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The "Clonaid" company will be forced to reveal the cloned baby

Clonaid: The parents of the cloned babies refuse to undergo a DNA test

Avi Blizovsky

The "Clonaid" company will reveal the cloned baby. This is what a court in the state of Florida ordered; The decision - following petitions submitted by lawyers demanding to check who the parents are, and what is the status of the baby girl; The disclosure is planned to be held at the end of January

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The "Clonaid" company, the human cloning company founded by the religious movement, which claims to have succeeded in producing a cloned baby, will soon be forced to reveal the famous baby. A US court ordered the company to reveal the baby and her mother.

One of the company's senior managers was invited to testify before the court in Florida, after a number of lawyers petitioned demanding that the state check who the baby's parents are, and whether she should be given up for adoption. The court hearing will be held at the end of the month.

The BBC reported that the company's vice president, Thomas Kanzig, refused to give an official response regarding the lawsuit, but said that "the baby's parents fear that she will be taken from them due to a court decision. The parents waited many years for a baby girl and they are very happy now."


Last month, the company claimed that it had succeeded in producing the first cloned baby, the daughter of a 31-year-old American mother. The claim was received with suspicion in the scientific community, and provoked condemnation from scientists who pointed out the great risk involved in cloning humans, and from religious figures. Clonaid has yet to provide DNA samples or other compelling evidence to support its claims. The cloning research is financed by the Hareal movement, which believes that aliens landed on Earth 25 years ago and created humans through cloning.

The company that claims to have succeeded in cloning humans says that the mothers of the babies are not allowed to conduct DNA tests until they receive an unequivocal promise that the babies will not be taken from them.

The statement by Clonaid, a society associated with the Raelites, a sect that believes aliens created life on Earth, comes amid skepticism about the unconfirmed claim. The experts demanded an independent DNA test to see if the babies were indeed clones of their mothers.

On Monday, an independent journalist who was asked by Klonaid to look into the scientific aspect said that he was suspending the scientific team because he was not allowed access to the babies. Journalist Michael Gillen, former ABC science editor, said the cloning claim may turn out to be a hoax.

Clonaide said the parents denied access because a lawyer asked a California court for custody of the baby. The lawyer raised the possibility that she had arrived in the country.

On Tuesday of this week, Klonaid announced that the parents will continue to prevent the test until they are XNUMX percent sure that the baby will not be taken from them.

The identity and location of the parents of the first baby girl have not been disclosed. The company says only that the mother is a 31-year-old American.
The European Union Commission is calling for a global boycott of human cloning, following the announcement by the "real movement" that it succeeded in creating the first cloned baby.

"Cloning of humans is an obscene thing, not only from an ethical and moral point of view, but also because it is a clearly irresponsible step carried out by scientists." Philip Buskin from the Commission said and added "experiments on animals have shown that there is a large degree of risk in cloning".

Last week it was announced that the US Food and Drug Administration began an informal investigation against "Klonaid", a company founded by the religious movement with the aim of cloning humans. Only if the process, in whole or in part, is done on US soil, the agency can take steps against the company. The investigation was opened after Clonaide's chief scientist, Dr. Brigitte Bousilier, claimed on Friday that the first cloned baby was born.

Later the Haralite sect claimed that another cloned baby girl was born in a similar way. The reluctance of the sect members to cooperate with external tests raises the suspicion that this is a big scam.

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