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The countdown to the launch of Discovery tomorrow morning for mission STS-116 continues, but the launch is still not guaranteed

No technical problem should affect the planned launch on Friday early morning Israel time * However, the chance of launch is only 60% due to the weather

The space shuttle Discovery will be launched today at 21:35 local time (04:25 Israel time on Friday morning) for mission STS-116, the purpose of which is to continue assembling the International Space Station. This is what the heads of NASA decided when the pre-launch tests did not reveal any faults that could incriminate him. This is what test manager Jeff Spaulding said. 

Yesterday and today, the testing of Discovery's various engines continues, and the loading of the software to the shuttle's computers continues, and the electrical and communication systems will be tested again.

 Discovery and its crew are ready to fly one of the most complex missions ever undertaken, and I am delighted that our instrument is ready," said Spaulding.

When asked about issues raised Tuesday evening regarding the power surge in the launch pad and sticky material on one of the solid-propellant rocket engines, Spaulding said: “We expect these issues to be resolved today.

The briefing was also attended by Debbie Hahn, STS-116 cargo manager, and Kathy Winters, director of the weather forecasting department. The cargo aboard the Discovery is ready for flight but the weather continues to raise concerns. According to Winters, the chance of a timely launch is 60%. The forecast speaks of light local rains and low clouds in the area at the time of launch. Also, the weather at the base of the emergency landing in Istres, France also does not bode well, tail winds may increase and cause problems.

In the case of a 24-hour delay, even then the weather does not improve much - there is a possibility of winds in the launch pad reaching the altitude limit beyond which launching is prohibited, however the chance of launching on Friday evening is 70%. On Saturday this chance will drop to 40%. "The weather on Sunday and Monday is more promising, but only on Tuesday, reasonable weather is guaranteed." Winters said.

STS-116 is Discovery's 33rd mission and the 117th space shuttle mission overall. During the 12-day mission, crew members will continue assembling the International Space Station. They will rewire it and add a component to its main axis.

For information on the NASA website (it may be replaced by updated information)

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  1. Successfully..
    Let's hope there will be no more delays.
    This is a must see event!

    There is nothing left but to wish them:
    May they fly safely and return safely..

  2. Nice, good luck.

    Does anyone know if there is a live broadcast for the launch and if so on which channel?

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