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A country haunted by demons XNUMX: Communication - Sherri Arison as an example

It is not clear why Sherry Arison's public announcements in a new book she wrote and in a press conference that she communicates with sources she did not specify, and who warned her about the tsunami and the recession, and also advised her not to sell Shikun and Binui shares, went on the agenda

Sherry Arison, 2008. Photo: User Amichai, Wikipedia
Sherry Arison, 2008. Photo: User Amichai, Wikipedia

Imagine that your neighbor or friend tells you in a friendly conversation that he receives messages from above (a phenomenon known as channeling). How exactly would you treat him? Do you feel sorry for him, try to help, give information to the Ministry of Health? But what if it is a person who has money? In that case, they interview him (she - Sherry Arison in this case) in prime time on Channel 2, and let her express herself about her channeling ability. Although she did not say who the creatures are with whom she claims to communicate and only said that these are voices.

"I receive messages straight from above. Two years ago I received a message that there would be an economic crisis, that many people would go crazy and that there would be many diseases and even plane crashes - but I also received a message that we are on the way to redemption." Sheri Arison, the controlling owner of Bank Hapoalim, said yesterday (night) in an interview with Emanuel Rosen on Channel 2 news (the quote here is from Globes).

It turns out that today, Sunday, Arison held a press conference, on the occasion of the publication of her book "Birth" in which she returned to the economics reporters from all the media. Calcalist quotes two paragraphs from a book on the subject. One of them in the first episode: "Most of my life I received communications - I saw pictures, I received images and messages, sometimes even in an ancient language, that came to me from above." Later, in the chapter called "The Spirit" Arison provides some details about how it works: "The knowledge of what was about to happen was always accompanied by difficult and painful physical sensations. In the Gulf War, when the missiles were fired at Tel Aviv, and today when missiles are fired at Sderot, I feel it in my flesh. I feel like I'm on fire."

At the press conference (at least in the segments broadcast on Rafi Rashef's program on Channel 10) she explained that during a trip to Turkey she saw in a vision a large wave washing away many people, a few months later the tsunami disaster occurred. In the business context, she claims that contrary to the advice of her advisors, the spirits called her not to sell her share in the Shikun and Binui company. Reporter Noa Kolp told Rafi Rashef that the Bank of Israel has not yet responded to these reports, and off the record, they are embarrassed there. According to the segment broadcast on Channel 10, she gave the messages she received about the expected recession to the chairman of Bank Hapoalim, and he checked. By the way, Bank Hapoalim was heavily invested in the shares of mortgage-backed companies and did not survive the crisis, which indicates that either the message was ambiguous, or that the bank's chairman decided that this was a request that could not be answered. As someone who knows astrological prophecies, the stories of Nostradamus, etc., I assume that the message Arison heard inside her head and made up by her, was quite vague.

What is takshur (or in full spelling tikshur - both versions are very common). In the absence of objective information from reasonable sources, we are forced to turn to the only source that should be so, although it is also subject, as I have already emphasized in a previous article, to the pressures of all kinds of believers in different beliefs who demand equality between their beliefs and science (note the understatement at the end of the entry): "Parapsychology communication It is a general name for apparent communication between humans and other entities, which are not acceptable to think that it is possible to communicate with them. Usually it refers to communication between living and dead people, but sometimes the word is also used to indicate communication with extraterrestrials, gods or other beings. Although many people claim that they "communicate" with other entities, no proof of their claims has been found so far."

I can reassure the searchers, you won't be found either, since it is clear to anyone with an understanding that the soul is the sum of all the actions of the brain, and as soon as the brain is damaged or God forbid its owner dies, the neural activity ceases and with it what is wrongly called the 'soul' disappears. The scientists have been sure of this for hundreds of years, except that, as with everything, the general public eats the meager spiritual food that the parapsychologists feed it.

A search for the word takshor (and also in full spelling takshor) on Wikipedia gives a long list of callers, most of whom do it for money for anyone who asks (the list on the left is of paid ads, and there are not many keywords in Hebrew that have such a long list, and that do not deal with concepts related to the business community). Even Bezeq managed to penetrate with a record from the B144 website to the second page of Google results in the definition: "List of businesses and people dealing with communication with the supernatural and the afterlife, and everything related to supernatural phenomena throughout the country".

By site, the old encyclopedia for skepticism, channeling (or also channeling - Channeling) is an activity in which a person (the caller) claims to have been penetrated by a spiritual entity speaking through him. The current wave of channeling craze began in 1972 with the publication of the book Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts and her husband Robert Boots. They claim that Seth is a very intelligent invisible being who communicates with the outside world through Jane dictating to her husband while in a trance. Although Robert was an educated woman and well versed in the traditions of religions and sects, and had also read on the subject (including in Jung's books), her supporters described that the ideas she presented were beyond her capacity. They took this as proof that she was inspired. True, Roberts and Boots were inspired by the depth of human innocence.

The skeptical website also describes the actress Shirley MacLaine, who believed in communication and a television series described her encounters with the callers. One of her favorite callers was Jay. G. Knight (JZ Knight), who claimed to have spoken to the spirit of a 35-year-old Cro-Magnon warrior named Ramatha. This rare spirit gave her publicity and wealth, some of her patrons would pay her a thousand dollars as participation fees in a workshop where she said in the name of the spirit some words of wisdom as a roof "We must open our heads to new boundaries and new potential."

A few weeks ago, someone with a doctor's degree contacted me (even those who do not have a degree can call me in any way), and she immediately made reservations by explaining that she is a dentist, there is no problem with that either, she asked me to accept for publication material that a friend of hers, who she says is an expert in the field of astrophysics, obtained . This is a scientific revolution concerning the formation of the universe and its development. As I have developed a sense of caution over the years, I asked her if these were articles published in Science, Nature or Astronomy and Astrophysics, no, she said, they came to it through communication with extraterrestrials.

Even my friends Hanan Sabat and Gili Schechter, who have a little disagreement between us not about the possible existence of life in the universe but about the question of whether they landed here or not, had to establish the Israeli Center for UFO Research, after the Israeli UFO Association of which they were members, was controlled by communicators with extraterrestrials.

