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Learn from the body to neutralize the corona

Antibodies produced in the bodies of recovered patients have clear advantages over engineered antibodies - they have proven their ability to neutralize the virus and are considered safe

A niche inside a lymph node where the antibody-producing cells are formed. The laboratory of Prof. Ziv Shulman
A niche inside a lymph node where the antibody-producing cells are formed. The laboratory of Prof. Ziv Shulman

Patients who have recovered from the impact of the corona virus continue to produce "corona neutral" antibodies in their bodies, which constitute a kind of "immune memory". In the laboratory of Dr. Ziv Shulman from the Institute's Department of Immunology, the recovered patients are recruited, the immune information stored in their bodies is copied, and the neutralizing antibodies are produced under laboratory conditions. These antibodies may be used as a cure for corona, since they can neutralize the virus in patients in a serious condition and cure them. This treatment is called "passive vaccination", and it is done by injecting the antibodies into the patients. In addition, the antibodies can also be used as preventive treatment for at-risk populations, such as medical staff who come into contact with patients, and may even be particularly significant for the elderly population who do not respond well to regular active vaccines.

To produce the antibodies in the laboratory, the researchers first isolate the immune system cells that produce the antibodies in the body from the recovered corona patients and sequence the genetic material responsible for their production. Later, the "software" for creating the antibody is inserted into the cells in the laboratory, thus producing antibodies in large quantities. The produced antibodies are tested in different systems to understand if they are indeed able to prevent viral invasion and provide protection from corona.

These antibodies have a clear advantage over engineered antibodies developed in other laboratories, as they have already proven their ability to neutralize the virus in the body of patients. Also, these antibodies are considered safe because they were selected by the patient's immune system, and they do not have side reactions such as non-specific binding of cells in the human body that can cause unwanted damage.

In addition to the production of the antibodies, the information accumulated in Dr. Shulman's laboratory on the nature of the antibody that neutralizes the corona, and how it works, may also help in testing new vaccines for the corona that aim to make the body produce neutralizing antibodies.

Another research direction of the laboratory concerns deciphering the unique activity of the immune system in mucous tissues - an important step towards expanding the use of vaccines given through the mouth and the respiratory system. These vaccines may provide better protection against pathogens such as the corona virus, which enter the body through mucous tissues in the nose and mouth. Thanks to the ease of use of vaccines given in spray form, their greater availability is also expected to allow increasing vaccination rates among different populations.

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  1. Two words about "cytokine storm" and ventilators:

    The ventilators are a stage where, despite the increased supply of oxygen to the patient, the oxygen supply fails to stabilize the oxygen saturation state in his blood due to the accumulation of lymph fluid inside the lung, and then the patient is connected to the ventilator, which is a bundle of tubes (supply, monitoring and drainage) inserted into the trachea through the pharynx, with his mouth open.

    In this condition, the patient cannot eat, drink, speak or breathe on his own, because all his swallowing and breathing systems are trapped in the tube brace for the lungs, which passes through his mouth.

    This condition is an extreme state of helplessness as a result of the dumpling apparatus, and the patient is sedated to prevent him from having a natural reflex of sneezing, vomiting or coughing, in which the tubing in his throat could injure him.

    It would perhaps be an exaggeration to say "the ventilators are the ones that killed the corona patients" but it is worth paying attention to what it is about:

    The breathing machines do not allow the patient to cough or clear his throat (as a person or an animal in a similar situation does) to clear the fluids with the lymph cells of the immune system (cytokines) from the trachea or lungs (in the form of sputum), what is more, most patients who are ventilated, and in addition , they are also anesthetized, and thus, the patient dies of suffocation as a result of pulmonary edema, as also happens as a result of pneumonia, lung cancer, or respiratory obstruction syndrome or in its medical name COPD

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