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"More and more it goes and it comes" - the version of the plagues - measles flourishes because of the opponents of vaccines

The measles virus causes fever, rash, diarrhea and eye inflammation. The rash usually appears two to four days after the fever. It starts in the oral cavity and then spreads throughout the body. About a third of the patients develop at least one complication of the disease" an ear infection that can cause deafness, pneumonia, convulsions and even inflammation of the brain itself

A warning at the Disneyland park in California, calling for unvaccinated children not to be allowed in the park following the spread of measles in December 2014
A warning at the Disneyland park in California, calling for unvaccinated children not to be admitted to the park following the spread of measles in December 2014. מקור


Do you know Disneyland? That place full of kids, furry animals, and commercialization of every movie you've ever seen? Now it is also teeming with viruses, and specifically teeming with the most contagious virus known to mankind.

No, not Ebola. measles.

The measles virus is a friendly virus that causes fever, rash, diarrhea and eye inflammation. The rash usually appears two to four days after the fever. It starts in the oral cavity and then spreads throughout the body. About a third of patients develop at least one complication of the disease. In the list of complications are ear infection, pneumonia, convulsions and even inflammation of the brain itself. Complications are more severe in small babies and older people.

One of the most brutal complications of measles is SSPE (short for Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis). It is a degeneration of the brain that appears years after recovery from the disease, and is caused by a delayed response of the body to the measles virus and not by the virus itself. SSPE manifests itself in memory loss, bizarre behavior, gait disturbances, convulsions and finally death. There is no cure and SSPE cannot be prevented. This complication only occurs among people who have had measles, not among those who are vaccinated against the disease.

One to two out of a thousand people who get measles die as a result of the disease. The disease is particularly severe in situations of malnutrition, in which case the mortality rates are much higher.

Measles is a highly contagious disease. It is transmitted through the air and the active virus can remain in the room for two hours (!) after the sick person has been there. A person exposed to measles sheds the virus four days before any sign of illness appears, which means they can appear perfectly healthy but still infect others. All these together make it one of the most contagious diseases known to mankind.

Unlike many other diseases, there is a vaccine against measles. This is a live-attenuated vaccine, that is, the vaccine is actually the virus that causes the disease but is neutralized from any ability to cause damage. The side effects of the vaccine may include fever and rash, but without the complications of measles. The measles vaccine has been around for almost forty years and has been given to tens of millions of children over the years. It is given at the age of one, and another dose is given at the age of 6. Two doses are 99% effective in protecting against the disease. The few who do not develop a high enough level of antibodies despite receiving the vaccine depend on all the other vaccinators to prevent the virus from reaching them. The vaccine is safe to use and effective in preventing the disease, but only if you receive it. A person who is not vaccinated against measles is not protected against measles. And that brings us back to Disneyland.

Between December 17, 2014 and December 20, XNUMX person* with measles visited Disneyland. one.

He infected 42 (!) people in those three days, of which five were employees of the park.

Since December 28th (my birthday!) until today, more than 59 cases have been reported who were infected while visiting Disneyland in those three days. The ages of the patients are from ten months to 70 years. At least 8 of them were hospitalized.

As mentioned, the measles vaccine is only effective if you receive it. When they checked the vaccination records of 34 of the patients who were infected at Disneyland, it became clear that 28 of the patients were not vaccinated. Five of them are less than a year old and therefore have not yet been vaccinated. One only got one dose out of two. The rest were not vaccinated at all, by choice.

Each and every one of the patients returned to their community and the circles of infection continued. At the beginning of the week, over 70 cases were reported. Today there are already more than 100 cases in six different states in the USA as well as in Mexico. Most patients are not vaccinated, and it is impossible to know what kind of complications they will suffer.

In the last month, an unvaccinated person put vulnerable babies, the elderly and people whose immune system has not developed a high enough level of antibodies in danger. These are people who cannot be protected and it is impossible to know in advance that they are exposed to the disease, and they got sick because of someone else's conscious choice.

I have no problem with people not vaccinating their children. I have a problem with the fact that they are putting my children at risk.


*Patient Zero has not yet been identified with certainty, although it is assumed that it is one of two patients - either a boy or a young woman, the first two people who developed symptoms of measles after visiting the park.

To the original post by Dr. Karen Landsman

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  1. Miracles

    Those idols are not little charlatans, are they? Do they really want to hold your hand? Do they really love you yah yah? How much money did they make from penniless hard-working girls?

    And what about idols that don't exist? Peter Pan? Belle? Simba?

    The idea is the emotional experience, not the logical one. That's why I go every summer to the Sacred Woods Bowl and dress up like everyone else in the spirit of the musical and sing along with everyone until I pass out without a single logical thought in my mind.

    That is why I am able to understand the Doss, even though I will never be one of them.

  2. Israel
    With one small difference - your idols (and mine) exist. You wouldn't sacrifice a child for them, would you? Speaking of, they love their children…

  3. Maya

    Even if the parents hide - the children will find out.


    Which is the society of Kabbalah, and they believe in their own boss and science.

    They are also rewarded accordingly: their half of Los Angeles.

    They don't do pregnancy tests either. Rabbi Berg, the legendary rabbi of Kabbalah who passed away not long ago, had a child with Down syndrome. That didn't stop them from raising him as one of their own in the giant clan of Kabbalah.