You don't have to be a prophet to predict a recession, especially when it's not dated. History teaches us that the capital market and the economy in general know cycles. And in every cycle there are of course ups and downs. Airplane accidents like the one involving Air France 447 in the Atlantic Ocean not far from the coast of Brazil about three weeks ago, unfortunately, happen from time to time, so you don't need to be a prophet, and you don't need to hear voices from God to understand what is obvious and obvious.

Distinguished people whose lectures I have heard, analyzed the purchase of Bank Hapoalim by Arison, and explained that the reason for the jump in commission rates lies in the demand of Bank Leumi, which financed the purchase, for capital adequacy, that is, to increase the profit multiplier on revenues. The step of raising fees was just one of the steps it took (and which dragged the entire banking system after it). The second step was to help her employees understand the essence of life - she fired 900 of them.

I don't have an account at Bank Hapoalim, but even if I had, I would at all costs transfer its contents to another bank, not because I believe that people who believe in vain beliefs should be confiscated, but because they may listen to their inner voices and make unexpected business decisions. As I have already mentioned before, I am not referring to the running of politicians and businessmen to X-ray and his friends, as a joke but as an issue that must be taken seriously. There are two problems here. First - the phenomenon shows that smart people really don't want to get involved in politics, and apparently they are not too successful in business either. And the second problem is that our fate is in their hands. Not everyone has co-pilots who can land the plane safely After the chief pilot died during the flight.

And one more word, about Emanuel Rosen, which I must say since Memorial Day to the fallen of the IDF. Rosen prepared an in-depth report of about ten minutes about one of the victims of the 1997 helicopter disaster in Shaar Yishuv, who gave his mother in a dream a few days after his death, a cell phone number, which turned out to belong to the widow of a man who died in a similar helicopter disaster about 12 years earlier. In my opinion, the item was unnecessary, both for the sake of the families' honor and for the sake of Rosen, who is supposed to be a journalist, and one of his duties is to sift through nonsense. Not every fringe belief is reportable. And the truth - this is also true for this interview. It was possible to deal with the economic issues and even gossip about Ofer Glazer, but encouraging the viewers to believe in superstitions is not the role of television. And even if we do talk, it is advisable to make a reservation and say that this is nonsense by any standard and not settle for a cynical answer ("It's a shame you didn't call me to give me the information about the recession").

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  1. Tomer from 7.
    I checked your recipe. It works great.
    Yes, there are too many buffoons on the site making a lot of nonsense.

  2. Isaiah
    A. It's a shame you didn't read the 'Harry-Potter' series,, because Rowling was found to be 'my' anointing and animator at the very least...and some other nice kids.
    B. Potions is a very common field in chemistry and pharmacy and in fact this field is related to 'white' magic.
    It turns out that the biblical Jacob was also bewitched by 'Levan' the exploiter, the exploiter, and from him he also learned lessons in rationality after he was badly burned due to his unattainable love for Rachel.
    C. The 'writing' is a type of 'sign' and from any intelligent point of view it is related to a 'seal'. This is also how the 'talismans' that make you loathe are made up.
    D. To worship Abi Bilozovzki, it is also a kind of idolatry. :)

  3. Strangely I find myself once again forced to side with Mr. Blizovsky in the debate going on here, even though he comes from a place of skepticism and I come from a place of naive faith. I think that what unites us is rationalism, which for me is also seasoned with an instinctive loathing of ancestors, information, witches, spells, charms, potions, amulets and other such symbols of idolatry and idolatry. as it is said "and a witch shall not live".

  4. What opaque people are here, how can you not believe in B5?! Why this trouble?!
    I have conclusive proof of B5's belief and I come to reinforce it
    Although on Rameta's website they claim that he only communicates through Jay Z, but this is a mistake, always before he communicates with Jay Z, Rameta only communicates through me, and uses me to relieve himself, as you know it's hard to keep shit for 35000 years, so Rameta sucks Exclusively through me, and I have scientific proof of this because on the days that ji-z communicates with him, my shit increases exponentially and so do the farts with a stinky and ancient smell and everyone who smelled it swore there was a body in the room, and now let's see how you know how to flower it..? !
    By the way, B5, Rameta asked me to inform you that he is waiting for you in your next incarnation as his partner, and that you will not sleep with any other man, except the one last week, good luck.

  5. B5

    Thanks for the compliments, but let there be no misunderstandings - I think you are completely wrong in your views.
    You adopt a Torah that is based only on stories, stories that have pleased your subjective eyes, and you embrace them as a deep truth that science has not yet reached a level that allows it to understand this.

    The world is full of believers like you, who are convinced that they have found the truth, but everyone has a different truth and sometimes even contradicts the other truths.

    I am convinced of the superiority of the scientific method over all other teachings, precisely because it is the most humble, objective and skeptical, and does not pretend to know the absolute truth

    Despite all that, I didn't like some of the comments towards you, and that's why I responded.

  6. B5:
    Of course you didn't answer anything just like you didn't explain what you found ridiculous in the article about the soul.
    You came to attack and you do so even at the cost of humiliation.
    I was referring to the things you specifically wrote which were nothing more than an example of "Noah in seven errors".
    These things illustrated your ignorance and I thought it was enough for any reasonable person to understand who you are.
    Don't worry - I didn't mean you. If I had written to you, I would have started with third grade material and not with what you call "Science 101"
    You accused my father, the scientists and the commenters here of belonging to a cult that is supposed to behave in a way that contradicts the definition of science and that is only because you have not yet reached the level where you can understand the course in "Science 101".
    Is there something wrong with my previous response?

    You write "Regarding your section 3, this is the full quote from my words and ending." .
    It's just a lie.
    The full quote of the passage I was referring to is "that the common attitude (especially here) of "what cannot be proven by science does not exist" and nothing else. You must understand that the intention was to write my own response and not to quote all of your writings. If you want to be quoted, you should contact a voice recorder because he doesn't mind talking nonsense.

    Regarding what you wrote about my article - I suggest you go back and read it because you didn't understand anything from it.

    I of course welcome your retirement from our blessing and your return to Madmana where you usually spend time when you are not here.

