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This is how the decision-making mechanism of viruses works
The new system was discovered in bacteria - but is also used in corals, bees and others
New discoveries about how the result of infection with a virus from the herpes family is determined and where dormant viruses may hide in the body
Researchers demonstrated the benefits of a natural, non-radioactive dye by observing viruses at the nanometer level. The innovative material is a structurally stable material and is a natural molecule with a longer shelf life
The genetic sequence of a virus that caused the morbidity and mortality of tilapia fish is not similar to any known genetic sequence
Bacteria that are carried in the air for great distances on particles land in part on the ground while they are alive - and ready to multiply
An analysis of the genetic material in the sea identified thousands of previously unknown RNA viruses and doubled the number of systems, or biological groups, of viruses thought to exist, according to a new study by our team of researchers
The omicron variant contains many mutations in the spike protein, which facilitate the penetration of the virus into cells
A defense mechanism discovered in bacteria may make it possible to improve the resistance of agricultural crops to pests
The equine corona virus is a close relative of the corona virus which has caused widespread morbidity in the world in the last year (COVID-19). In this family, called beta-coronaviruses, there are also animal and human coronaviruses
This is according to a joint study by Tel Aviv University and Hasharon Hospital (Rabin Medical Center). The researchers estimate that in the event of repeated exposure to Corona, those who recover from the disease may be protected from a second illness -
These days, the ability of these substances to fight viruses that harm humans, including the flu and corona viruses, is being tested
The researchers: Pregnant women should take strict precautions in order not to contract the virus and not to infect their baby. The woman and the baby got relatively mildly ill and were released to their home
The researchers actually suggest increasing the power of the innate immune system - the first line in the fight against the virus, before the acquired immune system (specific to a particular pathogen) comes into action.
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