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Prof. Yehezkel Teller: The culprits of the violence are the treasury officials who starved the education and welfare systems

Teller, who serves as the president of the Carmel Academic Center, says following the wave of violence: "We are witnessing a moral bankruptcy on the part of the treasury officials"

Prof. Yehezkel Teller
Prof. Yehezkel Teller

"The murders in Tel Baruch and Gush Dan are a direct continuation of a series of acts of violence for its own sake, such as the murder of taxi driver Derrick Roth, or the serial killer in the north who is accused of murdering Dana Bennett and others. It will continue and, unfortunately, it will continue." Prof. Yehezkel Teller, president of the Carmel Academic Center in Haifa, who previously served as head of the School of Social Work at the University of Haifa and vice president of the Council for Higher Education, assesses this. "If we don't take some kind of active action to reduce the violence by building appropriate services in the field of welfare and education, there will be a serious deterioration, people will be afraid to walk on the streets and the level of fear will increase."

Prof. Teller makes a very sharp criticism of the "treasury officials" who withhold adequate budgets from the aforementioned systems. "We are witnessing a moral bankruptcy on the part of the treasury officials, all that stands before their eyes is the shekel and not basic social norms that are in our souls."

The president of the Carmel Academic Center emphasizes that attention must be paid to the increasing youth violence. "What worries me more is the violence among the youth, which is becoming more and more violent. This is due to the problem of the education system, starting from kindergarten and later in the schools, but the main blame lies with the parents. Today, it is possible to see 10-12-year-old children wandering the streets on Saturday nights until the late hours idle, or trying to catch rides, while their parents do not pay attention to what their children are doing at such hours."

According to him, all over the world there is juvenile delinquency, but there are services that deal with this problematic youth, while in Israel standards and budgets are being cut among the social workers who are supposed to deal with and prevent violent and abnormal behavior in society. "Only when murders occur do we witness a short-term shock, but do not draw any operative conclusions about increasing standards and building treatment programs for marginalized youth and delinquent youth. It is no wonder that when such a youth grows up, the violence and the level of crime among him increases with age, as well as the boldness of the young people in the field of crime." Prof. Teller noted.

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  1. Benyaho you are right, this is how it is when the state transfers "monarchy" to private hands, a slave because he will reign.

  2. The Ministry of Health does not investigate themselves, an investigation by the State Comptroller is needed
    100 family-owned hostels throughout the country 1

  3. There is no proportion between the large amount of money that you receive from Dr. Teller and what you spend in the hostels (check what the inmates eat) including the workers' wages, and everything is backed by the Ministry of Health (because of the connections they have in the ministry). A commission of inquiry is needed...

  4. False reports

    Another issue that is being examined these days is the Ministry of Health's supervision of the "Tal Rehabilitation and Community Welfare Services" association, which operates four frameworks for the rehabilitation of the mentally ill in Haifa and Tiberias. Following allegations of false and continuous financial reports of the association, a team of the Haifa district psychiatrist began to examine the activities of the association.

    Following the inspection, the Ministry of Health contacted an accountant, who found that in 2003-2004, the association submitted false reports to the Ministry on a huge scale. According to the report, the association reported on dozens of patients as if they were employed in its rehabilitation facilities in Haifa, even though at the time they were hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals or registered in rehabilitation facilities of other associations. Based on these false reports, the association received budgets from the Ministry of Health, which amounted to approximately NIS 700.

    The case of the Tal association is particularly interesting, not only because of the findings, but also because of the working people involved in it. The manager of the "Tal Rehabilitation Services" association, which operates the rehabilitation plants investigated by the Ministry of Health, is Noam Teller. Teller also manages the "Atid Hadhad" company, which operates hostels to house dozens of mentally ill people in the community in Haifa and Kiryat Ata. The founders of the association and its employees include Dr. Aviva Teller, Noam Teller's mother, and Yuval Teller, owner of hostels throughout Israel, a senior social worker in her profession.