  7. Michael

    Spare me the science 101 course. The basic lack of understanding is yours, you chose to read and understand from my comments what is convenient for you. I also suspect that you are deliberately trying to complicate to create the illusion of knowledge.
    Regarding your section 3 - this is the full quote from my words - "Science should be open to testing phenomena with scientific tools and there are no such tools - it cannot declare that it did not exist and was not created. At the most we can say - that it cannot be proven at the moment. Anything else is an expression of opinion " - I didn't say that it can't be proven, but that it can't be proven right now because there are no tools or indicators that would allow it. But of course you are unable to grasp an approach that assumes there are things that science is not yet able to measure. (Like the small animals that cause diseases that Zemlvis talked about).
    Regarding section 4 - it is like saying that if there is no mathematical equation that describes the arrow of time then the arrow of time does not exist and the world is probably completely different from how we perceive it.

    As for your article on the soul - you wrote a magnificent logic based on absolutely nothing. To say that the soul is defined by memory and character traits is a fundamental lack of understanding. It is better that you get back to dealing with scientific issues that can be quantified, proven and measured otherwise you will continue to demonstrate your ignorance in public.

    I too have devoted more than enough to this farce. You can be calm, I'm not going to disturb your peace anymore.

    In the blessing of a pleasant wading in the communal pool because except for a few with courage (Noam is one of them) - all you are is a closed sect busy patting yourself on the back and automatically opposing any different opinion.

  8. B5:
    I have to say that your comments are hilarious.
    I demand that you not be offended after you described my article as ridiculous without addressing even one of its claims.
    With your permission, I will take your words more seriously than you took yours.
    Perhaps you should know that there is no such thing as "what cannot be proven by science" and this is for a number of reasons that your ignoring each of them separately and all of them as one only indicates a very basic lack of understanding.
    Some of these reasons include:
    1. Science does not prove anything. All in all, theories are formulated in it and put to the test of experiment and logic. If a theory fails these tests it is disproven but even otherwise it is not proven but only receives some confirmation. As the confirmations multiply, the tendency to accept them as true increases, but there is never proof.
    2. In the scientific process there are proofs but these are not proofs of theories but only proofs of the incorrectness of theories. These proofs are obtained through experiment and through logic. They are not obtained through science.
    3. I don't think anyone in their right mind would dare to say about something that has not been disproved - that cannot be proven - unless it has been proven that it cannot be proven. I guess you are not even close to understanding this simple sentence but I am writing this for more serious people. Claiming that something cannot be proven is nothing more than an attempt to prophesy (unless, as mentioned - it can be proven that it cannot be proven. This can be proven, for example, regarding claims that are definitely wrong, but it can also be proven about claims that are "not even wrong" in the sense that they do not mean anything a significant thing that can be tested experimentally). I have already said that nothing can be proven "through science" and therefore this section refers to proofs in general and not to your gibberish as such. Therefore, it is also clear that none of the scientists as well as none of the supporters of science makes such a claim.
    4. In principle, it is really absurd to expect others to accept a claim that cannot be proven true. And on what basis will they accept it? A significant claim about the world is one whose correctness can be tested. This is true because a meaningful claim is one that the world should look different or act differently in a situation where it exists versus a situation where it does not exist. It can be argued that right now there is a flying spaghetti monster floating inside your head that does not have any interaction with our world and in particular with the matter in it and in particular with the gray matter in it. This would be an insignificant claim because if it doesn't interact with anything we must find another reason why you are talking nonsense.

    I think I have devoted more than enough to the basis of your claims against the site, science, science enthusiasts and Avi Blizovsky.
    Beyond that - all I have left to do is remind you that there is a million dollar prize waiting at the Randy Foundation for anyone who can demonstrate a supernatural phenomenon. If there is something serious and grounded in your words, you just need to go collect them.

  9. Just a few clarifications (for B5 and the other commenters):
    1. I am not a chauvinist and I am in favor of equal rights and opportunities between women and men. What I mentioned is that women like the ones I mentioned and like B5 give excellent reasons for those who are chauvinists and that is why you validate stigmas about women (like the ones I mentioned), and therefore any human being who makes statistics on the reactions in science according to gender will see that women are stupid, gullible and lack any human rationale; Which in my opinion is not like that in reality and even if there is inequality then it is not as overwhelming as here on the site. And it's a shame, because you reinforce the statistics and the: "Woman, believe what you want, the main thing is that you prepare food for me when I come home"

    2. I listen quite regularly to Natan Zahavi (nervous) and people like you come to him almost every day (however, there are actually a majority of men among the talkers of nonsense). And at the same moment that I responded (12:41) there was a nervous Zahavi broadcast that is known to be broadcast between 12 and 2, start listening. So I thought to myself how Zehavi would react to your "post-statement", and that's what the whole last paragraph is based on. If you want, call Zahavi and we'll see if there he will respond with mercy like me.. because he has long since stopped pitying the gossipers and he is actually waging a war on the phenomenon in the show.

  10. Noam, thank you - you proved that it is possible to remain human despite differences of opinion.

  11. Avi,

    I agree with B5's position on response (62) - and only on this issue.

    The position of science is solid and reliable enough, and there is no need to assert it with profanity and rudeness.

  12. Your division into the camp of science and the camp of gullible believers indicates the blindness of you and your friends. There are charlatans and fools everywhere - even among scientists.

    I do not go against those who go against the opinions of - on the contrary, I am in favor of a substantive discussion.

    I do require reference and appropriate responses. You are the son of Holocaust survivors and I understand the sensitivity, I am a member of the female sex - therefore I cannot pass in silence on this opinion of the cool commenter. And if you are able - you are nothing more than a charlatan in a scientific itzlata:
    "You can see that women are gullible (to everything, cat and mouse), it's easy to make them believe in chauvinistic religions, basically in anything that sounds bombastic but is empty of content."

    Tall happens from your eyes.

  13. Science is not a cult, and I do not compare reactions. I said I would ask him to moderate his comments.
    As for the other half - yes, whoever tries to sell things that cannot be scientific and demand to be recognized as such or at least demand that science stop going against them, is a snooze. Every once in a while someone comes who doesn't understand what science is and thinks that crystals are science, or that tarot reading is science and if the scientists don't understand it's because they're opaque, and I have to deal with all these people. No one violated your right to comment, the fact is that your comment was published, but on the other hand you cannot make claims that someone went against your views which are not acceptable.
    I'm not aiming for warm agreement, I'm just trying to explain that this language is not the broadcasting authority and we are not supposed to give equal time to different opinions, because there are opinions that are not in consensus, but in addition to that holding them causes harm to the individual and society, certainly they should not be given legitimacy. The other portals are not able to take these opinions out of the legitimate framework because they prefer to make a living from the believers (for example from the astrology sections). But what to do the truth has a price and we are ready to pay it.
    In addition, this section (Haunted Country) is updated every time there is an event worth commenting on. It doesn't suit you, don't put these issues on the agenda - denounce all the charlatans yourself and this section will be redundant.