    According to them, he is functioning and very happy.

  4. Israel
    I know Mississippi has a law because they tried to change it recently.

    Regarding these parents, what happened when you told them they were wrong and endangering their children? Did they panic for a moment, and ask you how do you know that a source of information is reliable?

  5. Israel,
    Parents don't hide the fact that they don't vaccinate their children, they just don't mention it because it's really not important to them and this is exactly the root of the problem. Therefore, I agree with Nissim that education is necessary here. If you want to ban them you will have to literally ask a parent how they feel about vaccines (and then everyone will ostracize you....)
    We are not going to Disneyland, but not because of the measles but because of Disneyland (yikes). The truth is that my brother-in-law is coming to visit with his family and they are, of course, planning a visit to Disneyland. I let them know about the measles epidemic, but I have no idea what they will do about it.

  6. Miracles

    The parents I know will be happy. In their opinion, vaccines are harmful.

    As far as I know, there is no mandatory vaccination law in all countries.

  7. Israel
    Do a thought experiment. Tell these parents that they are right, and stop vaccinating all the children in their area.

    You also do not understand, in my opinion, what a law is. Law does not "obligate" anyone. A law determines what the penalty is if you break the law. So parents who did not shelter, will pay. or sit in jail. If they are not smart enough….

  8. Maya

    There is indeed a problem, but organizing parents can be a lever for social pressure.

    It's hard for me to see how parents hide from their friends the fact that they don't vaccinate their children... In my opinion, most of them are simply not aware of how serious and dangerous the act they are doing, and 2-3 events that Daniel and Keren will not be invited to will convey the message clearly: your faith is an honor in its place, But not at the cost of risking our children.

    Taking the kids to Disneyland this year?

  9. Israel,

    I really liked the idea of ​​confiscation, I didn't think about it before and I agree that it can be very effective (there is nothing like social pressure...) The question is how do you know who the unvaccinated children are. As you said, some parents seem nice and educated and can be very misleading. What, you will require a vaccination record at the entrance to every birthday party?

  10. Miracles

    In any legislation and enforcement, one should be realistic and take into account the real power of the legislative and enforcement authorities.

    There is almost no doubt in the US that alcohol consumption is harmful and dangerous. That is why a law was enacted against the sale and consumption of alcohol in the 20s of the last century. So enacted. After a few years they had to cancel a law that was beneficial even in the opinion of alcohol consumers.

    How about a law against junk food?

    On the other hand, the confiscation of unvaccinated children is a natural right of every anxious parent for the safety of their children, and can be extremely effective.

  11. Israel
    In general, these parents are very happy that you and I vaccinate our children, so they are not so nice and good...

    I think, beyond what you suggested, that it is necessary to invest in education on the subject, in advertising, and in the imprisonment of all those who publish lies about the subject. There are also in Israel a number of charlatans who tell how dangerous this vaccine is, and how what they sell is better.

  12. Miracles

    I agree with you that "the effectiveness of vaccines is not in doubt". The problem is the side effects and complications.

    I know parents who do not vaccinate their children, nice and educated people. It is difficult to convince parents to do what they believe will harm their children.

    In my opinion, there should be a boycott of unvaccinated children. Two or three birthday parties and annual trips that the children will not be invited to, and everyone will want to get vaccinated.

  13. Israel
    I understand what you are saying. The problem is - their "belief" is wrong. The effectiveness of vaccines is not in doubt. Children are not the property of their parents - they are human beings, citizens of the state, and it is the state's job to protect all its citizens. In my opinion at least.

    Parents are not allowed to hit their children (I don't mean to slap a tussock) - do you think this law should be repealed?

  14. Miracles

    The difference is that the parents who do not vaccinate their children believe that the vaccine is what puts their children at risk. They don't think that way about a car seat.

    If there was a serious school of thought that shows that car seats are dangerous, like there is a school of thought that claims that vaccines are dangerous, your argument would be acceptable.

  15. fund
    You wrote "I have no problem with people who do not vaccinate their children. I have a problem with the fact that they are putting my children at risk."
    I have a problem with this - I think these parents are putting their own children at risk, and I think it's wrong.
    I will act - why require a safety seat in the car? After all, it doesn't endanger my children...

  16. The article can be summed up in one line from it:

    "I have no problem with people who do not vaccinate their children. I have a problem with the fact that they are endangering my children."

  17. *6
    People are indeed different. But look what's happening - seculars who are not suitable for service are forced, and ultra-Orthodox who are suitable, are resolved.

  18. Indeed, after three years of full service, I know that it is not suitable for everyone. In retrospect, I would have given it up. The army is important, and it is important to enlist. But not by compulsion, it paid well and there were enough volunteers.

  19. fund
    In the state of Mississippi, for example, there are several vaccinations that are required by law. Have they made a comparison between countries that require and those that do not?

  20. In Israel the problem is particularly acute, because the ultra-Orthodox population refuses to be vaccinated (here God will not help). They have to be vaccinated according to law, similar to tuberculosis. Sometimes I have an understanding for the struggles of ultra-Orthodox people, such as the struggle for conscription. (Conscription has an element of undemocratic coercion). But damage to public health is unacceptable! A child is helpless, therefore parents must be obliged to vaccinate.

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