    Noam Teller's father is Prof. Yehezkel Teller, one of the top experts in the field of rehabilitation in Israel. Prof. Teller was a consultant in this field to several ministers of health and chaired the public council for the rehabilitation of the mentally ill in the Ministry of Health. He was among the drafters of the law for the rehabilitation of the mentally ill ……

  5. Father - Professor Yehezkel Teller
    Mother - Dr. Aviva Teller
    Ben - hostel manager - Noam Teller
    Son - hostel manager - Yuval Teller
    a girl

    Some cruel hypocrisy and robbing the poor

  6. I understand that every person has enemies, the question is why do it in the talkbacks of a site that has no ability to investigate criminal issues. Are there other sites where you can write whatever you want without anyone being held responsible?

  7. Dear editor, how sad that you don't see the connection. How sad that you didn't read the article about false reporting and exploitation of the mentally ill: "The case of the Tal association is particularly interesting... Noam Teller's father is Prof. Yehezkel Teller, one of the top practitioners"
    Very sad that you don't see the connection

  8. David Shahar, Shavit Erez, Yaari Menashe, Shaul, Moshe, Michal, alexds9 - if someone really wants to attack someone else, there are enough other sites for that, what's more, dressing up as seven different people is not really ethical.
    I couldn't understand what is the point of things in which Teller is approved, and the general things he said about the cuts in the education and welfare systems, the treasury may be guarding all of our money but sometimes too much and Teller is not the first to talk about privatizing the welfare state and starving standards. We also all know the failure of the education system from today, so your wars against it should be conducted in a place that is adapted to it and not in a talkback. If you read the website regulations, you will see that one of the sections is the prohibition of impersonation.

  9. Another thing is why the scientist doesn't check the professional qualifications of the writer. Perhaps this is another combine that turns the treasury into a monster when it tries to protect public money.

  10. Thanks to the treasury officials who have the strength to stand up to such hypocrisy. Good luck, continue to be on the lookout

  11. Moshe, you are right, the link you gave is shocking. What Noam Teller does. Is it true that he is the son of Prof. Ezekiel Teller?

  12. I agree with Eran. Other ways must be exhausted before wasting a lot of public money. In-depth research with reliable data must be carried out in order to reach decision-making in the use of public funds. The article mentions an important issue and points the finger of blame at the Treasury without substantiating the connection with in-depth research or citations of in-depth research.

  13. The education system needs a general reform, I don't know if they need more money...
    The reform I propose will not cost additional money.
    1. From a young age, make the student greet the teacher upon entering the classroom.
    2. Stronger discipline and this means that those who blow more than 3 times do not enter the classroom without parental permission.
    3. To teach values ​​of love of homeland and love of the Land of Israel...they don't teach it at all and that's why there are many people who evade the army.
    4. Show excellence: once a week an outstanding soldier comes to class or a scientist who managed to develop something or a businessman etc... stimulate the imagination of the students
    In short, there is a lot of work to improve and money does not always solve everything because sometimes attitude can change world orders.

  14. Prof. Teller is right that the Ministry of Finance has a hard time understanding that there is no quality of life without education.

  15. Indeed, the treasury officials are cutting in the wrong places. Crime is not being dealt with properly.

  16. The psychologists there at the Ministry of Education conduct experiments on flesh and blood children.

  17. How right he is. I was shocked to see bunches of elementary school aged children roaming the streets at 2am. Children grow up without boundaries and without education. The schools are collapsing under the pressure of the children. Swearing, verbal and physical violence are accepted norms.
    The biggest threat to the State of Israel is not the Iranian nuke or rockets from Gaza, the biggest threat is moral, normative, social decay, lack of respect for others and lack of basic values.
    What is sad is that nothing helps to change the government's policy. The leadership we elected is burying its head in the sand and for her everything is a coincidence, she will pass it on to the Knesset committees and within a week or two they will eliminate the problems. We are on board a ship that is going to crash and everyone knows it, but try to ignore that in a decade it will be too late. The situation is difficult and there is no reason for optimism.