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According to the head of the program, Prof. Meir Feder, artificial intelligence can help in dealing with some of the biggest challenges in the field of sustainability and education
The first study of its kind in Israel examined the impact of the legal revolution on the mental health of Israeli citizens
Two surprising discoveries: contrary to the popular hypothesis, bats do suffer from hearing loss with age, but they apparently have surprising mechanisms that help them slow down the rate of hearing loss
The annual report of Tel Aviv University in collaboration with the "Anti-Defamation League" in preparation for Holocaust Day, but according to Prof. Uriah Shavit, head of the Center for the Study of European Jewry at Tel Aviv University: "With all the sadness in this, on the eve of this Holocaust Day it should be remembered that Jewish racism is not Better than any other racism. It must be condemned, confiscated and eradicated."
A story about a protein that doesn't feel electric voltage
An international team, which includes a group of researchers from Tel Aviv University, has identified the first black hole, Gaia BH1, which is 1500 light years from Earth
Many parents think they are protecting their children by smoking on the balcony or near the bedroom window. But a new study by Tel Aviv University states that contrary to the popular opinion of those parents, restricting smoking to the balcony does not prevent the exposure of most children to the harm of tobacco smoke
Each plant and each type of distress has a characteristic, recognizable sound. The sounds of plants sound like clicks, like popcorn, at a volume similar to human speech but at frequencies above the human hearing range, and they may be picked up by various animals, such as bats, mice and insects
Meet the hybrid microrobot: innovative technology tiny at 10 microns (the size of a biological cell)
According to the award committee "His groundbreaking research in understanding the mechanisms of operation and degradation of batteries are used to develop advanced generations of batteries worldwide"
Researchers succeeded for the first time in the world in developing a vaccine against a deadly bacterium, opening the door to mRNA vaccines also against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Prof. Gazit is an expert on freshwater bodies, and worked to preserve the Kinneret and the winter pools
In a statement, the members of the Senate and university officials write: "We call on the government of Israel and the Knesset to stop the legislative processes that fundamentally change the order of the democratic regime in Israel." They express fear that the media and academia will be next in line after the judicial system
As part of the program, high school students from 7 settlements in the periphery will develop and build tiny satellites and launch them into space by the end of 2024. The Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology is investing about NIS 9 million in this program
A study by Tel Aviv University demonstrated how vibrational forces are transmitted by the extracellular network in the tissue causing effective interactions between the cells in the tissue
How the zoology students rescued a huge colony of bats from a movie theater slated for demolition
"Super Algae" will be used to extract natural substances and medicines from the sea
As part of the study, the Ashona researchers were able to identify proteins whose role is essential for the development and activity of the tissue affected by the disease, to precisely locate their location in genomic regions outside of the genes, and to identify the relationship between the changes in these regions and the risk of developing AMD
This is a kind of "monopoly" game whose goal is to quickly collect six "Jewish hats" and bring them to collection points
The observatory, one of the most advanced in the world, will be used for tracking, sensing, hyperspectral photography and optical and quantum communication with satellites in orbit around the Earth
The teaching of the Holocaust is also expanding to countries that previously did not teach about it - mainly Africa and Arab countries, according to a report by the Center for the Study of European Jewry in our time at Tel Aviv University
The discovery may be used as a breakthrough tool in the worlds of solar energy production, information processing and the like
A new model offers an explanation for the huge variety of sizes of DNA in nature
For the first time in the world of science, a robot was able to "smell" using a biological sensor
The medical clowns have a significant contribution to achieve medical therapeutic goals
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