  14. Sorry, that's not enough for me.

    If you compare what I wrote in my comments with his response - you have lost your objectivity and with it your mandate to represent science.

    If you don't want "snoozers on duty" on a site whose opinions differ from yours, don't pretend to write articles about things that are completely unscientific - like this article. If you write your opinion about communication and communication, it is my full right to respond and express my opinion. And if you and your sect are unable to hold a meaningful discussion, maybe so that you close the site to the general public and call it a "commune". Then you and your friends can wade in warm agreement without anyone making waves.

    You have lost a loyal reader.

  15. So far there have been no problems with his response, compared to those who bring in the Holocaust without understanding what happened there (and I am the son of a Holocaust survivor and know exactly what happened there, it is something that cannot be compared to anything). He may have exaggerated the harshness of his words, but I'm already tired of every day another shifty snoozer comes along who thinks he's seen the light and everyone else lives in the dark and tries to undermine our news. This matter of her level is nonsense because there is no way to confirm such a thing, and when there were attempts to analyze the texts of people who communicate, for example with autistics or the things that the Virgin Miriam said to those who appeared to them, it turns out that the knowledge of the person being contacted is usually drawn from the knowledge of the caller.

    In addition of course to the question of what exactly is the mechanism through which the thoughts are supposed to flow from the communicator to the communicator and from there to the rest of the people.
    And indeed the cool commenter used a term coined by the late Carl Sagan in his book A Haunted World - science provides a kit for discovering nonsense.

    I'll ask him to be a little more gentle next time.

  16. my father

    If you are not going to take down the comment of the cool commenter where is your objectivity?
    Comparing evolution to Nazis is not acceptable on this site and rightly so, but demeaning the entire female sex is?!

    This is not a place of science - this is a closed sect (male??) that is not ready to hear any opposing opinion.

    To the cool commenter - you decided I'm unemployed, flirting with Mandbushx - indeed an excellent demonstration of peer review that my father referred to in his response.

  17. The problem with Shari is that even those who believe in souls from the Jewish side of the matter, do not conduct their business according to what souls determine. The Torah says "She is not in heaven." Things are decided here on earth and not in some spiritual world, and no rabbi (and I mean rabbi, not some illusory "baba") decides earthly things like the economy of his house according to channels with souls.

    Sheri is delusional, and the state really needs to be concerned that such a delusional creature owns the largest bank in the country.

  18. Wow, a bit of self-censorship, people... what happened to Idan? We will make it known that it is good, but to her and to her... garbage is probably also coming...

  19. B5, you moron.. you hurt the female species humanly. Because of B5, Hugin, Livna, etc. (and Sherry Arison of course) you can see that women are gullible (to everything, cat and mouse), it's easy to make them believe in shavinistic religions, basically in anything that sounds bombastic but is empty of content. I went to the site of the dump (and I'm willing to bet my life that this person didn't exist at all) fucking it says there that he lived 30 thousand years ago on a continent that disappeared, how about you?!!!!! Continents do not disappear in a few thousand years!
    Say, B5, do you lack the natural mechanism of identifying bullshit?? Are you ready to believe an unfounded story?
    you know what? Go Kivinimet! You're with your mandabosheks (that's how Zehavi would answer you too) go waste your property on retarded beliefs, waste your working time, live on unemployment benefits and let the tax payers finance you, you managed to screw up the whole world, well done

  20. B5

    I didn't understand: do all the other teachings I mentioned ** have absolute confidence ** in what they believe??
    I don't need to understand anything in all these Torahs, to know that hundreds of thousands of believers think that the Torah they have chosen is the absolute truth.

    The claim that science believes in absolute truth only proves what I said before: you have no idea what science is
    For your information, one of the things that makes science unique is ** the absence ** of belief in absolute truth. Just the opposite!

    One of the most basic principles of the scientific method is the principle that it is not possible to prove the correctness of a scientific theory, but only to disprove its correctness.

    Another thing that distinguishes science is skepticism - a demand to base things on more than just stories, however interesting and fascinating they may be.

    There are endless things that cannot be tested with scientific tools, and most of them are worthless nonsense.

    It is not possible to check if there are demons and spirits, and it is not possible to check if there is a teapot circling the earth, etc., etc. So what? It would be a colossal waste of time to check the outlandish claims anyone can come up with.

    You chose Ramata because of your subjective considerations only, and that is of course your right, but the lack of objective criteria is precisely the factor that delayed the progress of human knowledge for many years, and luckily for us (and certainly for your luck too), a better and more advanced method was found - the scientific method.

  21. my father
    The "refutation" you speak of is ridiculous. Is there irrefutable scientific proof of the non-existence of entities? life after death? soul? (And I don't mean to refer to Michael R.'s ridiculous article.)

    If your honest and true answer is - no - there is no scientific proof for the non-existence of these things - then we are debating beliefs and opinions. And it's perfectly legitimate as long as no one tries to present their opinion as the absolute truth.

  22. pleasantness,
    If you quote, quote correctly - what I wrote was "that the common attitude (especially here) of "what cannot be proven by science does not exist" is stupid and dangerous because it leads to narrow-mindedness and hinders development." - Let's make a list of all the "proofs" ” The disproved scientism? And even took lives? No - because it doesn't prove anything. Everyone makes mistakes and that's fine - you just have to keep an open mind and not rule out things that can't be proven here or there (because there are no tools, because there are no indicators, etc. - at the moment).

    Again you write things about which you know nothing - "all these have absolute confidence in their teachings" do you want to make a list? Do you know all these and their teachings that you speak of? It's amazing how much you belong to a herd that is biased in one direction only.
    Generalizations, assumptions, etc. that are defined by science is this the definition of truth versus falsehood? Science is not democracy as my father wrote - but science should be open to testing phenomena with scientific tools and these tools are not available - it cannot declare that it did not exist and was not created. At most we can say - that it cannot be proven at the moment. Anything else is an expression of opinion.
    It's fine for everyone to have their own opinions - I'm not trying to say that science doesn't do its job faithfully - I'm just exercising some skepticism about the "absolute truth" as it is defined in the spirit of this site whose guru is Avi Blizovsky.

