we are all on the same chain of development, but that we came out of the same "laboratory".
    For example, the melody for the song "Little Jonathan" was written in the same language as Beethoven's Fifth, but these are still completely different works.

    Roy, in his kindness, explained the issue very well, but in the bottom line, he agreed with me.
    Science cannot be based on hypotheses. Call them by the most explosive name like archi-planet-zoo-bio-chemistry, they are still remnants without "dawn".

    I quote Roy:
    "Are these their ancestors - probably yes"...."Probably" is not good enough for me.
    Go build a country based on...

    I think the world has reached a point where you are either an "evolutionist" or a "creationist"..
    In my opinion, the 2 approaches are superficial and absolute to such an extent that they cannot be extended towards the reality that changes every day.

    The rabbit and the rabbit are still a rabbit and a rabbit.

  22. Dawn:
    There is and there is one truth.
    Are you claiming that there is no single truth?
    Is this your claim true?
    You didn't claim that there is no connection between the number of chromosomes and the place in evolution just like that, but you tried to convince through this argument that the idea of ​​evolution is wrong, so please don't lie one more time.

    Now tell me: do the rabbit and the rabbit really rummage?

  23. Dawn,

    My time is short, so I'll try to answer quickly:

    1. The number of chromosomes does not determine the complexity of the creature, or its place in the evolutionary scale. There is also no reason for him to state that it is easier for certain creatures to accumulate a large amount of DNA that does not carry real information.

    2. You are absolutely right about the fossils. We cannot know for sure what happened millions of years ago. We can only know that there were creatures that are their fossils. The same creatures are dated using a wide variety of methods that validate each other's conclusions. Geology, paleontology, genetics, radioactive isotope dating and so on - all these sciences support that the ancient fossils lived many millions of years ago.
    Are they our ancient ancestors? Probably so. In the genetic code that you find in these fossils you can find many of the sequences that you also find here. Their skeletons are surprisingly similar to ours. And the most interesting of all: we can find series of fossils and place them according to the timeline (determined by several independent methods that support each other). The less complex fossils can be found at the bottom of the timeline. Millions of years after them, slightly more complex fossils can be found. Millions of years later, even more complex fossils can be found. And so on and so forth over hundreds of millions of years - until we reach our present day, and recognize the great similarity between the fossils from several million years ago, and the skeletons of living creatures today.

    True, you can assume that God, in his great grace, created us 6,000 years ago - but created the world so that it only -=appears=- as if it was created billions of years ago, and throughout that time there was evolution.

    Of course there is no way to refute such a claim. By the same token, I can say that you don't really exist, and God just created me five minutes ago and planted all the memories in my head. This is not a claim that can be proven or disproved, so science ignores it.

    The theory of evolution states that the fossils are, in part, the ancient ancestors of the creatures that exist today.

    I strongly recommend you to read 'Traces from the Past' by Carl Sagan, which explains in a wonderful poetic way the evolution of life, starting from the moment when the solar system was formed.

    good week,


  24. There is not one lie among my words. Who decides what is a lie? Is there an absolute truth and you hold it?
    All I claimed was that there is no connection between the number of chromosomes in creatures and where they are on the chain of evolution.
    Everything else was just assumptions and theory.

    I also argued that it is not possible to establish conclusions and proofs, based on the hypothesis of how old a fossil was or the assumption that it did indeed bring children into the world - which brought us to this point in time.

    Does it bother you that I use the Bible? I just wanted to show that even Bible studies in school tend to interpret things too literally. In every field of research there are those who will open the mind in different new and fascinating directions, and there will be those who will cry out to heaven about the injustice done to their research and their basic belief system .

    By the way, I didn't ask you to be my teacher, the opposite is true! I asked someone who has already passed the infancy stage and is a civilized conversationalist.

  25. Dawn:
    Anyone who confidently asserts false claims is a demagogue and a liar.
    It's that simple.
    There is no lecture I can give you that will change these traits of yours.
    If you want to learn evolution you will have to find yourself another teacher because I have no patience for bloated liars.

  26. Let's let the less childish commenters comment please,
    Your style reminds of a compulsory kindergarten and not an educated student.
    "Demagogue and liar" is not a statement of truth but a baseless opinion implying a swollen ego.
    I'm ready to hear from someone who "does understand what he's talking about" and will also explain why he thinks I'm wrong instead of just getting angry and cursing.

  27. Dawn:
    I did not claim anything except that you do not understand what you are talking about.
    This remains true even now.
    It may sound aggressive to you but all fools think that telling the truth about them is aggressive.

