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This is how the decision-making mechanism of viruses works
A new international study on treatment using the PASA16 phage (a virus that only kills bacteria), showed a success rate of over 80% and gives hope for a beneficial treatment for resistant infections
New discoveries about how the result of infection with a virus from the herpes family is determined and where dormant viruses may hide in the body
Degeneration of the cells of the immune system in the brain may be the biological cause of depression, and there may be substances that can restore these cells - and be antidepressants
Researchers demonstrated the benefits of a natural, non-radioactive dye by observing viruses at the nanometer level. The innovative substance is a structurally stable substance and is a natural molecule with a longer shelf life than the radioactive substance most often used for this purpose, uranyl acetate
An analysis of the genetic material in the sea identified thousands of previously unknown RNA viruses and doubled the number of systems, or biological groups, of viruses thought to exist, according to a new study published by our team of researchers in the journal Science
The omicron variant contains many mutations in the spike protein, which facilitate the penetration of the virus into cells
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