    To your question, why did I look for Rameta in particular - after searching for answers in many places, including "the science" (and the hyphens here indicate that science is not one thing, but a representation of many opinions, assumptions, proofs - therefore it is difficult to generalize) I found Rameta. Its contents spoke to me and still speak to me, although there are also things there that I do not understand or agree with. But if I look at the overall picture, I received and still receive answers that assume my opinion and logic. This is the way that suits me, I do not require anyone else to identify it as the absolute truth just as I do not require science to identify any absolute truth - I have the necessary courage to experiment and test shades of gray - you are busy with black/white and it is a shame because it prevents a real discussion.

  23. To dear B5,

    You wrote that relying on science "is stupid and dangerous because it leads to narrow-mindedness and hinders development"

    Do we live on the same planet?
    Look around you, objectively, at the technological progress, at modern medicine, at the understanding of the world around us, all of these were achieved by science alone and not by any guru of one kind or another - do you call this narrow-mindedness and retardation of development?

    Aren't you a little confused?

    I don't know which sides you know, but it doesn't seem to me that science is one of them.

    By the way, a simple question:
    Why and how did you choose Barmata from all the hundreds of gurus, astrologers, card readers, crystal clearers and voodoo magicians?

    All of the above have absolute confidence in the correctness of their teachings, all of the above have severe criticism of the narrow horizons of science, and all of the above have hundreds of thousands of devout believers

  24. to B5. There are a million charlatans on every single smartphone, and there must be some mechanism to filter. This mechanism is peer review. Usually he filters only nonsense. If someone has evidence that meets the scientific standards, even if the Torah is not liked even by the majority, they can publish it in the scientific press and try to convince, and there have already been serious shifts in scientific perception as a result of these persuasions - for example, the victory of the Big Bang over the steady state theory that was quite dominant in the field, Or the realization that an asteroid caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and not some slow atmospheric process.
    What you insist on is putting things that have no chance of being valid and vice versa - refuting them is so easy, to the same list and giving them legitimacy, which is not fair. Science is not a democracy that should give balance to all opinions. There is no balance between truth and lies.

  25. Dear Lanaam,

    I did not come to sell you books and I am not interested as such in what you choose to believe or not.
    All I said is that the common attitude (especially here) of "what cannot be proven by science does not exist" is stupid and dangerous because it leads to narrow-mindedness and hinders development. Again see the example of Zemlvis.

    Science is constantly developing, the direction of its development is dictated by people and therefore by opinions and interests. If you decide that you are ready to accept only what "science" has proven (and the question arises as to who proved what and why or more precisely who funded the research) - shame on you I know both sides and choose to follow my worldview and logic which says that there are things that the mainstream of science is still not ready to accept, despite existing evidence and research (again a recommendation for the books The Field and the Holographic Universe)..
    Don't slander what you don't understand - keep a trace of skepticism even about what you call "science".

  26. B5

    Everyone is allowed to believe what they want, and indeed our world is full of hundreds and maybe thousands of different gurus and beliefs, and everyone is convinced that their particular truth is the only correct one.

    What they all have in common is a collection of stories without any foundation, and a collection of believers who do not need any proof beyond the stories.
    Those who are willing to lead their lives according to baseless stories - shame on them.

    In the past, this was the way to gather information, but this way was a dead end, leading nowhere and no progress.
    The scientific method was able to separate grandmother's stories from reality. Since then there has been amazing progress in human knowledge, but despite the great successes of science, there are still quite a few people, and apparently you among them, who have not yet understood this, and are ready to follow the towering guru, who emerges every few years, and will be forgotten after a few more years.

    And by the way, the link you referred us to does not prove anything, except for the fact that in certain situations, certain physiological changes occurred in the honorable lady.

  27. Father your attitude is so disappointing. Several people have already written here, how can you state so absolutely that there is nothing beyond what we see and feel?
    You remind me of those doctors who mocked Zemlweiss (yes, the same example again - by the way, an amazing article was published about him in Science...) because he talked about tiny creatures that create diseases. The confidence and arrogance of people who are unwilling to admit that they do not know everything is simply tragic.
    It wouldn't bother me so much if you presented this absolute statement as your opinion only, but presenting it as the one and only truth does an injustice to the science you are trying to represent (and by the way - scientists drive science, scientists=people=opinions=interests and anyone who thinks otherwise is innocent ). Where is the courage to say that I do not judge what I do not understand? Where is the courage to say that it is impossible to prove it by scientific means for positive or negative therefore I cannot say with certainty what the truth is?
    Today there are amazing scientific assertions that were unthinkable just 10 years ago, how will you look in 10 years? I recommend that you read the Holographic Universe book and the Field book - since they speak in scientific language and scientific standards, they might be able to open your horizons a little.
    And another word about J.Z. Nate - it was tested by scientists before channeling and during channeling, you are welcome to read about it here:
    Rameta's contents include much more wealth than the miserable sentence you wrote. and enable a way of life of flexibility, freedom and unlimited horizons, I am less interested in how they arrived but their essence. You don't have to delve into them or believe that there is a being like Rameta - but don't slander.

  28. It should be remembered that there are unexplained cases (such as are widely accepted by science), such as that Indian mystic from the beginning of the 20th century - whose name I will not even try to pronounce, who claimed that the amazing logical leaps he came up with and the special solutions he developed, he received in dreams from the Indian goddess to whom he prayed.

    It is possible that it came from his mind which, like in a dream, brought ideas from his subconscious.. but it cannot be proven that it did not come from these..

    In my opinion, it is possible to refer to part (without all kinds of different deceptions) of the "alternative realities".. and all the mysticism and energies are nothing but a private interpretation of a person in a certain situation. That is, like a person who doesn't understand symbols, describes a problem with a computer that he ran into, in a strange and perhaps mystical way "he doesn't give me...," and more and more humanism and mysticism (voodoo as they call it in our country) does not mean that the problem and the solutions and the whole process are not correct.. these Described as a little different in a "language" other than the language of science..

    So that "negative energies" .. is "the set of environmental factors that affect a person's psychology, and cause him to feel despondent.

    And "communication" - a philosophical experience between man and himself, which puts his feelings in front of his analysis of reality...
    "Extraterrestrials" – – objectification and personification of idealistic ideas of man, as he explains them to himself in order to simplify processes and his understanding of the extractions.