  28. According to your claim, chromosomes just randomly appear or disappear as soon as "evolution" decides it's time to change and become a different creature.
    I suppose verbal aggression is a natural reaction when one discovers that one has based one's research on "voodoo" theories.
    I dismissed in one sentence all your "solid" evidence about the fossils, the long research proved to be a waste of precious time.

    A modern person who reads the Bible and thinks logically, will see that there is no reason for God to take a real rib from a person's flesh, but one rib of DNA is enough in which all the information about the person is encoded.

    It seems you didn't understand my allusion...
    I am describing a physical creation story that makes more sense and is more scientific than "God Almighty".
    It didn't take us humans too long to discover how to clone a sheep,
    Scientists make cells in a dish.
    Theoretically, there is a chance, in which a more advanced species exists in the universe 4 thousand years or 400 thousand years before us, think about what they could achieve and you will realize that it is not in the sky -
    To create a person, equip him with a physical system, an emotional system, a mental system.

  29. Dawn:
    You better understand what you are talking about before you preach to others.
    If you do not understand that the number of chromosomes does not show anything about the direction of progress then you simply do not understand anything.
    If you are willing to interpret a rib as DNA and also think that Almighty God could not have built suitable DNA without taking it from man himself, then you are simply a demagogue and a liar.

  30. Woman was indeed created from a man's rib,
    A strand of DNA.
    It is written in Genesis, God came to Adam at night when he was sleeping and took a rib to make him a wife.
    Almighty God, the creator of mountains and lakes, still had to take the rib from man for there to be a genetic match.

    Darwin, his honor in his place, deciphered the "genome tree" but in reverse order.
    The same idea of ​​a single source that develops into a great variety of creatures seems today to have distanced him from the reality that is revealed today,
    Mapping creatures according to the number of chromosomes reveals that apes have more than us.
    48 in monkey and 46 in man. Which confuses the direction of "evolution" a bit.
    Bats, by the way, have 44 chromosomes.

    Regarding the many finds of fossils - science relies on inventing data for stones and assuming that those creatures that we ate were indeed part of the chain that brought us here.
    This assumption is theory and not science. It cannot be proven that this fossil is indeed an "ancestor" of any of us. On the contrary, all we see is that he did not survive.

    Friend, start digging deeper and bring more solid proofs otherwise your children will learn completely different theories at school than what you believe in.

  31. To the student,
    The theory of evolution certainly does not contradict religion, but it does contradict the Holy Scriptures - the Torah.
    Unless the theory of the formation of the woman from the side of the man is scientific.

  32. For a physics student
    Evolution has already been tested non-stop for 160 years (another 20 if you add Darwin's and Wallace's experiments). In addition to this, in the last decades we are not satisfied only with fossils, which indeed have problems with their preservation, but conduct DNA tests comparing living creatures (and creatures that have been preserved from the last thousands of years), and these tests also strengthen evolution (even if sometimes they force us to change the order of one branch or another in the tree ).

  33. "student" of physics:
    Indeed, you presented what is known to every beginner in science - exactly at the time when he starts - at about the age of two.

  34. As every beginner in science knows, the teachings are not an initial axiom but an assumption that has been proven to work enough times and time (so in short).
    Unfortunately, the theory of evolution has holes of such a long time that one must be content with its full validity, of course there is partial evolution (can be seen in bacteria for example) but the question is, did man come from an ancient creature? There are many holes in this Torah, the biggest of which is called the "missing link".
    By the way, the theory of evolution does not contradict religion.

  35. Palin is a theocratic
    If the conservatives are elected again, America will continue to move backwards...

  36. It is interesting that in Israel the issue was never on the agenda. I guess it's because ultra-Orthodox and religious have their own separate education systems.

    And how is it going in the USA, like ours there is a matriculation of 2 units in the Bible, they study the "New Testament"?

  37. McCain is obviously wrong. No information is hidden from the students. They teach science. Creationism is not a science and belongs in the churches.
    Why do you think my father is a fundamentalist?! He thinks that modern schools should teach science, i.e. Darwinism. Creationism has no place in the science education system. It belongs to theology, which is also a respectable profession in itself. Gender should not be confused with non-gender.

  38. It is absolutely clear that McCain is right. The belief that hiding the information from the students is good had to pass from the world with the communists.
    Your Potendamalist faith, my father, reminds me most of all of the Anglicists. I suggest you look at the mirror before you make fun of Palin. Unfortunately, your secular activity so far has yielded only negative results.

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