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Are the famous crystal skulls fake?

An international team of researchers who analyzed two crystal skulls with advanced scientific tools concluded that they were not created in ancient Mexico

A crystal skull from Mexico in the British Museum. Photo: shutterstock
A crystal skull from Mexico in the British Museum. Photo: shutterstock

A new study states that the two famous crystal skulls, one in the British Museum and the other in the Smithsonian Institution in the US, did not come from ancient Mexico after all. A team of academics from Cardiff University's School of History and Archaeology, the British Museum, the Smithsonian and Kingston University concluded that neither of the two skulls were made in pre-Columbian ancient Mexico.

The British skull was purchased by the British Museum from the Tiffany Company in New York in 1897, its origin is unknown but it is suggested that it originated in ancient Mexico. The skull attracted a lot of interest, but already in the 30s, its authenticity began to be doubted. The second skull was donated to the Smithsonian in 20.

The skull in the British Museum, photo: the museum.
The skull in the British Museum, photo: the museum.

According to the researchers, the British skull was created in Europe during the 19th century, while the skull in the Smithsonian was created shortly before it was acquired in Mexico City in 1960.

The team used the most advanced scientific techniques to examine the British skull and its older sister, which is made of white quartz. Analysis with the help of an electron microscope revealed that both skulls were prepared by a rotating tool - a technology not found in the hands of the ancient Mexicans. Moreover, analysis of the quartz that makes up the British skull found that it was quarried in Brazil or Madagascar - far beyond the trade routes of ancient Mexico.

The team published their research findings in the prestigious Archeology News magazine and stated that despite their disappointment, it is important to identify authentic and fake artifacts in order to better understand the past.

Cardiff University press release

What are the crystal skulls?

The skull of Mitchell Hedges, the largest and most perfect of the skulls that has been proven to be a fake.
The skull of Mitchell Hedges, the largest and most perfect of the skulls that has been proven to be a fake.

Skulls are the most distinct symbol in human culture for the representation of death. It is not impossible that when 13 skulls made of transparent quartz from an unknown source were found, mysterious powers were attributed to them.

The skulls, probably of ancient origin, were found in Mexico, Central America and South America. The skulls are one of the most interesting research subjects in archaeology. They have been found near the ruins of the Mayans, the Aztecs (and even the ancient civilization of Peru) and are just as much a mystery as the pyramids of Egypt, the Nazca lines in Peru and Stonehenge. Some of the skulls are believed to be 5,000 years old and others 36,000 years old.

Native peoples told of magical powers and miraculous healing powers attributed to skulls, although they were unsure of their source and if the powers really existed. Some believe that these are remnants of the lost culture of Atlantis, others believe that they are just fakes.

Historians and social archaeologists who tried to investigate in depth about the origin of the skulls encountered a tribe of Indians who said that their legends speak of 13 skulls belonging to the goddess of death. According to them, the skulls were kept separately under the strict control of Pagan priests and specially trained warriors.

When the search for more skulls began, skulls were found in museums and private collections. The skulls were found not only in Europe and the United States but also in Mexico, Brazil, France, Mongolia and Tibet. Of course, more than 13 skulls were found, some in better condition and some in worse condition, some of the skulls are authentic and some are fake. The most perfect skull was that of Mitchell Hedges, but it was later proven to be a fake prepared in later years to imitate the original skulls.

The mystery surrounding the skulls played an important tool in human culture. Beyond the scientific research, the skulls were at the center of adventure books and movies and every time they renewed the heart and thought.

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  1. Below is the question that was asked about the crystal skulls and the answer of "superconsciousness"

    Question: I want to ask about the crystal skulls found in our earthly dimension, at least 5 or 6 known to have been found and they say there are 13. Are they, really, parallel to the representatives of the plains? And what secret lies in them? What added value is there?
    Answer: First we will tell you that this is not a new thing, since when you refer to all the same things we gave, we told you that this place has been in the process of change for a long time. In order for those messengers of the plains to be able to come down here and not find themselves sitting on a street corner and sticking their tongues out at anyone, systems had to be brought down here that would slowly begin to change the frequency in the oscillator of this place. That is, to prepare this place for their descent. We would say that there is a whole system that was brought down here at different levels, and therefore these skulls are also different. Since each plane sent a skull that it liked in terms of its oscillators and they, in fact, began to affect your entire world. Once these skulls are together, in fact, your world will be completely built for the descent of those who come from the plains. But since your earthly processes create a situation, that--and they signed, all the skulls will be revealed, those from the plains will grow old and, in fact, this place will not change. Therefore, the system of those found starts the process at a certain point with 7 and then will find all the rest. did you understand?