  29. One might think that the people of economics and the social sciences are much better than the rest of the knowledgeable and great in their own Torah, gentlemen, whether these things came from above or below, for some people it is a real part of their lives, and their right to live their lives buying shares and managing their businesses remains intact

  30. Dawn,

    The only thing that is strange is that, usually, people who live in your reality do not have access to the Internet (for obvious reasons).

  31. Father, where did you get the courage to state things so absolutely?
    ("And for the matter of fact - there is no one to communicate with, because there are no ghosts and things beyond reality")

    The sentence is very true if it is the reality you live in.
    In the reality I live in, many "supernatural" things happen.
    Just a week ago a friend had a "near-death" experience and told about places that didn't exist in your reality. She also met her grandmother Zarona Bless.

  32. 'A world haunted by demons', is no other than a world haunted by 'idle thoughts' that run again and again aimlessly and without a lofty goal for the sanctity of life itself.

  33. No. Ben-Ner, if you read Carl Sagan's Haunted World, it doesn't look like a natural disaster, but a combined disaster caused by the education system and the media. The things are certainly true for today's Israel, as for America 15 years ago and even more so - today.

  34. To my father
    Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to place this article in the "Natural Disasters" chapter.

  35. Kudos to Sherry Harrison for daring to express her thoughts and opinions openly!!!! Enough with cynicism, envy and lack of support. Kudos to the lady who could sit back and tweet about everything and she works and engages in blessed activities.

  36. A wonderful world-Jeanne Dark owns a bank, maybe Uri Geller wants to replace Denker?

  37. Hugin, there is no need to invent anything, she wrote everything in her book and said it explicitly at a press conference, in segments that were broadcast on several channels and quoted in a large number of media outlets. I didn't guess anything and didn't build on interpretations or things like that.
    I'm not responsible for Michael, I wouldn't go for something that doesn't have a chance in the first place and you know my opinion on ghosts.

  38. A. To your credit, it will be said that you presented a beautiful picture of Sherry Harrison at the top of the article..only missing is the missing picture of her father Ted Harrison, his memory is blessed, he was a true noble by all accounts and bequeathed her in addition to his money, which came from hard work and wise inspiration. .
    B. If you want to investigate and review things for what they are with pure honesty, you also need the right timing and the courage to check things for their substance and not rely on all kinds of 'Mr. Rumor' and idle gossip that do not add much to the required verification and truth.
    C. I invited Michael R. (through his trustee) to investigate with me a certain object related to the subject of 'communications': an Israeli woman who came to Germany bearing the name 'Mania' (Miriam, in Hebrew) and came for a 'special' visit to the country.
    If you are interested in being present at the meeting to review and document everything that will also be personally experiential, you are invited to join for the sake of honesty and the comprehensive clarification required for that matter.
    I will point out that I do not know her personally and have never talked to her (as far as I know).

  39. I'm afraid, my father, because you've gone completely out of proportion. Businessmen and investors judge people like Nochi Dankner
    (who consults with a mystic called "X-ray") and others years based on their successes over the years and not based on
    their beliefs, whether they consult rabbis (like Lev Leviev), priests or astrologers; in all newspapers
    The daily (with the exception of "Haaretz"), all major portals and quite a few magazines have astrology columns - if you stay away
    From everyone who reads them - you will find yourself with a very small audience of listeners and readers. Anyway, to Ms. Arison
    There is rather limited control over what is done in the bank and to the best of my understanding and my hope - its actions will not determine its success.

  40. It is very easy to be spiritual and mystical "When you have 100 million in the bank, if I had the money and not the daily war of existence I would study Buddha Yehuda God Muhammad and the Marishi

  41. Well, what is the difference between Sherry and number 9?
    The fact that she is alone makes her delusional, and the fact that many like him build a legitimate religion???
    So what is better: a delusion that her soul is all good and soft - or a religion that always, always somehow leads to hell and fire??
    (Of course I don't mean one religion or another - but religions and faith in general).
    I believe - does "he" exist??
    And he sent (and maybe still sends) messengers and messengers to fulfill his words??

  42. To my father
    The legal answer to the accusations of Dina Lewinsky and Shula Lifshitz
    It is simply: NO CASE TO UNSWER
    Their intention here is to scare you, implicitly, probably in the name of their boss.
    Miserables such as they owe their livelihood to the work of ghosts and demons.
    After all, Sherry Harrison herself testified that she "communicates with voices"
    That means it all.

  43. To the honorable Ms. Shula Lipshitz.
    Why and why didn't Sherry Arison of KKK Mexico also call me in the middle of the Gulf War?
    Why didn't she see fit to warn me too about entering the sealed room? Is it possible that she gives mystical-paraphysical services only to those who believe in her? If the answer is "yes" then Ms. Harrison has reached divine rank.
    Shari Arison, the female answer to God (the man). He also does kindness only to his believers.
    To Ms. Dina Lewinsky
    I see that Sherry Arison worked her wonders with you as well over the phone, as with Ms. Lifshitz. I see that the telephone is her favorite magical medium.
    I suggested that she switch to the Internet medium. This way you can spread her prophecies widely "and peace will come to the world".
    To my father Blizovsky
    Don't be moved by the implied threats in the comments of Dina Lewinsky and Shula Lifshitz. I will not be surprised if it turns out that these two are next to Sherry Arison's desk and are only talking and speaking here on her behalf.

  44. I am happy that she is helping the poor and I have no criticism for that. However, as you will read in all the media, there were criticisms of Arison's statements about communicating with the spirits and yesterday in some television programs even much more serious things were said (persistent psychotic state, etc.). So I believe that the article took all the necessary precautions and even more.

    I also remember the Gulf War very well, it is not wise in retrospect to say that you should not have entered a sealed room, if a chemical bomb had fallen and you had listened to her advice, where would you be today? Anyway she was in a safe place.

    And the point is - there is no one to communicate with, because there are no ghosts and things beyond reality and therefore the criticism is legitimate.

    In any case, Dina Lewinsky and Shula Lifshitz suffer from a split personality problem.

