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Will the first space hotel open in 2012?

A company in Florida that provides consulting services to the Spanish company Galactic Suite claims that there is no chance of launching the space hotel within five years, perhaps in 2015

The space hotel
The space hotel

The "Galactic Suite" (Galactic Suite), the first space hotel, is expected to open to the public in 2012. This is what a Spanish company of that name proposed last week, however, this week a company in Florida that served as a consultant to the Spanish company, 4Frontier Corp, announced that 2015 seems a more realistic date .

Last week, Barcelona-based Galactic Suite came to the fore when a Reuters reporter quoted the venture's director, Javier Clarmont, as saying that he expects to launch the first space hotel in 2012. The tourists will train in a space camp that will be established in Spain, and then fly to a hotel that is actually a private space station for three days for a total of 4 million dollars.

The consulting company 4 Frontiers, a commercial space company founded two years ago in New Port Richey, Florida. The company participates in a number of projects, from consulting for the field of space settlement, to the development of science curricula for elementary and middle schools, to the development of space-themed amusements and space-inspired gifts and accessories.

In an article published last week, the people of Galactic Suite said that the tourists will float in their cabins in Velo suits that will allow them to stick to the walls like Spider-Man does. They will circle the earth 15 times a day - the duration of the entire circle will be 80 minutes. The hotel will have three rooms, in a molecule-like structure. Each cabin was designed so that it could be suitable for launching in a separate rocket. "The bedrooms with zero gravity are the most complex challenge," said Clermont, "it is not easy to meet all the intimate needs of the guests." The entrepreneurs believe that they have found a solution to the zero-weight shower problem - the guests will enter Water bubbles will float in and around the spa room. When not admiring the view from their cabin windows, guests will be participating in science experiments.

Clermont, a long-time space enthusiast, came up with the idea of ​​the Galactic Suite hotel, and he also raised most of the amount required for his assessment of this project - 3 billion dollars and is in negotiations with private investors from Japan, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. Galactic Sweet established a subsidiary in the USA, which intends to colonize Mars in the future. According to Clermont, there are around 40 people around the world who can afford the ultimate vacation, but it is not clear how many of them will actually gather the courage or want to fly. This price also includes a James Bond-style training camp for about two months.

"Colleges are afraid of a trip to space," said Clermont, "this is why the rocket that will carry the shuttle to space will remain attached to the space hotel during the guests' stay, so that they can be sure that they will be able to return home."

In an era of growing concern about climate change on Earth, the Galaxy Suite elegantly ignores its future contribution to the air pollution associated with sending a rocket into space, only to carry six guests at a time. However, Clermont says he hopes the impact of seeing Earth from space will motivate guests to look after the planet and protect it.

Is this an optimistic comment? As is known, none of the private space tourism ventures has taken off yet, except for the two attempts of the Spaceship 1 spacecraft, and there too a malfunction occurred when a rocket that was supposed to fly the Spaceship 2 spacecraft for landing tests, which is supposed to be the spacecraft that will fly passengers to the brink of space, exploded and three people were killedabout a month ago (July 2007)

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