    Yes. Is it true that those who created them are not people from here but aliens?
    Answer: We will tell you. It must be understood that messengers of planes, who can come here when they are not signed on a level of physical presence here, the same passport that you carry, they can walk around this world, when you do not see them at all. But since they are in a situation where their ability is at the level of theory, they are actually able to take and influence the material before its last oscillator through their level of thought, since the planes are much larger at the air level in the higher oscillator than you are because the air with you only worked on the water and earth oscillators together with the fire And so, they were able to do things that you don't understand how they can be done. In terms of this system, that you created their formality, it is because they can take on forms, holograms as you call it, but it is not them. did you understand that

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  3. Dear stupid archaeologist, you do realize that it's not clear what you're writing, right?!?! Because with no, you're not really an archaeologist, eh!! And I've seen all the Indiana Jones movies except the crystal skull and ahhh!….ugh….!and it's cool that there really is a crystal skull right….?!?! 

  4. The skulls are a source of research. Archeology is very interested in skulls in connection with Native American cultures. The fact that the subject is very mysterious does not detract from its scientific value.
    Hey, I think there's a lot of useful information in the second supplement. A lot of archeology information, information about the ancient period, the dating of the skulls, the social connections of the society, a lot of history from that time, the research need of the researchers throughout history and other interesting information.

  5. To provide
    Perhaps you have not noticed until now, however, the entire "Hidan" site, and not only this site, but also all of science, in and of itself, does not deal with anything but your soul, an object, that is: all kinds of mysteries and riddles (some of them, although on this site only in a minority, even from the field of mathematics) whose solution was not known until now and are in a long and constant process of its discovery and interpretation. Indeed, as you put it, this site, thanks to the good and blessed efforts of its operators, led by Avi Blizovsky, is a forum of knowledge. And thanks to me and thanks to some of my fellow commenters - a forum of lack of knowledge in all kinds of interesting mysteries.
    Fortunately for us, most of the news and articles on the site are about science and thought, and only a small part of them are from the field of mysticism and mind control, as we are in this article that discusses glass and rolled quartz issues, and that's a good thing.

  6. Chazi wrote in the first response:
    All the text that appears under the subtitle "What are the crystal skulls" looks like it's from a mystics website. Not really suitable for the "Hidan" site.

    In the wrong interpretation. The text reads:

    "They were attributed mysterious powers."
    "Indigenous peoples told about forces from Gaim"

    And nowhere is there anything written that implies that there is indeed something supernatural in the skulls.

  7. Maybe I should open a kind of website or whatever you want to call it about all kinds of mysteries like the skulls, the gospel from the mouth of Judah, unsolved riddles in Matmitka... And all kinds of other things that the public's exposure to this material is poor and to create a kind of form of knowledge or you can say lack of knowledge in all kinds of interesting mysteries

  8. There is a fairly extensive literature on the subject of the skulls and the debate as to whether they are fake began as soon as they were found.

    Since it is very problematic to date crystal and since Europe was a leader in the production of crystal objects back in the 19th century, numerous claims have been made that these are actually fakes that were "implanted" in archaeological sites. In fact, the whole story of finding the skulls is very convoluted and problematic.

    Below is an example of one book in my possession:

    "The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls" by CHRIS MORTON and CERI LOUISE THOMAS. The book was published by BEAR&CO in 1998.

    One way or another, these are amazingly beautiful objects - at least this is true for some of the skulls.

    Hanan Sabat

  9. I think they called the movie "The Phantom"
    It's some boy who wore purple and fought Chinese pirates and all kinds of things like that

  10. In connection with what was said at the end of the article
    Does anyone have an idea or can point out
    In what other movies besides Indiana Jones IV
    Was the male of the above skulls?

  11. All the text that appears under the subtitle "What are the crystal skulls" looks like it's from a mystics website. Not really suitable for the "Hidan" site.

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