  45. To my dear father Blizovsky
    You are (probably) the last one in the country that still has value expectations from journalists.
    Innocent like you.
    For the avoidance of doubt, I will make my point clear.
    In everyday language, the term journalists refers to people of the type of Count Emanuel and his ilk.
    Unfortunately, today, the term "journalist" also includes, for example, Mr. Dr. Avi Blizovsky and unjustly.
    In my opinion, a new name should be found for the serious and responsible profession of professional-scientific journalism, a name that will distinguish it from the daily-news-entertainment-populist-rating journalist.
    I admit that at the moment I have not come up with a good idea for such a name. The words "writer" and "writer" are already taken.
    Please friends, save me.

  46. Dear Friends
    I skimmed through "Sherry Arison's Brief History of Time" on Wikipedia.
    First of all, the most striking thing is that the lady is uneducated.
    It says there that she studied for matriculation, did not manage to complete her military service in the navy, was released early and... studied at some college in Miami "hotel and restaurant management". "Clean a table" she probably knows. It is not recorded that she completed her studies there and that she was certified.
    It is a well-known phenomenon that people who are not educated - on the one hand, but curious - on the other hand, tend to follow mystical teachings that give "complete solutions" to problems
    The existentialists who bring down their souls. For educated people, scientific and professional knowledge is a substitute and compensation for these existential hardships and contributes to the sense of self-worth that every person so desperately needs.
    Well, that's the case. The uneducated lady, full of money, employs enough professional consultants and managers who prevent the collapse of her business in the short term but, probably, they will not be able to prevent the business collapse of "Sheri Arison Factories" in the medium and long term because, she will fire them. After all, one of the famous sayings is that a bad manager cannot endure under her for a long time, smart and talented managers can. She sees them as an existential threat.
    The spirits, on the other hand, do not threaten the Harrisonian mental existence but on the contrary, they, the spirits, "work for her" and do as she wishes and according to her commandments.
    What little, for the time being, is the collapse of the "Arisoni Cherry Factory"
    He is an outsider known as Professor Stanley Fisher, Governor of the Bank of Israel, who is forced to support the "Harrison disaster" due to his state commitment to Bank Hapoalim customers. If it wasn't for him, the Harrison-Dunkner coalition would have been destructive, finishing the bank quickly and "efficiently".
    This is also the reason for the serial change of owners. After all, a husband, no matter how much he loves him, is also a human being. He probably has some degree of free will, maybe even talents...oops, this is already a substantial Arison problem. The solution? - to throw away.
    In short: a paradise for psychologists. They deserve something too, don't they?

  47. An interesting example from Kryon's channeling - the channeling concerns events in the world and is very relevant to these very days. Signed December 4, 2005 in Newport Beach, California

    And another quote from the communication "How are you" from December 4, 2005:

    "We are fascinated by the people who will willingly experience this for something that is much bigger than themselves, and that is related to love. Peace on earth? Not only possible, but entirely probable. You are changing the planet in ways you cannot see, but we can.

    Note two things. I cannot give you the timing, because it depends on you and your free choice. Call it a prophecy if you will, but it will only happen if you follow the potential energy that is here as we speak. Notice two political happenings on this planet. (1) Soft revolutions. You can set them up any way you want. Soft revolutions in two important countries. One is China. The second is Iran. And they will be a "trigger" for a change in consciousness ~ against all odds ~ to prepare for peace with all of you. Pay attention to this. It is inevitable if you stay on this path. (2) And here is the great happening. Change in the Middle East, in Israel, in Jerusalem itself. Be awake to talk. to the unexpected. In the end, you will see a young man appear, about whom we spoke before [in Israel]. [This communication was given on December 4, before Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel, fell ill, and before Hamas won the Palestinian elections.]

    It is happening, but in a way that is hidden for now. Can you celebrate with me, even though you can't see it! This is what is really happening. You can't see it in your news, but it's there. Can you say: "This is good in the sight of my soul"?"

    It is presented in the language of Tikshor
    Tikshaur language is usually not a scientific language, and it is difficult to explain it to a hard-headed scientist
    It just speaks differently... you have to open up to that, but every now and then things become clear, or actions become clear over time
    That's why I brought something from 3.5 years ago that seemed a bit strange until two weeks ago.

    Doron b.

  48. To all those who support the paranormal claims or who want to act skeptical towards science but not towards superstitions. This article is dedicated to you. After all, you don't even need to refute these nonsense, they have no basis. I actually go against the cynical reaction of the other journalists. This is not the place for cynicism - this is exactly the place to denounce such phenomena.

    As for this nonsense of séances and channeling with autistics (Gallia, etc.), read the article linked below on the supported media and you will see that the issue has been scientifically researched and refuted, and it is not my job to repeat any such refutation myself, you do not expect me to conduct an experiment that confirms or refutes every published article in a scientific journal and which we quote on the website. For this there are scientists who receive a salary from their universities.

    As for the religious, it is true that their practices are also full of superstitions, but it is impossible to criticize them all in every article. This is also a demand that is repeated in every such article by surfers - why do you treat phenomenon A when there are more serious phenomena B and C. There are practical limitations, after all, it is impossible to write an entire book in every article.

    And as for the question of what scares us - no, don't worry, it doesn't scare us, God forbid there is truth in the phenomenon, after all, the human imagination is unlimited and can invent a million phenomena, and demand the scientists to recognize them in an offensive manner. What scares me at least (I can't speak for others) is that those who make decisions about money (and probably the pension funds and provident funds in which I am invested also work with Bank Hapoalim), do so by irrational means.

    to "not interested". As far as I know, the tabloids come out with the opposite articles - which tell about one or other channels with abysmal seriousness.

  49. Really an article that does not fit the site. Not suitable for the content and purpose. I'm quite disappointed in your choice to bring this up.
    There is no doubt that Hidan is a website that supports the scientific theory and publishes articles on the subject. If you were to write an article about channeling and spirituality in general and really try to address the issue from a scientific angle and deny the phenomenon or refute it, that's one thing. But the nature of the above article is very unscientific and conspicuously one-sided.

    the truth that no one has proof whether channeling or the very existence of spirits are real phenomena or not. And I don't think we can scientifically prove it either way.

    On a personal note,
    Sherry Arison owns the bank and will do whatever she wants with the money. Save these stupid arguments for yellow sites that really lower themselves to the level of even addressing these things.

  50. Avi Shalom,

    You are completely dismissive of the phenomenon, my attitude was also that way until I was exposed to materials on the Internet such as the lecture of Galia's mother (the autistic girl), séances in the army told by two friends, and more... and it doesn't work for me that they are just talking about their imaginations, it takes quite a bit of courage to tell the things even when you are convinced of the truth of this kind of experience.

  51. My father, and the rest of the brawlers, what scares you so much? What happened ? So there is something you don't understand and can't explain. That doesn't mean it's not true. He just says you don't have the information or tools to understand him. A little humility. You sound like someone who claimed that the earth is flat. But that's it, it took a while for them to realize that he wasn't. Skeptical - fine, cynicism, I'm like that too, but Rubek, a little humility... A little less arrogance... a little less adherence to righteousness... who knows, maybe God forbid you are wrong. just maybe

  52. People who receive transmissions from above are called: religious, people who wear a circular embroidery on their foreheads who talk to God at least once a day, kiss mezuzahs and tie amulets on their wrists, and as a pilgrimage they go to prostrate themselves on the graves of the righteous. So what do you wonder about Sherry Arison's ramblings? huh????????

  53. Uri: What do you mean "at such an advanced age"? She is 52 years old in total, and there are certainly known cases of schizophrenia outbreaks at the age of over 50, but I am convinced that Sherry Arison is neither crazy nor sick, certainly not more than a few hundred thousand religious people who live in this country.

    This is her belief and even though I don't agree with her, everyone's belief should be respected, as long as it doesn't hurt and/or disturb anyone, and you will agree with me that the fact that Sherry Arison claims that she communicates still doesn't harm anyone.

  54. Sherry Arison is truly a witch
    Not in the positive sense of the word like bonding, seeing the future, and magic
    Because there really is no such thing.

    And now the question arises as to whether Sherry Arison is schizophrenic
    Sherry Arison manages billions of assets, operations that require analytical thinking
    and orderly, which is not compatible with schizophrenia
    The chance of getting this disease at such an advanced age is zero
    What's more, it's possible that it's a start from drug use (low probability, but it exists)
    Because then I take the word witch back.

    Sherry Arison is a witch in the negative sense of the word
    She uses lies and malicious moves in order to upgrade her social status

  55. Unbelievable, sometimes you don't expect such ignorance from certain people. Especially not from someone so powerful. The main problem is not her. The problem is that now she serves as an example and an encouragement to people who live by communicating fraudulently.

  56. Father, congratulations on the article, I haven't read the whole thing yet, but the message here is clear and important to be heard...

  57. Well Assaf - you also need to know who to give birth to, don't you?
    Why were neither you nor I born billionaires? Maybe because we don't communicate? 😉

  58. All the best to Sherry, it's time to understand that connections are part of our world. It's time to categorize it on the "normal" side. This still does not mean that every connection is "truth in the rock" because even there the comprehension/expression abilities are different. Especially communications about the future are "fluid" and can be changed by the reality of our linear present.

    Sherry is doing a service by raising the issue for discussion/advertising, she will pay for it, but she has "enough money"
    And my father again, well done for bringing such news to your website, the scientific part of you cannot ignore it!
    Although you pretend as usual that you bring it up as an example of the delusional and stupid thinking of some of the public...

    Doron b

  59. Gillian, the truth is not necessarily liberating and living a lie can be much more pleasant, in the Matrix they already said that before.

  60. BDS
    And who determined that the soul is only a result of the activity of the nerves in the brain?
    How do you know that there really is no soul and spirit and that after death we go up to meet the Creator of the world who judges us according to our actions during our lifetime?
    You scientists are so sure of yourselves, but to explain how life was created, to cure incurable diseases, or just to explain what the universe is - you are not capable.

  61. In the meantime, my father - no matter what you say or don't say, Sherry Arison laughs at you all the way to the bank and as they say: money is counted on the stairs. 🙂

  62. economy? politics? statistics? probability? game theory?? forget about it!!!
    The best way to succeed in the stock market and manage Israel's economy (or at least most of it...):
    Cook in a pan: frogs' blood, weasel's tooth, crow's feather and alligator's eyes. The blood must be splashed on the wall and from the shadows the future will be revealed! I tried, it works! Check it out!!
    You can use a crystal ball made from a ion beam.

    Tip: spit when you see a black cat, don't go under the ladder and try not to break a mirror, in any case you can protect yourself with a head of garlic

  63. Did Sherry Arison consult with her advisors before the horror show? Did they advise her to come out with pitiful statements and even more than that give the impression that this is a serious psychiatric case?
    Will it improve her situation in the eyes of the public or not?
    There is a reasonable chance that in the demon-haunted country we live in, the public will sympathetically accept the night of nonsense she spread.

  64. When you become billionaires, you will be allowed to recite mantras about the fact that each one (of the 900 laid-off employees) has the ability to choose the wealth that will come to him, without batting an eyelid.
    When you become billionaires and own such powerful companies that control parts of the media and other huge and influential companies, you will be able to communicate even without referring to nonsense, science or evidence
    When you become Sherry Arison, you will be able to receive messages and decide whether to sell (or in the case that we will now reveal) the giant construction company Shikhun Vabinui:

  65. I agree with you father.
    Anyone who hears voices should be checked by a psychiatrist. There are good drugs on the market today, which are designed exactly for such situations. It is advisable to seek help before the situation worsens and can even lead to hospitalization.

  66. So Sherry is a little euphoric, maybe a little manic, not bad. The main thing is that you continue to contribute.
    Just for information, the following are some of the symptoms of a mental mania problem: euphoria,
    Extreme optimism, unrealistic belief in powers, poor judgment, racing thoughts,
    Windstorm, lack of need for sleep.

  67. This is very true, but what is more important is the terrible material oppression that the citizens of Israel suffer from due to the duopoly obligation of Leumi and the workers with Mizrahi and Discount who coordinate commissions and beat us with the interest rate gaps unparalleled in the world:
    They charge you interest on loans and overdrafts of tens of percent and give you interest on savings of tiny percentages and profits in the middle of a capital at our expense. In the world, banks in a competitive environment give much more interest.
    There the interest differentials are lower.

    Sherry Arison - enough for Oashek. let live Stop hiring lobbyists who protect the banks. Let them introduce some competition. that will allow banks to be brought into Israel with a large capital adequacy. This way the competition will bring us better interest rates.

    Let entrepreneurs with appropriate capital make a move and give us service, we need new banks. competition. that they stop the socialist centralization in our economy.

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